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Jul 8 NotSean commented on Frustrated By KUOW?.
@5 you're back. I was concerned. Whew.

kuow: I switched to KPLU for my radio consumption - when they have little to say, they know to not fill the time with diced tripe. They play music instead.

Also, I too almost exclusively use podcasts to get the really meaty stuff.
Jul 6 NotSean commented on The Sunday Morning News.
Where is 'Matt from Denver'?
Jul 4 NotSean commented on Morning News: Zombie George Washington, NPR WTF, Rich Asshole RIP.
Huh? It didn't seem to make anyone cringe when it was said an 'all male majority' ruled in favor of HL.
Jul 2 NotSean commented on The Kind of Paper Grocery Bag Safeway Offers Black People Is Not the Same as the Kind it Offers White People?.
My Safeway shamelessly segregates white, black, and brown beans. It's true.
Jun 30 NotSean commented on "Rarely have so few overlooked so many to claim so much based on so little.".
I donated some cash to the same-sex marriage campaigns in WA. Goddamnit!.. Where's my biopic?

I choose Cumberbatch to play my selfless self.
Jun 19 NotSean commented on Mike Daisey Announces New Show Titled Yes All Women.
@8 This is great:

In a brief, meteoric career with This American Life, his shows are among the most listened to and downloaded episodes of that program’s nineteen year history.

Jun 8 NotSean commented on The Sunday Morning News.
Overvaluation - and the dips who fork it out - of tech-shit-du-jour like Uber and Beats and neato social chat apps... It's the next big bubble that's going to pop and crash the economy.
Jun 7 NotSean commented on Steve Scher Abruptly Parts Ways With KUOW After Nearly Three Decades.
Fwiw: Scher, not everyone here dislikes you. Best wishes.
Jun 7 NotSean commented on The Saturday Morning News.
@5 'Destroying the country'...

I suppose it depends on what we think the country should be.

This much is clear: Easy access to unlimited guns is OBLITERATING its citizens.

Jun 5 NotSean commented on New Column!.
I want her to chime in here.

I'm pretty sure some of this was misquoted or, worse, intentionally taken out of context, just to make her look bad.

For example, she wouldn't dare use the word 'hipster'. She probably said 'hip' and 'stir', individually, on different days. Shane on you The Stranger.

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