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Sandiai That's a rather personal question. OK, I'm typing into some sort of blog, of which I am only vaguely familiar.
5:36 PM yesterday Sandiai commented on Could This Lawsuit Change Photo History? A Photographer is Suing Getty for $1 Billion.
@2, I'm pretty sure it's a philosophy invented by greedy selfish assholes to justify their greedy selfishness. I mean, if some people are not going to be greedy assholes, it robs the greedy assholes of stuff they feel justified in grabbing.

@5, they just went to the Library of Congress website, probably, and downloaded them. Then they pretended that they owned them. Which would work up until the time you accidently sue the person who created the pictures and uploaded them into the public domain (OOOOPS!!!).
3:07 PM yesterday Sandiai commented on SL Letter of the Day: Unicorn Hunters.
Yes, why a fungus? lol. (not that there is anything wrong with fungi).

I really don't think she's fearing rejection so much as being afraid of getting into something she might change her mind about, or dislike, or even be a little hurt by. So, you just talk, LW. Tell them you're straight. Tell them you want to go slowly and have a relationship. If they're in any kind of hurry, skedaddle out of there.
Jul 26 Sandiai commented on And Now for Some Political Commentary from Cher.
"Just make me a list of chores and I'll do them, daddy"?
The other one, I don't know?
Jul 26 Sandiai commented on Melania Trump Calls Up Ted Cruz.
Well, now I'm glad I voted "Funny."
Jul 25 Sandiai commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: What Would You Do About My Awful Mum?.
I'm with @11. My siblings and I recently cut my mother off from most functions because she's a lifelong abusive borderline/narcissist. Now that the anxiety is fading, and the happiness is slowly creeping back into our lives, we're all thinking, "why did it take so long?" I'll tell you why: part of an abuser's MO is authoritarian control. When parents abuse their authority it's especially sick.
LW, did you know you can say "no"? It took 40+ years to figure that out in my family. It can be done though. Try not to feel to guilty about it. As my therapist says, "if it's worth doing, it's worth feeling guilty about." Which is typical of his sense of humor; but it's also true.
Jul 25 Sandiai commented on Why are Democrats not Throwing Debbie Wasserman Schultz to the Wolves?.
Has there ever been a longer campaign cycle??

@17, Hey Jude, Thank you. It did sort of remind me of an honorary degree.
Jul 25 Sandiai commented on Why are Democrats not Throwing Debbie Wasserman Schultz to the Wolves?.
I can't quit you...If you keep using Star Trek references.
Jul 24 Sandiai commented on Hillary Clinton Announces Running Mate.
"You are blaming the goalie for the team not being able to score." THANK YOU!
Jul 24 Sandiai commented on I, Anonymous.
The artwork shits on the sentiment.
Jul 21 Sandiai commented on We Shared a Moment with This Man Holding a Bullhorn After Ted Cruz Snubbed Donald Trump.
How DID you get a horizontal video from a vertical phone?

@4, no one would think that.