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Jun 25 BG commented on Savage Love.
I have a feeling GETOUT's girlfriend is a closeted (in her own head) lesbian. I have friends like this (less manipulative but still "repulsed by sex") and that is the way it turned out for them. She isn't ready to admit it but she is not repulsed by sex, she is repulsed by Hetero Sex. 20 years down the road and she will find out. Meanwhile, GETOUT needs to well, get out.
May 14 BG commented on SL Letter of the Day: Preferences.
I think that women who don't like which way their guys penis curves or this guy who doesn't like most women's privates are looking for excuses NOT to want to be with a woman rather than think about the other issues they have with them. It is true, as Dan has said, if the relationship is great except for the sex then maybe you should break up, but if it IS all good except for a very specific sexual need, maybe it just needs to be open? Or is this guy looking for a unicorn?
May 1 BG commented on Republicans in Colorado Vote for More Abortions.
And these same conservatives say "We want smaller government" while trying to get into everyone's bedroom and deny them sex--straight and gay. Where does "smaller government" equal dictating morality?
Apr 8 BG commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The End of the Affair(s).
Notice how Dan said to " Ova and up and end it honestly." As I did, he figured out this is a WOMAN talking about a relationship with a man. NOT a boy with an Older Woman. If it IS a real letter at all, which I don't believe. Nor do I believe that this is a guy writing in. This is sooooo very typical of stupid women who will NOT get a clue, even if (as a friend of mine says) they get hit with a clue by four.
Mar 19 BG commented on SL Letter of the Day: Occupational Hazard.
Wait until he is in college....than do it.
Mar 17 BG commented on SL Letter of the Day: Fake Fur.
This guy needs to get a boyfriend with a better sense of humor! Vegan's can be SO blasted SERIOUS.
Mar 10 BG commented on SL Letter of the Day: Secrets and Lies.
I think she should copy this letter and Dan's answer and show her husband. It will promote discussion and she won't seem to be bragging.
Jan 30 BG commented on SL Letter of the Day: Slip and Tell.
I know it is vanilla advise, but this guy needs therapy. Badly. His wife misbehavior was traumatizing and now he is messing with HER head. He needs to get his on straight.
Jan 8 BG commented on Charlie Hebdo and "Piss Christ": On Fear and Self-Censorship and the AP's Dangerous New Precedent.
Christians don't shoot up newspapers but they do shoot up abortion doctors because they violate their belief sets. And they have been known to shoot up Gay People for the same reason.
Jan 5 BG commented on SL Letter of the Day: Harshing His Smell-o.
"your boyfriend [is committing] suicide by self-neglect." This is REALLY a thing! The husband of a friend of mine took 10 years to do it, but finally had a heart attack in their living room. I think my friend was very relieved.

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