in the past few hours NotSean commented on Oh My God, Did You Read About the Pastor Charged with Murdering a Teen Because He Wanted to Leave the Church?.
These monsters will be leading the GOP field in Iowa in 5,4,3,2..
Sep 21 NotSean commented on Scott Walker Drops Out of 2016 Presidential Race.
The Kochs didn't waste money on Walker.

Did the monkey do what he's paid to do? Did the monkey say what the Kochs paid him to say? Did it influence the race towards thr Koch's goals?

Yes. evil Mission Accomplished.
Aug 14 NotSean commented on We Have Reached Peak IOKIYAR: Baby Organ Harvesting—It's OK When Ben Carson Does It.
If I understand his logic correctly:

It's ok to make things from ivory.

It's not ok to obtain ivory.
Aug 5 NotSean commented on We Will Be Covering BOTH Republican Debates Tomorrow, Because We Love Democracy (and Hate Ourselves).
It's a 'bowl' system where, clearly, a debate-off would be appropriate.

Someone draw-up the brackets; I got Walker making it to the final-four.

Aug 4 NotSean commented on Get Your Ballots in the Mail Today.
How did Dan find my ballot?
Jul 30 NotSean commented on What the Beggar on Link Light Rail Means.
You guys understand that Charles' post wasn't really about a seat hog, right?

Read closer: He longs for mature beggar links. (Duh)
Jul 29 NotSean commented on Why Does the Police Report About Sam Dubose Not Match the Video of the Shooting?.
It is just as possible that the officer remembers what his (wrong) instincts told him was about to happen.

Many studies have shown that, within the mind, there is little distinction between what you have truly experienced in real life, and what you have only perceived as having occurred...

The cop can be telling the truth to the best of his recollection.
Jul 27 NotSean commented on I, Anonymous.
I ❤️ The Ducks
Jul 17 NotSean commented on Bertha's Contractor Says the Tunnel Won't Be Finished Until 2018. So We Got to Go on a Tour of the Tunnel!.
@13 Ah, trick question. We all recall that it's now known as 'A Bertha Law'.