May 20 CPN commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Refuses Shotgun, Gets Hammered.
Last year I was wrestling with a (now former) wildly inebriated and coked-up friend trying to get his keys because he was insisting on driving from Belltown to north of Ballard at 2 am on a Saturday night.

And he broke my fucking leg. Ruined my life for a goddamn year and I'm just now able to walk fairly well again.

Perhaps I should have been arrested for assault, too.
May 18 CPN commented on The Morning News: White House Staffers Joke About Impeachment Behind Trump's Back, Chris Cornell and Roger Ailes Are Dead.
Roger Ailes?

Sayonara, motherfucker.

Too bad his damage has already been done. I imagine I'll feel about the same when Dick Cheney dies.
May 4 CPN commented on New Republican Health Care Bill Likely to Pass: "A Sad Deadly Joke.".
What #7 said.

Did anyone here see Dianne Feinstein's town hall during the break when she was quizzed about Single Payer? She got fucking lit up by her constituents.

The sad reality is the same Democratic establishment that handed the Presidency to a fucking clown are the same corporatists that are beholden to their big-med donors that want to fuck us all in the ass.

Big money Democrats are just as crooked and evil as the other guys.
Apr 27 CPN commented on Murray Pitches Revised Soda Tax; Labor Union and Soda Companies Promise to Fight It.
Dumb-ass taxes like this are the type of nanny-state bullshit that gives liberalism a bad name... and makes me embarrassed to be a liberal.
Apr 20 CPN commented on What It's Like to Tinder in Spokane (More Guns).
So, you got out of The Stranger's Capitol Hill bubble and...?
Apr 18 CPN commented on The Facebook Killer Is Dead.

I, too, agree with you. Truly a senseless and horrific tragedy.
Apr 18 CPN commented on Cascade Mall Shooter Found Dead in Jail.
The part that pisses me off is that mass murderers always get the murder-suicide thing backwards.
Apr 18 CPN commented on The Morning News: Mike McGinn Jumps In the Mayor's Race, Seattle and King County Approve $1.3 Million to Legally Defend Immigrants.
Mayor McShwinn!

I can't wait to see how many more parking Nazis he proposes to hire. Seattle's war on cars continues...
Apr 12 CPN commented on UPDATE: Teacher, 8-Year-Old Student Killed in San Bernardino Elementary School Shooting.
@29 and

My point still stands that if two people were killed at a school with a knife, you wouldn't have heard shit from The Stranger.

Apr 12 CPN commented on UPDATE: Teacher, 8-Year-Old Student Killed in San Bernardino Elementary School Shooting.

Please tell me how 83 people shot in two weekends in the same region of one city in America isn't news.