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I spend a lot of time hating you.

TortoiseTurtle is Joining the Nazi party.
Jan 16, 2016 TortoiseTurtle is Joining the Nazi party.
Jan 28, 2015 TortoiseTurtle commented on Video: Seattle Police Jail Elderly Military Veteran for "Walking in Seattle While Black".
I think it's fairly obvious she has a problem with men.
Jul 1, 2013 TortoiseTurtle commented on A Local Blogger Explains Why Feminists Are the New Nazis.
@55, it sounds like you have opinions, but no actual ideas.
Jul 1, 2013 TortoiseTurtle commented on A Local Blogger Explains Why Feminists Are the New Nazis.
@52, totally. I can see why what I'm saying is aggravating. Partially because the lies I'm countering are, in fact, aggravating and inflammatory themselves.

I don't know why, but even the slightest deviation from: "this is an epidemic, it happens everywhere all the time, and women are fighting a nonstop battle for their very autonomy, every second of the day, against a marauding army of slobbering male chauvinists pulling at their genitalia and howling" - turns into a fight. Why?

Not because anyone really believes that such hyperbole is true, but because arguing even the smallest detail becomes some horrible, inexcusable invalidation of feminist doctrine. You're not allowed to question that here.

Is this radical feminist stuff so sacred that no conclusions it reaches can be questioned? Is it so fragile that the smallest crack in it's tenuous structure would bring it down? Apparently so. Sounds kinda like a religion to me.

I've already been called the worst piece of shit on earth in this thread, just because I don't have the same ideological fanaticism, and I'm unwilling to blame all men for some bullshit that a small portion of men do.

How'd you like to have that bullshit lumped at your doorstep? Everything that any man does suddenly becomes 'your fault,' 'something you need to address,' a symptom of toxic masculinity' or whatever? If the tables were turned, and this were women being talked about this way, there's no way these feminists could stay coherent and rational. Their brains would turn to lava.

I don't think I ought to have to say this but, fuck it: harassing people on the street is wrong. it's in poor taste. it's rude. it can hurt feelings and belittle the target of your misplaced compliments.

Nobody's invalidating anyone's real experiences. All I'm asking is for people to stop using what happens to fuel some grudge they have against men.
Jul 1, 2013 TortoiseTurtle commented on A Local Blogger Explains Why Feminists Are the New Nazis.
@47, care to elaborate?
Jul 1, 2013 TortoiseTurtle commented on A Local Blogger Explains Why Feminists Are the New Nazis.
@41, seriously, you're taking my anti-bigotry stance and turning it into MY bigoted victim complex? And this, despite the fact that I was referencing the actual article?

For shame.
Jul 1, 2013 TortoiseTurtle commented on A Local Blogger Explains Why Feminists Are the New Nazis.
@38, you can't say for certain I am not one of your friends. And you have absolutely no idea why my interactions with my friends are like, nor any clue as to what they may confide in me.

Shooting down paranoia is way different than dismissing actual people's real, honest accounts of what they've experienced. All I'm saying is that the problem is overstated, and that the circle-the-wagons defense when someone spots a crack in the nonsense is a mistake.

@40, I'm not saying street harassment doesn't happen. I AM saying that it's not a gender specific issue, and that more often than not, has no sexual overtones whatsoever.

Preaching paranoid fantasies to women about men does neither party any good. This overexaggeration of a problem makes women afraid to go out into a perfectly safe neighborhood, and arms them for some ideological battle for which there is no real opponent.

Men aren't your enemy. Chill the fuck out.
Jul 1, 2013 TortoiseTurtle commented on A Local Blogger Explains Why Feminists Are the New Nazis.
@28, my wall-o-text was a response to Cienna's post. Sorry it was so long, but I'm not blessed with a popular blog to use as a cudgel against ideological opponents, so I just piggyback on them instead. ;)

That said, out of a pretty varied group of friends, I have heard far, far more mugging, physical violence, aggressive panhandling, or strong-arming stories from men than I've heard from women. And, for as long as I've lived here, I've heard maybe two or three 'street harrassment' stories from women that weren't even close to what the article painted as 'common.'

It's not that it never happens, it's that street harassment isn't the epidemic it's being painted as. And to make it worse, it's being construed that way in an effort to demonize people. Or at the very least, to stir up the same kind of hysterical fear-mongering that (despite Cienna's sarcasm) is historically dangerous.

This isn't about stopping something bad from happening. It's about fueling the never ending victim complex the feminists on this site are so dedicated to preserving. And it has only the smallest foundation in reality.
Jul 1, 2013 TortoiseTurtle commented on A Local Blogger Explains Why Feminists Are the New Nazis.
This article is actually pretty good. He addresses the absurdity of the local feminist hysteria pretty well, and lays it out pretty thoughtfully. Just because it doesn't sit well with your predefined worldview doesn't make it hateful, or crass, or whatever you're trying to paint it as.

I mean, really, where is all this 'street harassment' that's supposedly my fault? I know plenty of local women and I've barely heard a word of it. Yet I'm supposed to believe it's an epidemic? Nah.

Plus, I don't think the nazi reference is any more hyperbolic than the sexist drawings featured in the Stranger article. Those drawings remind me of the similar caricatures of jews and blacks you might find on, um, less savory websites.…

See what I mean?

If anything, it seems like he's taken a page right out of slog's simplistic, but evocative approach to blogging. Except he appears to be more adept at identifying actual problems than you are, Cienna.

And if you're going to go after him for making a straw man from your panicked, paranoid fantasies about our city, maybe you should resist doing the same with his article?

I get it. The internet thrives on brief, punchy writing. But mischaracterizing his article, paraphrasing it sarcasitally, then adding 'um --' and addressing an entirely unrelated point isn't exactly working in your favor either.

All you're doing is making it ideological and rallying the troops who are already die-hard fanatics of your ideology. And if you're going to treat (poorly reasoned) feminist rhetoric like a religion, you're going to be prone to emotional reactions to quite valid criticisms such as this one. From an outside perspective, it makes you all look so silly.

Take the criticism on board. Consider his points because he made some good ones.
Jun 5, 2013 TortoiseTurtle commented on Lindy West: An Appreciation.
I see she's taking a play right out of the Anita Sarkesian playbook. Say something dumb, watch people call it dumb, then take the most outrageous comments and use them as 'proof' you're being silenced. I recommend she starts a kickstarter at the peak of this to reap as much gain as she can while the getting's good.

Anyway, If you check the comments under her article, there are equally rabid jezebelers posting things like 'burn them all.' So... you know... let's not pretend that she's merely the victim here. Lindy's in control of this at each step. She put herself out there in the meat grinder, and she's betting her career that it'll pay off.

In other words, just more fuel for the outrage machine. Trolls are doing to her what she wants people to do to anyone who fails to censor themselves according to her own puritan standard. The more conflict she can stoke, the more hits she gets, and thus more Gawker-bux.

This backlash has more to do with the fact that she's wrong than 'silencing' her. She was rebutted effectively on the show, then more or less destroyed by writers online, after the show. All she's got now is the shared victim complex of her readers. Hence what she's doing now -- making her idiotic opinion a rallying cry for oppressed upper middle class, over-educated white girls with a victim complex.

Ride it to the bank, Lindy.