Sep 2, 2015 crasher commented on The "New Normal" in Washington State.
Hey let's focus on the human element here? The people in this area are in the process of having to reimagine their whole way of life and it's tragic and fascinating. I'm glad Sydney got out there to hear their stories and write this story.
Aug 26, 2015 crasher commented on Why the Restaurant Industry Hates Postmates.
Current postmate courier here, and I've thought long and hard about the tip issue (as have most of the couriers). Just want to make a few corrections to this article (to be fair the company is difficult to get real information out of). The current system for how couriers get paid includes payment for wait time at restaurants, unlike what the ex-courier is quoted saying. This is due to the fact that Postmates is constantly tinkering/changing their pay system and made this big change back in April. There are now many restaurants (including Honeyhole) that include a special Postmates surcharge. Seems like a pretty reasonable response that more aggrieved restaurant owners should consider. To be fair, every time I go into Honeyhole the bartender is pretty chill to me. I rarely encounter hostility though sometimes people are cold/unhelpful. That said, considering the way some couriers act on the facebook page I can only imagine what they're doing in restaurants. There's lots of lame entitled people on both sides of the restaurant door, I wish people would focus more on solving problems than complaining about each other.
Jun 29, 2015 crasher commented on Alaskan Pit Bull Almost Killed by Brown Bear.
I like how y'all are acting like Slog is supposed to solely consist of Pulitzer-prize level reporting on super-serial matters. If you don't like this story, Charles' reporting, or him in general, whatever. But this hardly represents some sort of downfall of The Stranger, it's a short musing on a familiar topic for a Monday morning.
Apr 10, 2015 crasher commented on Do You Know What's on Your Weed?.
This is a great article! I've taken the state pesticide exam and also studied pest management in school so I was impressed. Proper use of the "right" pesticides is necessary in any agricultural production which is why regulation and education of the public is so important. I gave you some crap last week with the pike place market article so I'm happy to say that you did a great job here.
Apr 6, 2015 crasher commented on All the Secret Good Stuff at Pike Place Market.
More of my less well-known (maybe?) favorites: the Turkish place on the north side that makes turkish delight and some amazing lentil soup. Actually it's called Turkish Delight! There's a mediterranean place that's hidden in the back of the building on the north side below Post Alley called Sabra's that I really enjoy. There's Pike Place Chinese which has the great waterfront view. And then there's places like Piroshky Piroshky, Three Girls Bakery, Taxi Dogs, Rachel's Ginger Beer, etc. And that's just (mostly) restaurants!
Apr 1, 2015 crasher commented on All the Secret Good Stuff at Pike Place Market.
@6 Chill out man! I saw that you said you've worked in the market so I wasn't calling you names (so maybe return the favor?). I was commenting as much on the general trend of The Stranger as on your article and I suppose that you probably didn't write the headline so that's not your fault. Not trying to be a jerk, but as someone who's neither a newcomer nor a self-righteous fuck complaining about Seattle I appreciate articles that go a little farther than "Intro to Seattle" level. Not to mention that there are some decent food places in the underground. I'm just going off the top of my head here but the candy store (with the candy apples!) and the chinese place with the waterfront view are both pretty great. And lots of great food inside the sanitary market, everytime I go through there I see someplace new.
Apr 1, 2015 crasher commented on All the Secret Good Stuff at Pike Place Market.
While I agree that all the places listed are awesome, most of these hardly qualify as "secret." What about all the nooks and crannies of the underground market? Or the little shops buried in the sanitary market? What I've noticed with The Stranger recently isn't just the barely disguised advertising but that a lot of their writing seems aimed at people who've moved to town in the last year. A shameless ploy to attract a new audience from the newcomers or a reflection of the fact that half their writing staff consists of those newcomers? ...both?
Mar 19, 2015 crasher commented on Seattle Has a New Way to Elect City Council Members.
I mean really, all those words could have been analysis. What about the fact that nobody wants to run against Sally Bagshaw? Why has Mike O'Brien only raised 1200 bucks? Are all of those eleven West Seattle candidates are serious? Is anyone running for a citywide street, or could you just not figure out how to depict that on the map?
Mar 18, 2015 crasher commented on Seattle Has a New Way to Elect City Council Members.
What's up with the condescension? I don't like this tack of "You probably think this is really boring because you're just some dumb citizen with a short attention span."
Mar 16, 2015 crasher commented on Four Places You Can Get Delicious Fish 'n' Chips for Less Than $10.
i'm going to biggups Rainier Valley Fish and Chips, they're cheap and tasty and deserve to be better known (at least outside of SE Seattle).