May 24 xina commented on Chris Cornell, July 20, 1964–May 17, 2017.
@Cami #6 it seems like it but doubtful. Over 15,000 artists have died in NYC and almost 16,000 artists have died in Los Angeles. Given Seattle's very close knit artistic community and relative size (in comparison to other cities), it just feels like the losses are bigger and part of a bigger (sadder) story about Seattle. Doesn't make it any less painful.
May 22 xina commented on Doing Something Real About Gentrification and Displacement.
Everyone really needs to read "How to Kill a City" by Peter Moskowitz. Gentrification that is happening in cities across America is about wealth. Cities are nothing more than creation centers for capital. They are not for people anymore. This books shows how deliberate displacement of hundreds of thousands of people is done so that the obscenely wealthy can garner more obscene wealth. He does not discuss Seattle or Portland in this book, but the game is the same wherever you go. The four cities he focuses on are New Orleans, Detroit, San Francisco, and New York. There is so much information in this book as to how and why the gentrification happens and the only way to stop it (strict and deliberate regulation). Three reason he proposes why it will NEVER happen in America:

"In the United States, housing is not considered a human right, and the ability of people to live in a given place is subject to the whims of the market. Challenging this may sound like a radical proposition, but it is radical only in the United States, in the same way universal health care is a controversial concept over here. Most countries have realized the market will not provide for low- and middle-income people, and so their systems have made adjustments." NOT IN THE UNITED STATES.

"In a country where even things such as a child's ability to get the food needed to survive, whether in the form of food stamps or free school lunch, is up for constant debate in Congress, a more rational, equitable, and compassionate housing policy may be a long way off."

"There's also a deeper reason that will make it hard to challenge gentrification in the United States. This country was founded on displacement - on the idea that white men have a greater right to space, and even to people's bodies, than anyone else."

In America we do nothing and hope the market will sort itself out. Spoiler alert: IT NEVER WILL
May 19 xina commented on A Painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat Sold for $110.5 million.
Imagine how many people could be fed, clothed, housed, and provided fresh water and education with the money rich assholes spend on art.
Apr 1 xina commented on Is Dave Chappelle's Humor From a Time Before Black Lives Matter?.
I watched it (and FWIW, I'm a white CIS heterosexual liberal) and I laughed out loud. I disagree with this review, but does that matter? What's funny to one person is not funny to another, always, and for any, infinite number of reasons. Did I find some of the material not funny and uncomfortable, yes. So what? Why do we expect Dave Chappelle or anyone like him to speak for all black people and to perform in a way that is acceptable to you (the universal you).

Any number of white comedians, male and female, do not speak for me, do not represent my personal experience, and are downright offensive (to ME). Again, so what? Chappelle and his colleagues are comedians FFS, not the president of the United States. Why do we expect so much from our entertainers and hold them to a standard to uphold human decency (as WE, personally, define it) when the GD president of the United States gets a pass for mocking the disabled, viewing women as only f***able body parts, calling black people lazy and living in horrific conditions in inner cities with "nothing to lose," calling Hispanics and immigrants rapists, thieves, and murderers, and basically lying 100% of the time. So you don't like Chappelle, who cares? Fairly certain Chappelle doesn't. He got paid.

And FWIW, I fail to see how discussion of being called a N*****, being stopped by police while driving black, talking about Bill Cosby and how complicated and horrific it is that someone who was a hero to him, who did such incredible things for black American society, is also a rapist who committed literally a staggering amount of rape, how white people have thrown banana peels at him at shows, how white people have thrown snowballs at him from cars, and how white people in his Ohio community who witnessed the incident gathered not to lynch him, but support him, including the police who "put the fates of white children in his hands" is comedy that is from a pre-BlackLivesMatter reality.
Mar 30 xina commented on Mike Pence Cast the Tie-Breaking Senate Vote Against Planned Parenthood.
These a$$holes sure do love government when it comes to controlling women. Time for some legislation that requires every father financially supports every child born until the age of 25. No more single moms. They want to be forced birthers, they can finally be forced to take 100% financial responsibility for all of the children born who never see, know, or see a dime from their sperm donors. And with no place to obtain contraception or any sort of family planning or reproductive health care, expect the population to EXPLODE.
Mar 28 xina commented on New York Attorney General: If They Repeal the Clean Power Plan, They Have to Replace It.
Real important work they're doing, fucking over Americans with each and every action they take. #destroyeverything
Mar 28 xina commented on House Republicans Just Killed Your Internet Privacy Protections.
Real important work they're doing, fucking over Americans with each and every action they take. #destroyeverything
Mar 28 xina commented on Plans For a West Seattle Whole Foods Have Been Indefinitely Delayed.
West Seattle does not need a Whole Foods. It has a Metropolitan Market.
Mar 14 xina commented on I, Anonymous: Seattle's Tech-xism Problem.
@1 going to HR will get you fired. Period. Been there done that (more than once). HR exists to protect the company, period. Also, if you are going to file a lawsuit, be prepared to lose. Companies like this (let's use Amazon as a hypothetical example) have a FLANK of lawyers at their disposal and nothing but time to wait you out, wear you down, take you for everything you have, and in the end you will lose. I've witnessed it. As someone who as been bullied by a female manager, been fired by an employer for getting sick with a serious illness (even while having an outside advocate and knowing full well the company I worked for was violating the law when they fired me), and as a witness to other women being abused, harassed, intimidated, bullied, beaten down, and fired I say firmly that it is not as easy as you think to report these things. Should people speak up? Absolutely. When the ACLU asked for submissions about gender discrimination against I know personally people who told them their stories. Notice nothing has happened. Nothing has happened because not enough people were willing to go on record with regard to what happened to them at Amazon or what they witnessed happen to others at Amazon. Period.

Finally, how many stories by women do we have to hear from so-called progressive enclaves that tell the same story of sexism? San Francisco, Seattle, Portland (to only name three) claim to be so forward thinking, so post-everything (racial, feminist, classist, whatever) when in reality they harbor so much of the same deep and destructive violence of the body and spirit against women, people of color, non cis heterosexual males, poor people, etc. Every time I hear "bullshit" with regard to a story like this or "why didn't THEY do blah blah blah" it reminds me that our society is wholly complicit in not only perpetuating the white supremacist racist heterosexual patriarchy, but fabricating a mask to pretend that it doesn't exist because denial is so much easier than facing it, changing it, growing, evolving, adapting, and moving forward. Humanity is a lost cause. It's seriously time for our extinction event. How many thousands of years have had to get a clue? We are the only species that harms our own kind for pleasure and profit. We are the only species that fouls our nest (there is no planet B, people). I love Seattle (just like I love New York and I love Portland) but the prevalence of white supremacist racism, misogyny, and classism in these places is just as bad as it is in the flyover states, it's just dressed up differently and fiercely denied.