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Apr 25 Catherwood commented on Governor Signs Bill Overhauling Washington's Medical Marijuana System.
I'd have more sympathy for the Medical Marijuana folks if the industry had made even a teensy effort to reform some of the abuses that go on. For every patient who legitimately needs medical pot, there have to be a dozen who are just recreational users who get occasional headaches or something - otherwise, given the unbelievable number of dispensaries, we'd have to believe that there are a hundred thousand people in Seattle who need it. I believe a few thousand, but the rest is just bullshit, and the dispensaries rely on the bullshit customers, knowing damn well it's bullshit. How many don't check for prescriptions? (Many.) Come on: if you don't police yourself, you have to expect crackdowns like this.

I feel sorry for the minority of dispensary customers who have legitimate needs for it: they're screwed because of a fatal combination of greed and "law and order" authoritarianism. A pox on both houses.
Feb 11 Catherwood updated his or her bio.
Feb 6 Catherwood commented on The Unassuming Splendor of Pop Pop Thai Street Food.
I teach at Ingraham, and this is almost literally around the corner. I WILL get some takeout from there for lunch. Soon. Thanks for the tip!
Jan 30 Catherwood commented on Metro Bus Driver Says She Was Also Bullied by Officer Cynthia Whitlatch, Warned SPD Years Ago.
Umm... okay, so now is @22 some kind of meta-sarcasm? I'm confused.
Jan 25 Catherwood commented on The Best of Slog: We Would Like to Win at Football Again, Please.
It's the pants. They can't help it.
Jan 24 Catherwood commented on Song One: A Contemplative, Heart-on-Its-Sleeve Affair.
I will say if this is the same Johnny Flynn who records folk-ish music (like the album "Alarum"), he surely must be doing his own singing in the film, yeah? If so, I'd go see it just for that.
Jan 19 Catherwood commented on MLK Day Marchers Switch Front Pages of the Seattle Times with the Seattle Crimes, a Newspaper Dedicated to Black Lives.
@16, seriously, man, you are DESPERATE for some bongo accompaniment: "We major on the minor". That's some dope shit, my brother.

And here's a hint in case you're not the troll you appear to be: just swap in the word "poor" for the word "black" in basically everything you write, and you'll be a lot closer to the real issue. But you don't want to deal with that, of course. Sorry you couldn't make it to your parent-teacher conference, my man, but I'm even sorrier for the teacher who had to work on a day off.
Jan 19 Catherwood commented on This Is What CenturyLink Field Looked Like After the Seahawks Won the NFC Championship Game.
@8 actually, for me the ghillie suits made me go, "Hmm." WTH was that about?
Jan 19 Catherwood commented on BREAKING: #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Blocking Highway 99.
@29: It wasn't. He's making shit up to make some rhetorical point that makes no sense. Picture his remarks with a rhythm-less (how else?) bongo accompaniment to get the actual uselessness.
Jan 17 Catherwood commented on The Search for General Tso: The Story Behind the Ubiquitous Dish.
@2: Whichever commanded the biggest Private Parts.

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