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Jan 9 Catherwood commented on Republicans Enact Fanciful Obamacare-Repeal Pageant.
The thing I found most amusing about the whole thing is that, pressed on the Republican alternative to the ACA, Ryan said the equivalent of, "Real Soon Now". Which they've been saying ever since the ACA came up over the horizon: "It's horrible! We'll provide an alternative soon!"

So... they're not really there to hunt grizzlies, are they?
Jan 6 Catherwood commented on What the Vanilla ISIS Crisis in Oregon Says About the History of Wage Labor.
@12 I think you're misreading this protest. It's not the sentencing - which even I, a lefty liberal commie pinko freak, find absurd: five years for a little brushfire arson, on the basis that it's "terrorism"? Come on - but the land management. These yahoos want to be able to fuck around with public land any goddam way they want without interference. That is, at least, what they're saying, not that the sentences are unfair (which they are) but that this isn't even an offense at all because "it's our land, goldurnit!" (which is idiotic).
Dec 8, 2015 Catherwood commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Take a Trump.
As I understand it, "trump" is Brit-slang for "fart". I'm just saying. But @1 is right: you can't shame someone who is devoid of shame.
Nov 26, 2015 Catherwood commented on WA State Representative Who Made Islamophobic Comments Laughs at Democratic Spokesperson's Lebanese Surname.
@21 but polytheists are okay? (Maybe not those asshole white supremacists who claim to be following Norse mythology, though, huh?)
Sep 12, 2015 Catherwood commented on High Schoolers Stage "Read-In" Protest in Solidarity with Teachers' Strike.
And a hearty heigh-o fuck you to @2 for spamming an otherwise interesting story. Walk up your own asshole and disappear.
Aug 10, 2015 Catherwood commented on This Two-Part This American Life Is A Must-Listen. School Integration Fixes Inequity, But We Gave It Up..
To clarify: the current assignment plan isn't just for high schools, it applies at all levels, from elementary to middle to high school - aside from the "option" schools. SPS helpfully sorts out the option schools from the other ones at their web site:

Aug 10, 2015 Catherwood commented on This Two-Part This American Life Is A Must-Listen. School Integration Fixes Inequity, But We Gave It Up..
@11 asks, "I'm guessing Seattle Public doesn't have any magnet schools?'

You are correct. SPS has a "neighborhood student assignment plan", which guarantees a kid a slot in the high school associated with his/her neighborhood. To the extent that neighborhoods in Seattle are segregated (that is, almost entirely), the schools will be similarly segregated. Magnet schools, that draw from the entire city, do not exist as such. There are "option schools" which DO draw city-wide, and at the high school level those are NOVA, with a groovy artsy counter-culture attitude (and don't be fooled: about the highest SAT scores in the city), and Center School, at Seattle Center, which bills itself as a college prep school with an art and social justice emphasis.

We do currently have a "highly capable" track, and as you might expect this is overwhelmingly white and Asian-American. At the high school level, those students are currently housed at Garfield (mostly) and Ingraham (some, taking an accelerated IB curriculum). This cohort will only grow, however, which makes me wonder where the heck they'll put them all.

Indeed, where SPS will put students of ALL sorts is a serious issue. Central administration is, to put it charitably, "reactive" (to put it accurately, "idiotically short-sighted"). While they run around like the proverbial chickens about middle-school crowding, they seem to have forgotten that middle school kids grow up to become high school kids, and since those are nearly all full RIGHT NOW, where the hell is this new bulge of kids going to go? Who knows?

But yeah: segregation of Seattle public schools is a reflection of the segregated neighborhoods in which they sit. If you want to change that, you have to change either the neighborhoods themselves (good luck with THAT) or the student assignment formula, and then be prepared for well-off mummies and daddumses to run to the courts to protect their precious snowflakes and make sure they get their semi-private education the way they want them to.
Jul 21, 2015 Catherwood commented on Donald Trump Wants You To Call Lindsey Graham and Tell Him He's a Loser.
And even the "sensible, grown-up", El Jebe, says that there is no way there will ever be a path to citizenship for illegal residents. That's the MODERATE voice of the Republican Party. These people are determined to never ever win a national election again.
Jul 21, 2015 Catherwood commented on The Morning News: Seattle's Sticky Rent Control Debate, the Mayor's Trip to the Vatican, and a Bud-and-Breakfast.
@5, Way to go. Even for you, that packed an amazing amount of gibberish into a short sentence. Impressive. Can I try one? "As long as there are rich people, there should never be a court system."
Jul 6, 2015 Catherwood commented on The Morning News: A Shooting in Auburn, a Smoking Ban in All Seattle Parks, and a Fourth of July Record.
Thanks @20: I was about to look up "back catcher" in urban dictionary. Figured it was something all the kidz are doing these days.