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1:15 PM JonnoN commented on Mayor Murray Will Temporarily Hold Off on Hookah Lounge Crackdown.
Anonymous racist @5 is anonymous. Coward.
9:33 AM JonnoN commented on There Was "a Large Sewage Spill" in Lake Washington This Morning.
wow, the paid pro-sewage trolls are out in force today!
3:09 PM yesterday JonnoN commented on Tonight, the Season Finale of Summer's Best Show, Mr. Robot.
assholes with guns ruin everything
Aug 24 JonnoN commented on I, Anonymous.
@59 cool story bigot.
Aug 24 JonnoN commented on Incoming Duke Freshmen Refuse to Read Alison Bechdel's Fun Home Because Lesbians Are Gross.
@8 ah yes, the thing-in-the-news vs thing-you-just-made-up equivilence.
Aug 20 JonnoN commented on The Morning News: Three Firefighters Killed by Wildfire, Seattle Breaks Heat Record, Local Jobless Rate Drops.
@21 1. Slog contributors cannot see into the future.
2. If you look at the top of the page, you'll see this isn't Fortune.
3. Link to one example of a stock-related ballyhoo on slog.
Aug 19 JonnoN commented on Ferguson Transformed Marissa Johnson in a Good Direction, but Her Use of the Phrase "White Supremacy" Is a Big Problem.
@36 you sound just like bailo... "People keep calling me stupid when I say stupid things! Stalking! Harassment! Help, I need an adult!"
Aug 17 JonnoN commented on City Council Agrees to Let Voters Decide on Turning the Viaduct into a Park, but Isn’t Happy About It.
@8 It's cute that you think someone else on the planet is dumber than you. But of course you're wrong.

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