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Sandiai That's a rather personal question. OK, I'm typing into some sort of blog, of which I am only vaguely familiar.
in the past few hours Sandiai commented on EOD: This 3D-Printed Acoustic Violin Sounds A Lot Better Than You'd Think.
I know not enough about musical instruments, but why the long strings (besides an affectation)?
8:21 PM Sandiai commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: My Girlfriend Lives With Her Ex-Boyfriend And That's Not The Problem.
I thought KNIFE was female...but it's sort of the same either way? I don't know. @1 and @7, what gender did YOU think the LW was. Asking for a friend.
6:34 PM Sandiai commented on EOD: "White Fragility Training" Video Helps Everyone Dance Around White Feelings at the Office.
@21, It's a bit hyperbolic?

We ALL are prejudiced, for sure. But there is such a thing as racism...institutionalized prejudice...that primarily benefits White people. The video makes fun of that. As a White person with a good education under my belt, I really "enjoy" being poked at by videos like this. I'm not sure why that is (maybe because I'm naturally attracted to science and truth), or why other White people take such offense, but whatever. All we can do is keep talking.

Yes, we all are going to die... Your point?
5:56 PM Sandiai commented on Fuck You, Pedestrians.
Charles, definitely one of your more astute posts. Thank you.
@6, wasn't that a wonderful series? I have literally been thinking about it ever since. Especially since two people in my family have a sort of face-blindness, which includes some expression-blindness. And they are much more aggressive and paranoid in every social interaction compared to regular people, but are much cooler-headed on the phone and in writing. I mean, say we all go out to eat; they will both think everyone in the restaurant is looking sullen and angry and I'll look around and see people being pleasant and relaxed. I mean, it must be unpleasant to go through life seeing everyone so negatively.

@23 "rather than flipping someone off when he was obviously in the wrong." Yeah, I think that's what Charles was pointing at more than doing the "pearl-clutching" that the trolls are complaining about (BTW, it's bullies and assholes who complain about you being a crybaby when they abuse you, so...). I once accidently got stuck in a crosswalk at a red light (in a big city). I forgot the circumstances, but...oh my god here comes a blind guy into the crosswalk! I did everything I could to try to back up (couldn't). SWo I rolled down my window and banged on the side of my car and said "I'm sooooooo sorry! It was an accident, please go around my car. The rest of the intersection is safe! SORRY!" You know, because I knew I was in the wrong and pedestrians have soft vulnerable bodies and must be protected at all costs (including costs to my time and convenience).
5:17 PM Sandiai commented on The Story of that Letter from Donald Trump's Doctor Just Gets Weirder and Weirder.
@5, I like how when he's reading the letter it seems like he's reading it for the first time.


(A bunch of pictures of Trump toasting with alcohol (none of them show him actually taking a sip, however)).
2:54 PM Sandiai commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: Dammed If You Don't.
@24 and @25, good summary. It's been my opinion for a while (based somewhat on experience AND somewhat on bookish research) that kissing is more risky than sucking cock.
2:35 PM Sandiai commented on EOD: "White Fragility Training" Video Helps Everyone Dance Around White Feelings at the Office.
That was an awesome video.

@19, Nope. Try again.
1:10 PM yesterday Sandiai commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Little History Lesson....
@21, OK. I got a harassment restraining order a few years ago (2-year duration) just for phone calls. Yes, we went to court. Yes, I had to show evidence. The judge told him to leave me alone and I haven't heard a peep from him since. I mean, you're mostly right with what you are saying. I should have qualified my comment more. I guess I meant he should see a lawyer.

Did you finish your comment? It looks like it got cut off.