It's not very popular.

6:11 PM yesterday NotSean commented on The Christian Version of 50 Shades of Grey Doesn't Sound Very Fun.
@1 I strongly agree.

I've felt that any expression of the human condition can be said to be Christian, if we accept that Chistians are human.

So I throw away the term 'Christian Music' or 'Christian Art';

I prefer the term 'Praise Music', when referring to 'I love Jesus'-themed songs.

Praise Film, about boy-meets-girl, sounds pretty dull. Maybe it'll have a lot of CGI lasers? Lasers are always cool.

Jul 27 NotSean commented on Sunday Comic.
Why french?
Jul 25 NotSean commented on Emerald Queen Casino Cancels Upcoming Ted Nugent Shows.
@14, Matt..
...yeah, I get it but, look, hardly any stadium rockers can do that consistently as a career. Most, if they are lucky, will transition to theaters, fairs, wineries, zoos... and casinos. It's not a knock on the artist to play those places - if they are still gigging, it's a badge of honor. And, moreover, those places aren't 'bad'... they are smaller and are often fantastic places to see a show.. Of an up-and-comer or a 'legend'. It's good stuff - for everyone.

TLDR: Nugent sux.

Jul 24 NotSean commented on Emerald Queen Casino Cancels Upcoming Ted Nugent Shows.
@7 Don't knock the venues that support working musicians.

Any of us who play music, should be so lucky to do it for livng, and if that includes well-paying casinos and fairs, that's still far better than NONE.

Ps: Ted Nugent sucks. Glad they cancelled those shows.

Jul 20 NotSean commented on SL Letter of the Day: Hey 19.
He honestly mentioned a turn-on/fantasy to his wife.

LW violently crushed it like she was smothering a birthday cake's candles with his face.

Why should he ever engage in fantasy talk with her again? She doesn't play nice.
Jul 11 NotSean commented on A Year Without Eyman.
Ice cream.
I like ice cream.
Jul 10 NotSean commented on Amazon Asks FAA for Permission to Test Drone Delivery Program in Seattle.
@2 I imagine the drones taking goods to delivery trucks - or designated drop-off points - while the trucks are out and about making the door-to-door deliveries saving the truck the time and bother of returning to the warehouse.

The drones can't carry a lot.. But they can get to their destination straight as an arrow and without any ground-based hindrances.

Jul 10 NotSean commented on Video of Oscar Perez Giron's Fatal Confrontation With Police at Sodo Light Rail Station.
@48 truth be told, many here would be looking for a way to blame the officers - given recent (and longer) history.

The video shows a different story; and I can almost hear the disappointment from the sloggers.

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