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6:27 PM yesterday JonnoN commented on Obama Offered Hit Off a Joint in Colorado.
He shouldve saved the joint for right before meeting with Rick Perry
4:09 PM yesterday JonnoN commented on The Morning News: International Violence, Campus Rape, and a Scripture-Spewing Tripper.
turns out the Sea-Tac Slapper is actually being charged with manslaughter.
10:43 AM yesterday JonnoN commented on Judge Orders Boy to Have an Erection, Let Cops Take Photos.
uh, 5th amendment??
Jul 8 JonnoN commented on So Where Do I Smoke All This Legal Pot Again?.
Awwww @7 is sad he can't endanger others with impunity.
Jul 7 JonnoN commented on Today Marks 8 Years Since Syd Barrett Died.
Pink Floyd is the best. thanks for the linky @3 I'll watch that later ;)
Jul 7 JonnoN commented on In Culture News: Wait, They Made Cats Worse?.
AMC, the only way you'll get me to theaters more often is cheaper concessions and less ads before the movie. But hey, if you want to be the theater chain for millionaires, go right ahead.

Jul 7 JonnoN commented on Ohio Man Funds a Potato Salad on Kickstarter.
@18 shut the fuck up idiot
Jul 7 JonnoN commented on BBC Officially Has No Time for Science Skeptics.
@14 shut the fuck up idiot
Jul 7 JonnoN commented on Chicago Celebrates Independence Day with a Bloodbath.
@5, @6 since you apparently think we should abolish gun control, shall we abolish nuclear weapon control too? After all its not the weapon, its the people.

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