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3:28 PM BG commented on SL Letter of the Day: Go Somewhere.
This woman is an abuser and this guy a victim of abuse. But I think Dan is off the mark commenting on this guys looks. It doesn't MATTER what he looks like (would that be commented on if this were a WOMAN writing about an abusive MAN?) she is STILL an abuser and he is insisting on staying in a bad relationship. If anything, he may be VERY handsome but also doesn't BELIEVE he is attractive. She figured that out and now she believes he will stay even though she is a psycho bitch. I really hope he did leave. Like they say about verbally abusive men: it may start with words, but it still ends with violence.
Apr 8 BG commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pretty Little Hippie.
I remember reading this in the Reader (in Chicago) when it was first published. I am once again impressed that Dan didn't simply call this guy what he is: an asshole who gets off on messing with people's heads.
Apr 4 BG commented on SL Letter of the Day: Math Is Hard!.
Some people (especially people REALLY good at math) have too much time on their hands.
Apr 3 BG commented on Brit Diver Tom Daley Isn't Bisexual.
Maybe as sexuality becomes more acceptable no matter what way you run, people will need the "lie" of being bi less and we will REALLY see who is REALLY bi and who is just "in transition" to accepting themselves as themselves. Women think so very black and white too but in the opposite direction: if you were ever with a man you can't POSSIBLY be a lesbian. You must be tu, tu, tu (spitting sound) bi.
Apr 1 BG commented on God Hates Fangs.
Chazz? CHAZZ??! He calls himself Chazz Darling and then says he is straight? who is he kidding?
Apr 1 BG commented on Obamacare Enrollment Hits 7,000,000 Target.
One thing I am taking away from this post: Black people and latinos: I know it is a mid-term vote but get out and VOTE in this election! It is IMPORTANT we all get counted.
Mar 26 BG commented on Savage Love.
Dear Abby once said, if you marry a Man (or in this case a woman) who cheats on his/her spouse, you are marrying someone who cheats on his/her spouse. The problem isn't that the other person isn't ready to leave their spouse, the problem is that you the single person don't feel you deserve something full and real. And, at first at least, you love the sneaking around. Then it gets old and you wait for them to "come to THEIR Senses" when what needs happening is that you come to YOURS.
Mar 25 BG commented on Christian School Expells Eight-Year-Old Tomboy.
This whole thing about dress codes makes me ask: Most FUNDY "Christian" schools have uniforms don't they? Was she allowed to wear pants? or was it really that she was assertive and an uppity female? Sometimes, I think we haven't progressed past the turn of the LAST Century, before women's suffrage. (Remember? Women got the right to vote. Before that, they couldn't even do that (even if they were straight and married.)
Mar 17 BG commented on Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies.
Wow! This is a whole new fetish to go with those that want centaur or unicorn sex. Dan is right, I can't wait to see the questions.
Mar 17 BG commented on We Are Running Out of Drugs to Treat Gonorrhea.
At least it isn't a "Gay disease" that the rest doesn't have to worry about because only Gay men get it and they deserve it because they are so sexually free. And the women dying of AIDS whose only crime was to be faithful to men who was having either unprotected sex probably on the "down-low" or using hard drugs really can relate to your comment, #9. I don't usually answer trolls, but just because YOU are monogamous, are you SURE--ABSOLUTELY SURE--your partner "for life" is? Some very faithful people get rude awakenings when their "monogamous" partners come home from business trips!

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