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You're not thinking clearly. AAA's quote was unquestionably sexual-- they were talking about "taking" as having sex. The asexual could only maintain a relationship by having sex. Curiously, both you and I thought "taking it for the team" suggested AAA was a woman. Only because I thought it indicated sex, you think I'm a sexist monster.

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You don't have paste definitions for my benefit, I know these usages, and so does AAA. I'm (AAA's) talking about this exclusively sexual scenario. The male can't passively lay back and take it.
11:12 AM Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

I said AAA is presumably female because of their reference to "take one for the team", which sounds like a female (or gay bottom) formulation. It sounds kind of frigid 50s female.

A male would give one.
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I often read small biographies (eg, Wikipedia entries) of people (esp creatives) who catch my interest. I guess it's entirely politically incorrect that I am interested in thumbnails of their sexualities. Overwhelmingly, I am much more interested in their sexuality than their interest in sport (unless, maybe if they were a sports writer). And yes, Bi not withstanding, I'd be much more interested in the lack on interest in sex of say a novelist or opinion maker, than of their lack of interest in sport.
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It's all Nocute's fault!
5:15 PM yesterday Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
The Week in Review -- Pair of Aces
2 Letters, weak response.

AAA-- Halifax person (presumably fem) doesn't want to have sex, ever. They've been told to "take one for the team". Are there any other options?

Utah-- 22yo Utah lesbian with mild autism feels herself stuck at home under the repressive regime of her very conservative, religious parents. They deny her dating, require her to do religious study, and are totally anti-homosexual. She feels dependent on them financially at least until her graduation at 29. She doesn't want to live like this. What to do?

The week actuallly began strong, particularly with a lot of practical advice for Utah. The column title is Pair of Aces (ie, asexuals), but isn't only AAA a sexual? Utah is sexual-- she just represses it for fear of losing her parents' support. Various commenters gave Dan kudos for his coverage of asexual issues. In the end two letters without sex weren't enough.
11:09 AM yesterday Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
No, I haven't, nor did I claim to. I've already said it's alright to be asexual.

But it's silly to claim no interest in sex is the same as no interest in football.
4:12 AM yesterday Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
Interest in sex should be different than interest in football, because of the profound biological roots of sex interest. Interest which often bizarrely affects our normal "civilized" behavior. Interest without which we would not be here. Interest which often deeply affects our lives.

I appreciate the right of asexuals to live without being badgered about it. I will note that (a majority of?) asexuals I have known have been victims of sexual trauma.
Feb 14 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

You should be up front about your non-desire for sex. Eventually you may meet someone who's good with that.
Feb 14 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
I thought several commenters called out #1's gf as a beast.