Mar 14 xina commented on I, Anonymous: Seattle's Tech-xism Problem.
@1 going to HR will get you fired. Period. Been there done that (more than once). HR exists to protect the company, period. Also, if you are going to file a lawsuit, be prepared to lose. Companies like this (let's use Amazon as a hypothetical example) have a FLANK of lawyers at their disposal and nothing but time to wait you out, wear you down, take you for everything you have, and in the end you will lose. I've witnessed it. As someone who as been bullied by a female manager, been fired by an employer for getting sick with a serious illness (even while having an outside advocate and knowing full well the company I worked for was violating the law when they fired me), and as a witness to other women being abused, harassed, intimidated, bullied, beaten down, and fired I say firmly that it is not as easy as you think to report these things. Should people speak up? Absolutely. When the ACLU asked for submissions about gender discrimination against I know personally people who told them their stories. Notice nothing has happened. Nothing has happened because not enough people were willing to go on record with regard to what happened to them at Amazon or what they witnessed happen to others at Amazon. Period.

Finally, how many stories by women do we have to hear from so-called progressive enclaves that tell the same story of sexism? San Francisco, Seattle, Portland (to only name three) claim to be so forward thinking, so post-everything (racial, feminist, classist, whatever) when in reality they harbor so much of the same deep and destructive violence of the body and spirit against women, people of color, non cis heterosexual males, poor people, etc. Every time I hear "bullshit" with regard to a story like this or "why didn't THEY do blah blah blah" it reminds me that our society is wholly complicit in not only perpetuating the white supremacist racist heterosexual patriarchy, but fabricating a mask to pretend that it doesn't exist because denial is so much easier than facing it, changing it, growing, evolving, adapting, and moving forward. Humanity is a lost cause. It's seriously time for our extinction event. How many thousands of years have had to get a clue? We are the only species that harms our own kind for pleasure and profit. We are the only species that fouls our nest (there is no planet B, people). I love Seattle (just like I love New York and I love Portland) but the prevalence of white supremacist racism, misogyny, and classism in these places is just as bad as it is in the flyover states, it's just dressed up differently and fiercely denied.
Mar 10 xina commented on Capitol Hill Synagogue Temple De Hirsch Sinai Vandalized with Holocaust-Denying Graffiti.
I really can't believe America in 2017 we're dealing with this s**t. Watch "Night Will Fall." Do we really want this to happen in our country? Every single hateful POS who commits a crime like this or any other hate crime in the name of (and because they've been emboldened by) 45 and his insane white supremacist clown posse of an administration needs to be harshly punished. NEVER AGAIN MEANS NEVER AGAIN. #ENOUGH
Mar 8 xina commented on The Poor In Seattle Are Taxed Like Hell.
The solution is simple. End the unmitigated greed. If the recommendation is that people spend 1/3 of their income on rent, when someone goes to see an available apartment that is what they should be charged in rent. Landlords bitch endlessly about property taxes and other costs when the reality is they are making hand over fist in profit. You have an apartment to rent, someone with a FT job and a need to rent an apartment comes to you, you get a 1/3 of their income as rent. We do not have housing problem in this country, we have a greed problem. The poor are paying between 60 and 80% of their income to rent and they are only able to afford the bottom of the market available rentals > owned by landlords who gladly bilk them for as much as they can get, never care for the units or do repairs or upgrades, evict the tenants, and bring in new ones to bilk at a higher rent. This is not only cruel and dehumanizing, it is so completely (as in100%) UNNECESSARY. People with stable places to live are better people, better parents, better workers, and better citizens. Period. Stop making a profit on other people's misery because you feel you deserve to do so and create places where not only can people afford to live, but where people want to live, too. My mother was a landlord for 13 years. It can be done. It is possible to be a decent human being and make a profit. Landlords are simply too greedy and like to blame everyone and everything else for why they choose to gouge people when it comes to rent. I mean, seriously, since when did having your own kitchen and bathroom in a apartment (and an apartment that is larger than 200 square feet) become a luxury? And why are people living in these dorm rooms and paying nearly $1000/mo to do so? Because Americans are greedy assholes that don't give a shit about anything except money. Read _Evicted_ by Matthew Desmond and then tell me landlords are the victims. Shitty people preying on desperate and poor people (while they rake in profits of half a million or a million or more NET, not GROSS) is symptomatic of America's insatiable desire for never ending increases in profit (while vilifying those who provide that profit and doing as little as possible to care for the property creating the profit, because they don't feel they should have to pay so much to be property owners). Just like everything in this country, privatization of profit, socialization of loss. And society is losing while a tiny percent get a bigger and bigger piece of the pie that they are literally ripping out of the hands of everyone else.
Feb 17 xina commented on Take Donald Trump's Not-At-All Slanted and Misleading "Mainstream Media Accountability Survey".
Hitler loved using the term lying press. The Nazis used it relentlessly in their propaganda. The press isn't lying. Don the Con is lying his crazy head off.
Feb 14 xina commented on Washington Republican Dave Reichert Votes Against Demanding Trump's Tax Returns.
I fail to understand how these Republicans believe doing nothing and ignoring their constituents will help them keep their jobs. The claim is they won't go against Trump because they want to save their jobs. How is protecting an incompetent POTUS, guilty of treason, who is going to screw over all of the people who voted for him (and millions of people who did not vote for him) going to protect their jobs?
Feb 1 xina commented on Guest Editorial: An Open Letter to My Mother, Who Voted for Trump.
@21 I doubt she will. Her mother is 70. Donald Trump is 70. Donald Trump will destroy as much as he can and then he'll die, He will never have to deal with the consequences of the damage done. No EPA, no public schools, no health care, no labor laws or regulations, nothing but destruction. And these people consider themselves pro-life. Well they sure as sh*t don't care about their children or grandchildren (or anyone else's children or grandchildren). Doesn't matter how rich you are there are two truths that cannot be escaped: you can't take your wealth with you when you die and when the earth has been made inhabitable (no clean air, no clean water, no ability to grow anything), everyone and everything will die. Every POS that voted for Trump chose a nasty, stupid, hateful man (white supremacy, misogyny, and fascism) over EVERYTHING ELSE. I don't care how much they hate HRC. There is not one good thing that will come from 45's presidency. The facebook pages and twitter accounts with whining Trump voters who regret what they've done elicit no sympathy from me. And they have the nerve to call US the snowflakes. F*ck every single DJT voter and DJT himself and his minions. We can only hope they all die before they cause the deaths of everyone else on this planet.
Jan 24 xina commented on Angry White Man (Slight Return).
White people need to put down white supremacist racism. Period. Until white people wage war against the lower life forms in this country perpetuating this BS and I mean PUT THEM DOWN PERMANENTLY AND END IT COMPLETELY, it will never end. It will have to be done violently and it will have to be done by white people. That's it. That is the only solution, the only way out of this sh*t show we are in and will be in until humanity ends or humanity puts an end to it. I AM SO SICK OF RACIST AMERIKKKA. I am so sick of dumb as f*ck AMERIKKKA. I AM SO SICK OF WOMEN HATING AMERIKKKA. THIS IS MY COUNTRY AND I AM ALIGNED WITH THE MAJORITY, THE DIVERSE, THE FEMALE, THE INTELLIGENT, THE HUMANE, AND THE EVOLVED. THE DINOSAURS NEED TO DIE. EVERY SINGLE HATEFUL POS ONE OF THEM.
Jan 18 xina commented on From "aPodments" to Luxury One-Bedrooms, We Scoured Seattle to Find Out What the Rental Market is Like.
@11, yet corporations in Seattle pay little in taxes (certainly NOT THEIR FAIR SHARE) and neither do the wealthy, because there is no income tax, which is desperately needed in WA (and IMO, Seattle needs a city tax); property taxes are NOT high (not compared to other coastal states, see CA and NY >>> WA pays a fraction in property taxes, ESPECIALLY considering the outrageously inflated and overvaluation of property (every house in a desirable neighborhoods sells for 3/4 or a million dollars with offers hundreds of thousands over asking price and people paying cash to buy)?!?! The ONLY tax anyone wants to increase is the sales tax, which harms the poorest residents. If everyone were actually paying their fair share, there would be much less inequality and more affordability. If people's wages and raises matched the rent increases (which you tie to property taxes, not greed) and their employers paid their fair share in taxes instead of getting outrageous tax breaks or using tax laws to their advantage to fuck over the poor (like Donald Trump ("that makes me smart") and Leona Helmsley ("only the little people pay taxes) then maybe people would have a chance to make it.
Jan 18 xina commented on From "aPodments" to Luxury One-Bedrooms, We Scoured Seattle to Find Out What the Rental Market is Like.
And how exactly would Republicans have made it better? Republicans don't believe in any regulations of any entity, believe in "trickle down economics," and don't care about the poor, the working or middle classes. What kool aid do you people drink believing Republicans would do better? This is solely about class, who has the money, and how they wield that power. Corporations blackmailing cities NOT to pay taxes so they'll keep their companies in the state. Laissez-faire economics with no regulations to protect current tenants, affordable housing, tenants in general, etc? I have voted in every election that I qualified to vote in since I was 18 years old (I am almost 45 now). George W. Bush decimated the economy through deregulation, bailed out the banks that robbed everyone blind, and then said a big FUCK YOU to the people those banks defrauded by refusing to help them. Profit is private, loss is public. I really, really, REALLY want to know what voting Republican would have done for Seattle? Ruined it 30 years faster? Instead of just making a statement that means nothing, why not provide some facts. Oh right, because you people don't believe in facts (or science or reality).