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Apr 5 Catherwood commented on Meet the Bellevue Libertarians Who Are Fighting Seattle's Progressive Housing Laws.
@13 and not just the difference, but the difference that's detectable when neither one IS your tenant yet -- i.e. how can you tell the difference between a good prospective tenant, and an outstanding prospective tenant?
Mar 12 Catherwood commented on Preet Bharara to Trump: Fuck You, I Won't Do What You Tell Me.
Bharara also rolled up a Russian spy network, much to the displeasure of Comrade Pooty-Poot. Investigating white collar crime? Busting Russian spies? Being begged to look into violations of the Emoluments Clause (last Wednesday)? The guy was a bird on a wire. The question is, will Bannon be able to find someone stupid and mendacious enough to be the puppet in that role, or will they just leave the position vacant as a warning to others?
Feb 1 Catherwood commented on Seattle Moves Closer to Divesting $3 Billion from Wells Fargo Because of the Bank's Dakota Access Pipeline Support.
Jeez, @1 and @3, stop bitching when people do the right thing, just because you think it's not for pure enough reasons. Go Council, do the right thing, for whatever the fuck reason you want. Results, baby.
Dec 7, 2016 Catherwood commented on Ohio Passes "Heartbeat Bill" that Would Ban Abortions at Six Weeks.
@3, that's so goddam ARGGHHH, they can't even get their collective head out of their collective ass long enough to figure out how to fund schools for the kids we HAVE, but they want to make sure women have to have more kids because apparently women don't count as people or something.

Like I said. ARGGHHH.
Aug 25, 2016 Catherwood commented on Eat Shit, Hope Solo.
And the USWNT pretty much has the next six months off anyway. It's more like an enforced vacation. At 35, though, they should be looking to bring up a new starting keeper anyway; this is a good opportunity to do what they needed to.

Her comments were stupid. The Swedish team were cowards because they didn't play in the way that the US team could crush, see: you have to play OUR WAY or else you're a coward. What an idiotic comment. The Swedish team took a page from the Oakland Raiders: just win, baby.
Aug 25, 2016 Catherwood commented on EOD: Don't Worry, Hillary's Team Is Right On Top of This "Vagenda of Manocide" Thing.
Yeah, I dunno - the Chehalis sign has been stuck on the same thing for at least a month. I don't mind if they're stupid sayings, but they should at least be fresh. C'mon, man.
Aug 11, 2016 Catherwood commented on EOD: Why Millennials Love Hillary Clinton*.
@1 has it about right: like young people always are, millennials can't love Hillary, because they're too busy loving themselves. They'll get over it in a couple of decades.
Aug 8, 2016 Catherwood commented on Hot Money and Seattleā€™s Growing Housing Crisis: Part One.
David @26 writes:

It does not make sense that foreign investors would purchase property and leave it vacant. I'm not saying this isn't happening, but it doesn't make economic sense. This is a head scratcher.

As I understand it (and I could certainly be wrong), the problem is that Chinese money belongs to the Chinese government, really, so if one has accumulated a lot of Chinese cash, one can't just squirrel it away in a bank somewhere -- the government can claw it back no matter where it is. If you convert that cash to some physical thing, however, that makes it more difficult for the government to repossess it. Things like gems are easy to get back, but how's the government going to claw back towers of condos?

Anyway, as I understand it this is a way to convert cash to non-mobile assets. They're not for living in, or generating income, they're just for storing money. Sitting empty probably retains value better than renting them out to tenants who might screw them up, too.

Aug 8, 2016 Catherwood commented on Billionaire Narcissist Who Won't Show Us His Taxes Has the Nerve to Lecture Us All About Taxes.
@2: great idea. Worth a shot.

@3: Okay, quite right, but the trouble is people are comparing the "adjusted" number - adding in all those under-employed and given-up people, and then comparing it to unemployment from other times WITHOUT THAT ADJUSTMENT. Apples, oranges. There have always been those who have given up, there have always been those working part time who'd rather work full time, there have always been those working entry-level when they have the skills and experience to be higher up. If we're going to talk about them now, let's talk about them in the arc of history, not as if they just sprang into being right now.