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"Only materialists and madmen never have doubts." G. K. Chesterton

4:31 PM yesterday thatsnotright commented on Mark Driscoll Addresses Recent Criticisms of Mars Hill Church.
Knowing Driscoll's history, Bible based covenants with employees and pastors would probably involve complete submission to Driscoll's authority as God's prophet on Earth. What a dick he is!
Jul 18 thatsnotright commented on In Addition to Those 14,000 Layoffs, Microsoft Is Tightening the Screws on Its Vendors.
So, are these furloghed employees allwed to collect unemployment insurance during "off" periods? If so it sounds to me as if Microsoft has been using tax money to keep from hiring people into full time positions while avoiding payinf employee benefits such as insurance and sick leave. Anyone have any information on this?
Jul 15 thatsnotright commented on Performing Race and a Dangerously White Production of The Mikado.
So, while we're at it let's scrap every previous performance and recording of Madame Butterfly. While we're at it let's also erase all performances and references to M. Butterfly because even association with a banned work of art will contaminate our perfectly promised future.
Jul 14 thatsnotright commented on Transgender Pagliacci Employee Fired, Then Offered Job Back, After Complaining About Customer Harassment.
So upper management is totally on her side, instituting workplace awareness training, disciplining the offending manager and she's filing a complaint? She's a churl because this sounds like sincere concern on the corporation's part to make things right. She is also stupid because Pagliacci is voluntarily doing everything that would be done in response to a complaint of this natureif it were ordered to do so by the City and she now sounds wholly unreasonable.
Jul 11 thatsnotright commented on Sometimes It Seems as Though Humans Invent Technology Because We Hate Humans and Don't Want to Interact with Them.
@ 12 makes several good points. At the end of the day the individual quoted in the post feels himself to be too good to have to wait for anything and entitled to look down on anyone who is not doing what he does for a living. It is ugly and classist in the worst way.
Jul 8 thatsnotright commented on Frustrated By KUOW?.
I am increasingly disaffected by the content poor programming that is coming out of NPR as a whole lately. Brief headlines followed by a factoid or two repeated every hour do not amount to quality journalism. I resent the implication that I, as a member of the public, have too short of an attention span to understand an in depth story. I find that I listen to KUOW less and less each week, not because I haven't time but because I find it as unintersting as commercial talk radio. I did not renew my pledge in the last cycle and probably won't in future unless content improves.
Jun 25 thatsnotright commented on In Which I Embarrass Myself By Asking Slog to Interpret a Dream.
You're bored and unfulfilled by both your work and personal life. Your inner animal is coralled and underfed. Open the gate, run free little pony!
May 26 thatsnotright commented on Sasquatch: Last of the War Bonnets?.
They think you think they look cool instead of clueless.
May 21 thatsnotright commented on I, Anonymous.
A person married four times is usually not successful in the fifth. Dad sounds as if he has a well established inability to sustain healthy relationships. Why all the hate for Anon? Sure, he needs to move on but sometimes moving on requires saying "Fuck you," first.
May 19 thatsnotright commented on Macklemore Responds to the Costume Controversy.
Anti-Semitic not anti-Semetic. There were Semites but there were never Semetes.

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