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Hunter78 is unwinding from work.
11:47 AM Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
I guess, in one night stands, women don't know what they're getting.
7:06 AM Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
Alison [32],

Sorry, I expressed myself poorly. By "not required to disclose", I meant not required to volunteer unrequested information. I did say, "Just be honest." If the potential hook-up asks "Are you in a relationship (or married, or pos, or an ex-con, or a snorer, or etc, etc)?", of course he should answer honestly. He is not required to anticipate the hook-up's questions. If she is particularly interested in an LTR (or whatever) she should endeavor to find out for herself what she wants to know.

Do gays have a similar requirement to volunteer their relationship status? I don't think so.
Jul 30 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

Just be honest. You're not required to disclose anything (except a serious health issue). If a woman (or a man) wants to know something, they can ask.
Jul 29 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

Brainyquote does not say when, where, context, etc, which makes me suspicious. Maybe it's just a repeated misattribution.
Jul 29 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
The Week in Review (The Boys in the Bandwidth)

The best thing in this week's column was the title. We had 3 letters:

SOCI Gay, early 20s. He discovers his bf has been secretly cybersexing. What does he do now, and make sure this stops?

NSA Mid 40s gay had one night stand with 19yo 2 yrs ago. Now the young man has applied for work at NSA's place, and NSA and his boss interviewed him. NSA is full of questions-- Hire him (boss is positively impressed)? Any red flags? How to handle this?

OVER Gay about to turn 35 is freaking out about his age, because he thinks gay world is youth-obsessed. Why are gays so shallow?

SOCI stirred controversy over the nature of cybersex. Some view this interactive activity cheating. Dan downgrades it as "harmless online flirtations". Not that offline flirtations never cause problems. Many noted SOCI's controlling nature.

NSA called up some detailed suggestions of how he can "protect" himself. Controversial whether he should parade his sexual exploits before HR.

OVER-- Dan rightly called him out on his shallowness. Dan and others recited old gays. Many pointed out that age discrimination (preference) is not limited to gays. Plenty of advice to hit the gym or develop other interests. Who said, "Youth is wasted on the young"? Many internet sources say Shaw, but no one can give a proper citation. A few say Twain. To me it sounds like Parker or the Lost Generation.
Jul 28 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

One of the few good things about getting older is your range of acceptable ages grows too. When you're, say 60, you'll find other 60 yos who are, hey, not so bad.
Jul 27 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

I'll join the majority and maintain this is significantly more than watching porn (which is a one-way activity)-- it is indeed cyber-infidelity. The bf and his internet hookups are interacting with each other, and being clandestine about it. While at it, bf is breaking with SOCI.

The comparison with common flirting? Such flirting really more about humor and enjoyable conversation than plotting out sexual encounters.

And yeah, SOCI is a prying, insecure, supercontrolling asshole.
Jul 27 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

Yeah, I see plenty of red flags. You are toying with the idea of not hiring him because he once made the mistake of fucking you? That would make you one of the vilest POS to ever appear in this column, and that's saying something. You think he might be using the hook-up to get the job? Holy egotistical shit. He's qualified and your boss wants him. Hire him. The pre-employment episode (with no tit-for-tat) is irrelevant. Do not discuss it with him or anyone at work, it will only raise unnecessary concerns. Of course you shouldn't resume sexual contact with him. But lots of people do things they shouldn't.
Jul 22 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
Tit torture.
Jul 22 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
You've let animals shove their snouts up your business? That's your business.

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