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7:40 AM spaceapple commented on If You Didn't Vote, Why?.
Last election, my wife's signature was questioned, she was too busy to follow up, so her vote didn't count. This time, I voted for a couple things I cared about, but overall, I've come to believe that voting is bullshit.

How many times have we voted for a monorail? And where is it? Everyone wants municipal broadband, but who's championing it? We're told people don't speak out enough, but the complaints against Comcast arecalready a deafening roar.

So next time, unless there are one or two things I really care about on the ballet, I won't bother.
Nov 16 spaceapple commented on City of Seattle Will Miss 2015 Municipal Broadband Goal, Plans to Carry Out Another Study.
Mayor Murray is basically just a stuffed shirt with a bobble head doll perched on top. Sometimes, it talks.
Nov 13 spaceapple commented on King County’s Proposed Cuts to Department of Public Defense Threatens a Crucial Safety Net.
At least the SPD still have their private attorneys.
Sep 26 spaceapple commented on Gold Star Comment of the Day.
I deleted my FB account in April. Was anxious about it, worrying about everyone thinking I unfriended them. Most people didn't even notice, and I don't miss Facebook one bit.

If FB makes you feel crappy, just delete it.
Sep 21 spaceapple commented on SL Letter of the Day: Here's the Letter You Wrote Me Today and Here's the Letter You'll Write Me in Eight Years.
No one has brought this up, but if I were LW #2, a big issue for me would be the prospect of living in NYC. If I were considering leaving the stability of my family and everything, I would have to LOVE the idea of NYC.

I've discovered for myself that the city I live in is at least as important to my happiness as the people in my life. LW #2 didn't say where she lives or how she feels about NYC, and I think those are important details.
Jul 28 spaceapple commented on Now That Nerds Run Everything, San Diego Comic-Con Has Become Irrelevant.
Comic Con is all about meeting/checking out hot people who are into cosplay. Duh! Are you and Dan not speaking or something?
Jul 25 spaceapple commented on Not Registered to Vote? You Can Do It in Person Through Monday.
I don't get why so many otherwise intelligent and skeptical people accept the fluoridation of water as reasonable. I had a friend who worked for the Washington Toxics Coalition. She researched this and found some reasons to be critical of it. As I recall, the 2 best arguments against were:

1) The fluoride they dump in the water is a waste product of the phosphate industry. It is not medical grade fluoride. It is not even the same compound. (I tried googling the details, but couldn't swim through all the propaganda for both sides.)

2) Drinking fluoride does not have the same benefit of applying it topically.
Jul 8 spaceapple commented on How Washington State Screwed Up Its Legal Pot System.
Conspicuously absent from this discussion- Winterlife Coop, which is running a thriving and successful weed delivery business, untouched by law enforcement, yet facing no visible competition?! I would love to know who they're paying off.
Jun 23 spaceapple commented on Creepy Religious Text Messages Urge Me to "Reep" What I Sow.
At least they cared enough to write, right? Or maybe that's what's creepy-- the thought that someone *cared* enough to write.. Either way, I think you're safe, both from online stalkers and the Lord Alimighty.
Jun 6 spaceapple commented on By Passing Initiative 594, We Have a Chance to Stand Up and Say: "Not One More.".
With any luck, the next shooting will happen at an NRA rally.

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