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Hunter78 is unwinding from work.
5:49 PM Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

Hate to pile on, but a fantasy police is really not needed.
2:25 PM yesterday Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
The Week in Review -- Aced

3 Letters, mild response. Not much to talk about.

NNFS-- 51yo prev het woman has been separated from male partner 9y. She haunts Craigslist's "platonic m4w" section, but the candidates always turn out to want sexual relations. She doesn't want sex (but she does masturbate). Is she asexual? Or retired het? Guest expert was Dave Jay, a founder of the asexuality movement.

What-- Woman curious about ex-bf. He once wore a thong while they had sex. Also he said he enjoys receiving ass-play. Is he gay?

Come-- Woman sometimes closes her eyes during sex (particularly while trying to come), but she isn't necessarily fantasizing. No question.

Bi stood in for the offended victims of asexual-shaming, in case anyone missed the pathos. Venn gets a full point for a back-handed slam of Dan's fashion sense.
7:42 AM yesterday Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
Asexuality is the boringest sex topic.
May 30 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
NNFS is clearly het. She's looking for men, M4W. She's just lost interest in sex. So what?
May 29 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
So what's the difference between "asexual individuals" and "people with low sexual desire"?
May 28 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

Things looked dark for a while. Now they're looking more normal. The Review was a test. Thanks.
May 28 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
Doesn't the thong hide the boner largely? If you're going to show the wood, don't you want to let it out to its full glory?
May 28 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

Trans, gay, lesbians, asexuals, bigenders, and so on are probably at the same ratio in every community.

This is nonsense piled high. If we restrict ourselves to geographic communities and transpeople, you'll find transpeople much more common around major gender-change clinics than elsewhere. People self-congregate where they feel more comfortable. Note how often Dan and others urge urge lost gays to move to more urban and more liberal areas.
May 27 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
The (Previous) Week in Review -- Car Talk

3 Letters -- Strong Commentary

Hismom: Mom who is concerned because her young son is sticking things up his butt. Dan's expert was Amy Lang, personality.

Naa: Man wants guarantee potential on-line date has female equipment.

Scid: Het cis woman wonders why Cis of last week was upset.

3 Letters, but only 2 topics. Hismom was torn in half by Dan as a political fake. Readers tore it in half again as physically impossible. Some recommended ridding the house of all small insertables.

This week some of us thought we saw Dan backpedal faster than a Washington politician. This is not my favorite topic. I'll only throw in my observation that ratios of transpeople (and attitudes to them) vary strongly by community.

May 25 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

I award you a point for channeling that I've had some medical procedures, but nothing as savagely interesting as sexual transformation.

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