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Oct 28 NotSean commented on The Bee Gees' 1968 Idea TV Special!.
Oct 28 NotSean commented on Glenn Beck Traded His Relevance for Wealth.
Those grapes be sour.
Oct 26 NotSean commented on New Column!.
If life seems jolly rotten
There's something you've forgotten
Oct 23 NotSean commented on Awful Person Defaces National Parks With Terrible Paintings.
Did you guys ever catch a look at this arrogance?


Oct 19 NotSean commented on Comic.
Right here, in this spoon, is the punchline: The pigeons were mating but the person didn't know it, and then felt awkward. That is the end of the cartoon's humor. This is where you chuckle. 'ha'.

Oct 18 NotSean commented on Returning Column!.
@2 Wrong publication.
Oct 16 NotSean commented on What Do You Think Will Happen to Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church Now?.
@9 Clearly, it is turned that way just until it gets to the correct horizontal position, to be twisted, and quickly pulled to grab the subject.
Oct 16 NotSean commented on Black Man Doing Time Is Now as Natural as Sunshine.
It's for this very reason I insist on being white. It's too much trouble being black, even if it provided a potential for greater physique, and standup comedy.
Oct 9 NotSean commented on Hillary Clinton's Inevitability Is Bad News for Progressive Causes.
I agree with the sentiment that any promise she would make would be meaningless except for this one: Preventing the far-right's domination of legislature and courts.

Thst would be no small accomplishment, and will require a very strong politician with ooodles of clout and backroom favors to call upon, like a Clinton.

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