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Sandiai That's a rather personal question. OK, I'm typing into some sort of blog, of which I am only vaguely familiar.
Jul 21 Sandiai commented on We Shared a Moment with This Man Holding a Bullhorn After Ted Cruz Snubbed Donald Trump.
How DID you get a horizontal video from a vertical phone?

@4, no one would think that.
Jul 20 Sandiai commented on "Platforms Don't Matter," Says 21-Year-Old Pro-Trump Delegate at "Twinks for Trump" Party.
Also, WHY make a platform that nobody pays attention to or is going to act on?? I am really pretty baffled here. If you're a Republican and believe that shit, then why wouldn't you want to act on it? And if you don't believe that gay families are "less," then why would you say it?
Jul 20 Sandiai commented on "Platforms Don't Matter," Says 21-Year-Old Pro-Trump Delegate at "Twinks for Trump" Party.
@4, Do you think Trump, or the Republicans, are against Islam/Moslems because of their stance on gay rights?

@5, there's supposed to be a space/paragraph before my lead-in to the video. That's Mario Cuomo's speech in 1984.
Jul 20 Sandiai commented on "Platforms Don't Matter," Says 21-Year-Old Pro-Trump Delegate at "Twinks for Trump" Party.
Could someone explain that first line of the platform.

"Strong families, depending upon God and one another, advance the cause of liberty by lessening the need for government in their daily lives."

That's just weird. Since it's in reference to gay families, isn't it sort of victim-blaming? Like, "we wouldn't have to get the government involved if you would just stop trying to make your sinful sinful families!" It's also a lie that "straight" families (shortcut for one man/one woman) are more successful and therefore need less government intervention, as Heidi said. Also, it ignores the plight of poor, straight families, who actually do sometimes need government help, job creation, career advancement programs and educational opportunities. Such a weird, unrealistic, unscientific fantasy world these people live in. I mean, I agree reality is scary (so I have some sympathy for my conservative brethren), but it's pathological to so consistently pretend things are true when they're not. (As adults, I mean).
Over 30 years old and it still accurately describes the liberal viewpoint. Its intelligence. Its desire to problem-solve. Its empathy. Its inclusiveness.…
Jul 19 Sandiai commented on Republicans Officially Nominate Donald Trump for President.
The Tall Clown's version of Royals, I hope?
Jul 19 Sandiai commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Boyfriend Experience.
@12, threatening suicide...ahhh yes. A common tactic of abusers. Just ignore it, LW. Or if you feel safe enough, you can call 911 and tell them he's threatening suicide. I've been known to call an ambulance on someone who tried that tactic after I had moved to another state to get away from them. Oddly enough, they never felt "suicidal" again.

LW, you need to do a disappearing act. Just, "poof" and you're gone. Imagine waking up one morning, relaxed and free. That can be in your future...a normal life.

Dan, that link is really good.
Jul 19 Sandiai commented on "We're Here to Tell Other Communities of Color That They Don't Need to Be Afraid".
An articulate, liberal bear...gotta say, "YUM."

I know it's stereotypical to assume all Latinos are Catholic, or at least Christian, but I am curious to know how he found his way to Islam (or if his family is Muslim).
Jul 19 Sandiai commented on From Skatetown USA to Trump’s RNC: Scott Baio’s Path to Glory, A Video Retrospective.
I've met Baio (I was an extra in The Boy Who Drank to Much), and I didn't really think about it until a few years later...but I got a pretty clear gay vibe from him. So maybe the closet made him a RWNJ?