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Aug 8 xina commented on Who Can Afford to Rent a Place in San Francisco?.
As someone who has been helping two friends (one in Seattle and one in NYC) try to find an apartment, via Craigslist, these prices are not accurate. The costs listed here for 2 bedrooms is more accurately the cost of a studio apartment, if that.
Aug 8 xina commented on The Morning News: Bodies Pulled Out of Green Lake, Shooting on Beacon Hill.
Interesting how there has been no coverage of Jenice Wright in The Stranger, not even in Dan's favorite topic "every child deserves a mother and a father." Jenice Wright, neglected 6 year old, found murdered in Bremerton trailer park. National news, not one mention here.
Aug 5 xina commented on Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Last Film Ever.
I'm a PSH fan, but this film bored me to death. And no I did not see the ending coming.
Jul 24 xina commented on Could This Be the Ultimate #Grunge2 Reunion Show?.
ALLUDED to...seriously does anyone EDIT here?
Jul 24 xina commented on Paul Ryan Has a New Plan to Fine Poor People for Being Poor.
Can you imagine if we held Congress to the same standard? EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WOULD BE IN BREACH OF CONTRACT. I'd love to see every single one of these smug a------s stripped of their money and privilege and see how well they'd fare in the world - having to actually earn a living DOING SOMETHING.
Jul 15 xina commented on Interview With Belinda Carlisle: I Talked to the Lead Singer of the Go-Go’s About Beyoncé, Punk Rock, and Buddhist Chanting.
ugh she is a horrible human being. i've met her and she is the WORST.
May 10 xina commented on The Saturday Morning News.
I do not care about D. Tsarnaev. They did what they did to make sure no one else was in imminent danger. He's got some nerve invoking his rights and claiming they were violated. He came here as an immigrant, lived off of social services, was educated here, became a U.S. citizen, and then committed an act of terrorism murdering innocent people, including children. Then he went to a party and hung out with his friends drinking and smoking dope. Anything he said to the FBI is irrelevant. There is enough physical evidence (including what he wrote on the wall of the boat before they caught him) to put him away. What sickens me is how much money will be spent on him.
Apr 30 xina commented on Ouch! Kurt Cobain Death-Scene Note Mocks Wedding Vows to Courtney Love.
I agree with #7. Also agree with #1. And does FBC really need to be subjected to this BS? I mean there is absolutely no value in releasing this. Shame on SPD.
Apr 23 xina commented on Election Results: Metro-Funding Proposition 1 Is Losing In Early Ballots.
Seattle (and Washington state) desperately need income tax, but instead things will just continue as is with regressive taxation and gutting of all services the poor (who pay the most in regressive taxes) until there is nothing left but rubble. But hurray Seattle is so affluent now, who will care?!?!
Apr 17 xina commented on I, Anonymous.
I have zero sympathy for you though since you refer to someone as an "old hag." You expect sympathy and turn around with a slur. You get what you give. Sucks to be you.

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