A very cold place.
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Low-maintenance woman from Southern Wisconsin.

Sandiai That's a rather personal question. OK, I'm typing into some sort of blog, of which I am only vaguely familiar.
Oct 21 Sandiai commented on Science News: 83% of US Land Less Than Mile From a Road, and You Should Be Freaking Out About Mollusks.
Even the Brits spell aluminum without an "i" near the end. @ 5 and 6, Oh yeah, what about "herbs"? Oh...wait.
Oct 11 Sandiai commented on Scott Baio: What Men Say In Locker Rooms Is What Women Say During Brunch.
@5, or, "the slave knows the master better than the master knows the slave."
Oct 10 Sandiai commented on Lindy West on Trump and Billy Bush.
New York Times. So proud of you, girlfriend (I "knew" her when...).
Oct 10 Sandiai commented on The Morning News: Presidential Debate Rage, a Call for State GOP Party Chair's Resignation, and Seattle Racism.
I doubt it was you, Knat. She had a hateful, persistent, misogynistic stalker iirc.
Oct 8 Sandiai commented on SL Letter of the Day: Thanks For the "Cure," Mom..
Dan, you got the troll all hot and bothered, and he HATES that.

As far as the LW...his mother is not going to stop her ugly behavior unless he makes her stop. That means there must be consequences each and every time she is abusive. She clearly doesn't learn or have a conscience like normal people. People like her take silence and passivity as permission to continue with their cruel nonsense (or justify it). I think threatening to withhold contact with the grandchild (mentioned above) is a valuable tactic.
Oct 8 Sandiai commented on Rape Culture Is Running for President.
@54, what the Fuckity what what?
Oct 6 Sandiai commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Minor Inconvenience.
Thanks, Biggie.
Oct 5 Sandiai commented on Pence Spends Entire Vice Presidential Debate Pretending Trump Doesn't Exist.
Five minutes in I had fallen into a deep deep sleep on the couch. And I dreamt that I was stuck in a cold, ugly airport where I was both anxious and bored (hmmmm...). It was a great nap, I'm only sorry about missing The Apprentice jokes.
Oct 5 Sandiai commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Minor Inconvenience.
@1, make sure you send her the cash BEFORE the check clears!

As far as the letter, is it even illegal to flirt with a minor over the internet?