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Jul 8 BG commented on Major Queer Org Pulls Support for ENDA.
Women and Gay people of both sexes will vote with their feet: NOT walking into these businesses to work or to buy and then after a while we will see less talk about opting out because of religion. When they find the talent they need to run their businesses won't work for them and the people with lots of money won't buy from them, things will change.
Jul 8 BG commented on Why Are Conservatives Fighting Contraception?.
Keep "pure" that is, staying a virgin (to most conservatives, that means girls still have a hymen) until their first marriage, is what these guys (and most of them are male) say they want. So no contraceptives because that "encourages" sex. So instead, the girls (to please their boyfriends) have unprotected anal sex. And once girls sign an abstinence pledge they are more likely to have such sex...since after all they must do so to show that they abstain from real sex by maintaining a hymen.

Instead, if you don't want so much free sex, then teach real sex education, so they can see what they are doing (and being discouraged from doing--think that is foolish? kids without sex ed can't believe they are pregnant, after all they never slept together!) And add in a course on how to negotiate with their boyfriends nicely that they really mean it: no sex is no sex. Just telling them to say no is ineffective and stupid. And by all measures NOT WORKING.
Jul 7 BG commented on SL Letter of the Day: Call the Open Question.
I think both of these people in the relationship should just break up and date other people (and have all the sex adventures they can SAFELY get into.) As #2 said so very well, they want to stay together AND have the adventures they never (in their very protected young lives) knew they could have. So just split, since both of them are feeling a bit suffocated now that they have moved in together, have fun. Then maybe when they are ready to settle (in about 5 years when they really ARE 25--yes, I think this guy added a few years on--they get together, compare notes and decide what they REALLY want and where each other fits in.

Or they just stay together and save lots of money (and if hey are smart avoid pregnancies) and use the money to buy the divorce lawyers they will need a couple years when they have enough of this starter marriage.

OR they decide to stay together and 35 years from now, SHE writes to Dan about how she just read 50 shades of Grey and now she wants to explore her kinkier side...

Yes, I am assuming they plan to marry but otherwise he would have dumped her already.
Jun 13 BG commented on SL Letter of the Day: Just Out.
I may be harsh, SAFF, but your brother needs to get over himself. There are other places besides bars and on-line. He should try meetup.com and gay activity centers if there are some in his town. Like anyone trying to meet people, he needs to get out and MEET people. All kinds of people, straight people, gay people, married people (straight and gay) and sooner or later, you meet someone you click with. The less whining will result in the more attention paid to him. Tell him to grow up.

And tell him also that LOTS of straight women his age (or maybe those already out of college at least) say the exact same thing.
May 29 BG commented on Teen Pregnancy Falls to Historic Low.
Not only do abstinence-only students less likely to use birth control when they do have sex, but they are more likely to have unprotected ANAL sex to (I assume) keep their boyfriends happy, but to also stay "pure" and "virginal."
May 22 BG commented on SL Letter of the Day: No Loss.
I normally say don't feed the trolls (like @9) but look at @6, they have a point. Meanwhile, just realize that many lesbians do what my granddaughter calls "silly-puttying" the relationship: dragging out the break up on and on. She won't go to counseling and even if she says so, she isn't confused, she is (deliberately) being confusing. She was pushing for legal ties and now she wants to sabotage any relationship but still control you.

DTMFA as Dan would say! Cut off ALL contract, unfriend her, block e-mails, calls and texts. DON'T let her control you any more. There are others out there, MUCH better (and more mature) than her. And you deserve better!
May 13 BG commented on Danish GOTV Ad Campaign Yanked After Complaints About Sex, Violence, Orgies, Beheadings.
Very weird: narrated and with end credits and funny comments (no hipsters were harmed?) in ENGLISH with (I assume) Danish subtitles and Voteman speaking in (I assume) Danish. It may not be effective, but it sure is FUN!
May 9 BG commented on SL Letter of the Day: Man of Mystery.
@11 EXACTLY my thought: he may not even realize he is gay but I am willing to BET that eventually he comes out of his mental closet and comes out in life too.

Meanwhile, he is a self-absorbed asshole, who NEEDS to be dumped fast and completely--do not pass go, do not collect $2000--just delete him and block him RIGHT NOW.
May 8 BG commented on GOP Lawmaker: Gay Sex Is Like Eight Men Taking a Dump In Your Bed....
Studies have shown that many young women who sign abstinence pledges then engage in exactly this type of sex with their boyfriends...so they can stay virgins. So I guess it is OK for THEM to have 8 or 9 friends over to do it in their bed that they then must sleep in all year but not for Gay Men.
May 7 BG commented on HGTV Cancels Reality Show After Twin Stars Anti-Gay Activism and Rabid Homophobia Exposed.
Just as "Christians" say about Gay people: they shouldn't push their agenda out loud at people. If "Christians" kept to themselves, we would never have problems with them. But all this talking about the evils of gay people, shooting planned parenthood doctors, it just has to stop.

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