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9:15 AM yesterday JonnoN commented on Tim Burgess and a Rocking Chair Have Raised More Money for City Council Than Anyone Else.
@6/@9 is yet another troll that can be safely ignored.
9:11 AM yesterday JonnoN commented on Kshama Sawant—"She Who Shall Not Be Named"—Argues Against New Campaign Ethics Rule.
Seattleblues is an unintelligent hack of no redeeming value, as well as an egotistical boor. But at some level even her terminally softened mind probably ynderatands that.
May 20 JonnoN commented on Morning News: Union Leader Brushes Off Shell Protests as a "Nuisance," First Hill Streetcar Begins Testing on Capitol Hill.
@3, @6 you don't know shit about anything. I mean, Jesus christ, have either of you read any news at all in the past decade? Just talking straight out of your asses.
May 20 JonnoN commented on Mayor Murray Lobbies John Kerry on Somali Remittance Crisis.
@2 you are a jackass.
May 19 JonnoN commented on A Ton of New Restaurants Are Opening in Seattle This Year.
@6 Fire?!? Well la-de-da Mr one-percenter!
May 19 JonnoN commented on The Morning News: Today's Teacher Protests, Drones, and the City's Enforcement Action Against Shell.
@9 its not true.
@10 so your argument (made with lies) is that Bellevue teachers should be paid less? What an asshole.
May 18 JonnoN commented on Yes, We Protest Shell Oil With Products Made From Oil. Duh. Now Join Us..
Plastics aren't made from oil, they're made from gas or naphtha.

Thanks for weighing in @1, it's always good to have a white supremacist's opinion.

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