Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Aug 27 CPN commented on Kirk Cameron Has Finally Saved Christmas, Once and for All.
It's such a shame that the War On Christmas starts earlier every year.
Aug 27 CPN commented on What Kind of Idiot Gives a Nine Year Old an Uzi?.
I've shot a fully automatic 9 mm UZI before and they are really difficult to control.
Aug 26 CPN commented on Today's Terrible Place-Shutting-Down News: Catfish Corner.

I'm with you. Been saying for years that Seattle isn't any better than it was in 1995, just twice as expensive.

No more dive bars at twice the price?

That makes it worse.
Aug 26 CPN commented on The Number of Times the British Police Fired Their Weapons in 2012: Three.
@34 Gun culture and racist culture are not codependent.

I'm a liberal and I'm not white and I'm a gun owner. I've lived through racism my entire life, and it took me decades to come to terms with the racists I dealt with as a child.
Aug 25 CPN commented on Chris Christie Has "Cost New Jersey Taxpayers Billions" in Privatized Pension Scam.
I really hate the term, 'privatization.' It's a bullshit term. What it really is, and what it should be called is 'profitization.'

Call it what it is.
Aug 25 CPN commented on What Are White Liberals Going to Do About the Westlake Mall Cop Who Pepper Sprayed an Innocent Black Man?.
I'll support reparations for black folks at the exact moment reparation checks are cashed for Native Americans, and not a moment before.
Aug 22 CPN commented on Don't Go See the Towering Pile of Garbage That Is Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.
I'm still gonna see it... because I'm a sucker for Eva Green and will pay good money to see her (nearly) naked.
Aug 19 CPN commented on What Is Your Favorite Fake Movie Band?.
Morris Day and The Time!
Aug 18 CPN commented on Conservative Accuses President Obama of Racism on Ferguson.

Uhh... don't you mean, 'Newt Gingrich's Contract ON America?'
Aug 14 CPN commented on Here's What Ferguson, Missouri Looks Like.
On second thought, there really wasn't any satire, just two threads of sarcasm that failed.

I'm not talented enough for satire.

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