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Jul 30 crasher commented on BREAKING: Vast Majority of All Seattle Pot Tickets Written by Same Officer.
@5 I think there's a possibility that it it's actually the one vigilant cop who's "colorblind." He's out there every day biking up and down third ave and whenever he sees someone smoking. If he ticketed black people according to their 7% representation, that would mean he would've handed out 4-5 of his 66 tickets to black people. But really, POC representation is higher than that in the downtown core. I don't know what it is exactly, but a share of 15% would equal 10 tickets handed out. So, if this guy was ticketing in line with demographics, that would mean an additional 17 tickets were handed out to make that 32.9% number. Which, (faux)coincidentally, is the number of tickets issued by officers other than our crusader. Maybe it's just that every other cop but this guy is only issuing tickets to black people?
May 16 crasher commented on Jess Spear Running Against House Speaker Frank Chopp.
Jess Spear is a major engineer behind Sawant's victory. Victorious grassroots campaigns require more than a charismatic front person and Jess's efforts certainly paid off. Now she can put that expertise to great use for herself! Chopp, and Seattle, should watch out for the up and coming lefties!
Apr 19 crasher commented on A Guide to Eating Out Stoned in Seattle.
Jade Garden, while tasty, isn't really worth the hassle. Joy Palace, MLK and Graham. That's where I'll be sitting, stoned, tomorrow.
Jan 17 crasher commented on A Douche In the Life.
the future was made for stalking!
Dec 5, 2013 crasher commented on Greg Smith Proposes Seattle's Tallest Skyscraper.
fwiw, the met grill is on second ave whereas columbia tower is on fourth ave (where floor "one" is). given that each block of hill is roughly 3 stories, this would likely mean that columbia tower's top would be at least a few stories taller than the top of this proposed building.
Sep 18, 2013 crasher commented on Face-Plant.
i used to do some work at cedarbrook lodge as an outside contractor-type. they regularly host alaskan airlines and other companies for their various corporate seminars and meetings, employee training, etc. also have a fancy restaurant, not to mention that it's a nice upscale hotel to start with. so yeah, somehow i don't buy his story.
Sep 15, 2013 crasher commented on Shut Up.
i choose to read this ironically
May 21, 2013 crasher commented on Protesters Disrupting Alaska Airlines Shareholder Meeting Right Now.
i work for a plant company and was supposed to water the plants inside this building today but was blocked due to the protests. i thought the cops were just overreacting to some mild street chanting but it makes more sense that there was this shareholder meeting happening...
Apr 25, 2013 crasher commented on WA AG Bob Ferguson Orders T-Mobile to End Deceptive "No Contract" Advertising.
I was in T-Mobile yesterday to get my phone fixed and talked and ended up changing my plan to one of the new ones. The thing that I like about the new system, and something Goldy didn't really say, is that the plans and phones have been decoupled. Yeah you don't get a new phone at a discount price, but you don't have to buy a new phone!

My old 2-year contract would've been up in July and my idea was that I would get a new phone with a new contract. Now that I was able to secure a new contract on its own I can buy a new phone whenever I feel like it. I can change my plan whenever I feel like it!

I feel like the discounted phones served as a lure to lock you into bullshit contracts. Kinda like getting a Mach III razor in the mail because the blades are where the money's at.

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