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11:46 AM yesterday xina commented on Sub Pop Takes a Page from Amazon's Book in New Recruitment Video.
I love Sub Pop. Love this response to Amazon's horrible video (as an ex-Amazon employee). I am, however, really horrified by how homogenous the Sub Pop staff is. Really? UGH.
Apr 21 xina commented on "Life in Seattle" as Seen Through the Eyes of a 2013 Amazon Recruiting Video.
"housing is not expensive, it's very reasonable here." seriously????
and for a recruiting film, not one word on amazon culture?
oh yeah that's right, b/c that would discourage you from wanting to work for them.
(i worked there in 2007).
Mar 26 xina commented on Why Flying Into the Alps Is Like Flying into the World Trade Center.
There's just one difference. Flying planes into buildings in a heavily populated city killed the people on the planes AND killed thousands of people in the buildings (and hundreds of first responders). And people who cleaned up the mess? They've been dying slowly of respiratory illnesses ever since. The death toll won't be over anytime soon. Flying a plane into the mountains ends only the lives of those on the plane. It's a horrific act, no doubt, but the two acts are not comparable.
Mar 23 xina commented on The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club: Rick Grimes, Goodwill Ambassador.
You know I used to really like The Walking Dead. Now I just want everyone to die and for it to all be over. Rick turning into Shane is LAME. I don't for one second believe he would hit his son the way he did. Why do the writers feel the need to completely change his character? And as for the people in this community how on earth are they all alive? They are idiots and despite the politician's belief that she's a good judge of character she is the most delusional of the bunch. I always have been and always will be team Rick, but please, please, please just put everyone out of their misery and end it all. Watching it live on TV there is about 90% commercials and 10% show, too, which just makes it all the more painful. The only character that is remotely interesting anymore is Carol and I hope she guts Pete like a fish before they all die.
Mar 16 xina commented on Are There Bands You Once Loved But You Can't Listen to Now?.
also - i tried listening to coco moore's band, big nils, the other day and found it completely unlistenable. my 20 year old self probably would have loved it.
Mar 16 xina commented on Are There Bands You Once Loved But You Can't Listen to Now?.
Listening to Nirvana and Sonic Youth make me sad (for different reasons).
A lot of the noise I listened to in the 90s I am unable to listen to at all.
I got rid of my Beastie Boys catalog.
It's hard to know if it's age or something else. I have a neurological disease and sound really bothers me now. And yet sometimes I can and do blare some of favorites like Mudhoney and Sleater-Kinney and the Ramones and it's all just fine.
Mar 16 xina commented on Lindy West Signs a Big Book Deal and Other Art Stories Around the City.
How old is Lindy? I find this trend of people who have barely lived writing memoirs so odd. Even Carrie Brownstein is only 40 and while she has lived quite an interesting life seems young to be publishing a memoir (this fall). I'm not hater, I am just confused. Aren't memoirs something you write after a long life lived and looked back on with wisdom? Lena Dunham's book was bad enough.
Mar 3 xina commented on The Walking Dead Chitty Chat Club: Nice Sweater, Carol..
Rick all clean and shaved - HOT.
Carol - AWESOME.
Best lines of the episode: Carol to Daryl "I"m going to hose you off in your sleep." Daryl to Carol, "You look RIDICULOUS."
Congresswoman in charge is crazy. You choose Noah to be a runner? Really?
As someone said in the comments on the facebook page - next up she'll have Eugene and the minister being on wall/walker watch. Give me a break!
Guy on the porch welcoming Rick to Alexandria is totally a wife beating douchebag that's going to cause trouble.
Worried about Daryl.
Feb 23 xina commented on The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club: SHOOT HIM, SHOOT HIM, SHOOT HIM!!!.
I find it so frustrating how everyone acts like Rick is being unreasonable when every other time they haven't listened to him they all almost die. I agree - at this point in the story I would not trust anyone, especially not someone who said they had been watching me. I'd have tied him up in the barn, taken the RV and left. His people could find him. And what's with the noises of the children? I thought Aaron said nothing could be heard by anything or anyone through those walls (such as Judith crying). Meanwhile, on the show's facebook page such an unbelievable tidal wave of homophobic hatred and disgust has been spewed out In response to Aaron and Eric's kiss it's mind boggling. You think America has changed with regard to tolerance of homosexuality? I thought so. All the comments (mostly by lots of god fearing Christians) are so disturbing and revolting, I pretty much wish I was living in the zombie apocalypse - because our society is so sick and full of people who truly need to go extinct already, like the dinosaurs. And they are teaching their children all of this hate, too. I can't believe how many comments say something like "that's it, I puked, gay agenda, shoved down my throat, never letting my kids watch this show again!!!" Seriously? The show is fiction - featuring dead people eating humans, live people eating humans, rape and murder (of adults and children), graphic violence, but two grown men kissing puts the internet into a tailspin like no other? I also love how all the homophobes never mentioned Tara or her girlfriend, but the gay men oh my god the gay men are so disgusting!
Feb 16 xina commented on The Walking Dead Chitty Chat Club: Worms and Lucky Tornadoes.
they really need to just shoot every stranger that shows up in the head and be done with it.

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