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Mar 22 Doot commented on Savage Love.
sorry! I stand corrected. The Liberal Party was regretting their decision publicly so much these months that I got it mixed up in my head who spearheaded the idea in the first place.

Canada has more Mexicans in immigration detention since January compared to all of 2016. Same with Mexicans turned back at the airport.…

They'll put visa restrictions back on Mexicans before the next election.
Mar 22 Doot commented on Savage Love.
Actually, the previous government did that. This one will probably reverse that.
Mar 22 Doot commented on Savage Love.
exactly... sharable memes. an easy platitudinous, mostly meaningless snippet that's sharable and makes you feel good.
Mar 22 Doot commented on Savage Love.
but, really, other than he's better than Donald Trump (pretty much anyone fits this description),

What's good about JT?

He's approved two massive trans-contintenal oil pipelines
He's broken most of his key electoral promises (no pot reform. no electoral reform)

That's just off the top of my head.

What's good about him?

Actually, nevermind. I already know. Sharable memes.
Mar 22 Doot commented on Savage Love.
Justin Trudeau isn't "leading" anyone or anything. By himself, he's an insipid, shallow nothing that the Liberal Party picked to trade on nostalgia Canadians have for his father who was the best politician Canada has ever had.

Seems you think the USA is "the rest of the world". Yes, JT would probably be better than orange monster, but only insofar as he could be an effective and handsome insipid placeholder for whoever's really running the show.
Mar 22 Doot commented on Savage Love.
I have a feeling that, for some reason (aggressive facebook meme marketing maybe), non-Canadians are a lot more excited about Justin Trudeau than Canadians.

What gives, rest of the world? JT is just a promise-breaking handsome puppet of the Liberal Party (after they were desperately looking for one since the 90s)
Mar 14 Doot commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Help! He's Fallen Down The Wrong Clickhole!.

SSBBW means "super-sized big beautiful woman".

In other words, he was searching for for images of women who are beyond morbidly obese.
Feb 16 Doot commented on Guest Editorial: Why We Must Save Washington State's Film Incentive.
oh... this is an old post. Maybe no one even reads what I just wrote :(
Feb 16 Doot commented on Guest Editorial: Why We Must Save Washington State's Film Incentive.
I'm worker at the bottom of the totem pole in Vancouver, Canada's film industry. I owe my life these days to this kind of subsidy, so colour my comments with that info.

In British Columbia, mostly Vancouver, the film industry (mostly American productions) contributes 2 billion dollars to the local economy. The Province spends about $250 million on filming incentives (subsidies, erroneously named "tax 'credits'").

Film is a great industry to attract. It's highly unionized. Pay is high. Productions spend all kinds of money everywhere - renting properties, filling hotels in February, renting tents, feeding everyone, pouring money into municipal coffers for permits and policing.

Film can also be a bit of a fickle mistress. another jurisdiction paying slightly higher incentives? productions rush there for a bit. Incentives aren't the only thing that are the deciding factor. You need to have the infrastructure and the labour-pool. A few years ago, Quebec and Ontario started handing out much higher incentives than BC and productions moved there for a bit until those provinces realized their incentives were unsustainable and they stopped them.

Incentives make the whole thing a bit of a break-even proposition for the province. They spend a lot of money, they get a little back in tax revenue (income and sales). The benefit is in creating an entire economic ecosystem - rental companies, back-office support, money for people who rent their properties, location equipment, cleaning companies, catering, lodging in remoter locations for entire crews in the low tourist season.

That's the benefit and it's a bit of a break-even proposition to the province. Also, it has to be a long term strategy. In Vancouver, we have film schools pumping out film worker professionals. You can't just throw money at productions for them to fill without having local crews. You can't have strong local crews unless you have constant work.

Film incentives can be great for the economy, but some things are overblown. "multiplier effects" are kind of BS. the idea is that I spend my salary and the places I spend it at also spend it and etc etc. However, if film were to disappear, I wouldn't. I'd have to get another job and then I'd spend money from that job on the things I spend today. It's not like if the film tax incentive went away, I'd disappear from the universe.

How this applies to Seattle.

Honestly guys... if you're deciding on whether to spend a few 10s of millions on a film incentive or not, I would say "don't bother". It's not really worth the money unless you really invest in the concept. If you throw 10 million, you're just gonna get a few productions that bring in all their own people and don't really have a big economic impact. Spend a few 100 million, invest in schools, set up film commissioners in every county, commit to a decades-long project or don't bother.

Also, you're next to Vancouver BC, that's also in the same time-zone as LA, offers 28% labour cash-back and, currently, has a 25% currency exchange advantage. It would be difficult to compete with Vancouver with it's similar scenery and well-entrenched infrastructure.
Feb 16 Doot commented on Blabbermouth Podcast: Flynn Gets Fired, a “Dreamer” Gets Arrested, and Dan Savage Is Right (For Once).
uh.... the 22nd amendment to the US costitution kicked Obama out of office.