DeaconBlues is jacking off in the bathroom of your favorite restaurant.
Aug 24, 2015 DeaconBlues commented on Did Subway's Former Pitchman Hurt The Diary of a Teenage Girl at the Box Office?.
You know, charles, this post is pretty weird taken with your intense appreciation for Lolita.
Feb 5, 2015 DeaconBlues commented on Why Do We Still Have an Air Force?.
actually the air force doesn't do much in the way of combat missions or air superiority anymore, the Navy handles most of that

these days the air force is mostly responsible for logistics, a role which is still extremely relevant and useful
Feb 4, 2015 DeaconBlues commented on The Morning News: UW President Leaves for Texas, a State That Actually Focuses on Higher Ed.
michael young was a trifling bureaucrat of no distinction and he will not be missed
Dec 29, 2014 DeaconBlues commented on Cavity Search: X'treme S'toner S'mores™.
I like the idea of doctoring up a smore with a pastry or somesuch but pop tarts are totally fucking gross

anyway this seems like the sort of arrangement with oneself that you know you're never gonna be able to unmake

there's no comin' back from this evolution
Nov 19, 2014 DeaconBlues commented on The Biblical Music of Roosters.
roosters don't start making noise when the sun rises

they're just like dogs, they make noise pretty much whenever the fuck they feel like it

and this is often at two or three in the morning

roosters do not belong in the city
Nov 3, 2014 DeaconBlues commented on Return of the Worst Tattoo Contest!.
pretty sure the pictured tattoo is a reference to one of Jeffrey Deaver's novels, weirdly
Oct 19, 2014 DeaconBlues commented on A Recap of the 2014 Genius Awards.
goodness, Charles, who dresses you?
Aug 19, 2014 DeaconBlues commented on What Is Your Favorite Fake Movie Band?.
captain geech and the shrimp shack shooters
Jun 27, 2014 DeaconBlues commented on Liberals And Progressives Draw Battle Lines Over How We Fund Metro Bus Service.
They use parking to fund u-pass, huh? Then what the fuck was that 300 dollars every quarter for?