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Low-maintenance woman from Southern Wisconsin.

Sandiai That's a rather personal question. OK, I'm typing into some sort of blog, of which I am only vaguely familiar.
in the past few hours Sandiai commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: Dammed If You Don't.
@24 and @25, good summary. It's been my opinion for a while (based somewhat on experience AND somewhat on bookish research) that kissing is more risky than sucking cock.
in the past few hours Sandiai commented on EOD: "White Fragility Training" Video Helps Everyone Dance Around White Feelings at the Office.
That was an awesome video.

@19, Nope. Try again.
1:10 PM yesterday Sandiai commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Little History Lesson....
@21, OK. I got a harassment restraining order a few years ago (2-year duration) just for phone calls. Yes, we went to court. Yes, I had to show evidence. The judge told him to leave me alone and I haven't heard a peep from him since. I mean, you're mostly right with what you are saying. I should have qualified my comment more. I guess I meant he should see a lawyer.

Did you finish your comment? It looks like it got cut off.
Aug 27 Sandiai commented on The Morning News: More Affordable Housing at Capitol Hill Light Rail Station, New School Start Times, Seahawks Chef Apologizes for Anti-Transgender Stance.
@18, that's YOUR strawman, not Ansel's. Those shoplifters were "armed" with fucking skateboards. They were also armed with a watermelon and a case of beer at some point. LOL. They weren't even arrested for assault, so apparently they didn't use their skateboards as weapons anyway (hint, the officer lied). Jeebus.



adjective: armed

1. equipped with or carrying a weapon or weapons.
"the security forces are armed with automatic rifles"…
Aug 27 Sandiai commented on Science News: Genetic Engineering Will Produce Future Usain Bolts, Trump Is Bad, Bad, Bad on Science.
I thought it was kind of funny in GATTACA (sorry, I'm compelled to write it like nucleotides) that the "natural" non-engineered guy had the biggest penis. I mean, maaaaybbbeee societal values change drastically in the future, but you would think they would still be encoding THAT into the male genome.

I wish they'd make a sequel and follow Vincent Freeman to Jupiter or wherever he was going. Besides the social commentary, the sciencey part of the movie was also THE BOMB.

And hey, blue-color rednecks thinking about voting for Trump?: it's ONLY rich people that have the luxury of not believing the science. Jeez! (We have got to do something about education in this country).
Aug 27 Sandiai commented on EOD: We Asked 9 Petting Zoo Critters At Animal Encounters What They Think of ST3.
Is that the fabled Jackalope?? How did I not know of that strange-looking rabbitdeer??
Aug 27 Sandiai commented on The Intervention Shows the Director Has Got the Right Stuff.
Hmmm, this is awkward...I have a straight-girl crush on Clea DuVall and I (apparently) look a lot like her too (my nieces say).

The movie sounds great.