May 5 xina commented on Sound Transit Should Consider Fining Those Who Place Bags in Seating Area for People With Disabilities.
People are assholes. As a disabled person I've had to ask people to move out of disabled seating. I've had people refuse to move out of disabled seating. On a train to Long Island I was with my friend's 87 year old mother (who was helping me travel to LI from Penn Station in NYC) YELL at a group of able bodied people all sitting in the disabled seating OH ONE OF YOU IS GOING TO HAVE TO MOVE - even a group of children whose mother just stood there and let her children continue to sit there. Every day I see people parking in disabled parking spots without a permit and using amenities for the disabled simply because they feel entitled to do so and THEY DO NOT CARE. Every time I have to use a public bathroom there is someone in the handicapped stall even if all of the rest of the stalls are empty. The two biggest offenders are those who think a handicapped stall exists for them to take a nice long shit in and those who think a handicapped stall is for them to bring their children into so they all have room to be in the same stall at the same time. Having children does not equal being disabled. And what are those people teaching their children? How to be just as entitled and oblivious as they are.
May 3 xina commented on Why Our City Should Embrace Passive Aggressiveness.
Oh and PS the entire premise of this article is wrong. Passive aggressiveness is ALL ABOUT putting everything on the other person, because the passive aggressive person refuses to own anything (their own feelings) and insists others bear the brunt of that refusal.
May 3 xina commented on Why Our City Should Embrace Passive Aggressiveness.
You tell people to move their bag so that you can sit down. If you want to call it asking or phrase it as a question go ahead - but seats are for people. If Seattle's going to be a "real city" then it needs to learn how to act like a grown a$$ adult and do what needs to be done. I cannot even fathom someone in NYC not telling someone to move their bag so they can sit down on a crowded subway. Seriously. Get a grip on reality.
Feb 22 xina commented on Vancouver BC Serial Killer Publishes Book.
that should read Amazon LOVES to publish trash.…
Feb 22 xina commented on Vancouver BC Serial Killer Publishes Book.
I thought convicted criminals were not allowed to profit from their crimes? When did this change? Or is the Son of Sam Law only applicable in America? Canadian serial killers get to do as they please? This case was so horrifying and nearly entirely law enforcement's fault since they ignored relatives of the missing and dead women when those relatives told them about the pig farmer decades before he was ever caught and convicted. Just like The Green River Killer - law enforcement could have stopped the deaths of so many women, but they just did not care because these women were considered disposable trash. Amazon love to publish trash. Did they ever remove the pedophile's how-to book?
Feb 16 xina commented on Seven Things About Last Night's X-Files, "Babylon".
Yeah this episode was pretty much the worst ever and I pretty much think the last 4 seasons and the second movie are all really bad. All I kept thinking was "really, Chris Carter, this is where you choose to go with only 6 episodes?" Was it necessary to involve Muslim terrorists and a racist, murderous nurse? UGH. And the two young ones? A total waste of Lauren Ambrose's talents. Definitely no need for the tripping Mulder scene either (did they feel they had to compete with Duchovny's tripping scene from his other TV show, Aquarius)? Definitely no need to see Mulder with his shirt off. I kind of like that song, though. I belong to you, you belong to me... It's perfect for all the 'shippers out there. And Mulder and Scully still have excellent chemistry. Best thing about this episode though was Scully saying "Only the FBI's most unwanted!" followed by, "I've been waiting 23 years to say that." :)
Feb 5 xina commented on Google Shuts Down Amazon Unionization Website.
And (as if we needed it) Google clearly does not support freedom of speech. #corporateamerica #unitedstatesofmoney
Feb 5 xina commented on Google Shuts Down Amazon Unionization Website.
Well you know one tech company has to have the back of other tech companies, because they certainly can't have any tech companies going union.
Feb 3 xina commented on While the City Slept.
Are you profiting from this book, Eli? I find that thoroughly disgusting if you are. The article already printed in the Stranger,… was incredibly moving and an excellent, if incredibly difficult, telling of the story. Why profit from this horrific story that is not yours?
Jan 30 xina commented on Ballard Record Store Sonic Boom for Sale.
Happy to hear it will remain a thriving record store. I wonder if Andy Nelson will buy it?