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11:52 AM yesterday Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
The Week in Review (Shorties)

This week we were treated to 5 letters, and 1 had 2 scenarios to ponder, so we had 6 scenarios for our consideration.

BROS Presumably male. 1) Goes with brother to a bar, where a high school male friend grabs the brother by the crotch in the restroom. Should BROS respect friend's privacy? 2) BROS' bisexual gf wants to take him to a gay bar. Would his presence be "dishonest and touristy"?

BROS did us the favor of joining the forum as Manwich. Some say the grab should be treated as assault. I wondered why his brother didn't respond. It amused him? Some offered practical advice about which venues he could attend. Pretty complicated. Ven took a dislike to him and dribbled it out.

NHG 54yo twice divorced woman has 57yo 3 times divorced bf of 9 mo. He has 9yo dog. "I am jealous of the way he treats and talks to his dog." Should she wait for him to start treating her better?

The D-birds were out in force on this one. Some she should dump him, others he her. A dog and cat war. An anti-animal war.

WTS Presumed het female. Her fiance wants to see her oiled-up looking. Is there an name for such a kink? Where to find shiny catsuit?

Some shopping advice. No kink name.

NAJ Presumed het male saw beautiful female escort's ad, but asked her to dinner. Several more dates, but so far she only says she works in a dept store. Should he tell her he knows and respects sex work?

Nothing interesting.

NTKS Presumed BDSM female wants to participate in bondage session but stay "within bounds of one's marriage". Event is advertised as "sex friendly". How to broach subject of no sex?

Well, of course she should be upfront with her restrictions. But the fight broke out-- was it marital vows or menstruation? I think now she was being deliberately ambiguous. We'll never know unless she returns to these pages.
Jul 19 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
Jel and Lava [68, 69]

Yeah, I thought Phil [12] and Alison [18] were off base when they said "out of commission" meant NTKS was menstruating, not that she was bound by marriage. But on re-reading, her final quip made it clear she was talking about bleeding, "It seems rude to string someone along (ha!)." And that means NTKS is definitely female.
Jul 18 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

I've already addressed you, mostly quizzically, as BROS in 37. My questions remain. I will admit I falsely perceived your brother as younger than you-- because of your taking such a protective stance. Perhaps you missed it, but I implicitly suggested your bro is (secretly?) gay. Something rang your friend's gaydar, and I don't think it's bro's Jupiter-like dick.
Jul 18 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
Oh, wait, I get it. Wainthropp is a Hetty! A bit obscure and tenuous for my taste.
Jul 18 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

LW1 (BROS) has surfaced as Manwich in 53. I'm rather surprised by your response to him in 58 (and that was supposed to be the nice version!). I don't get your Wainthropp reference (Wainthropp is the incorporation of a het female?). I will admit I don't get most of your literatary references-- I am a stranger in Austenland and the literature of manners. The only Wainthropp I know of is Hetty Wainthropp, central character of a BBC detective series. Wainthropp is indeed female, but on the trailing edge of middle age, and I've never seen her display much in the way of sexual behavior.

I don't understand your hostility to Manwich/Bros. He's admitted he doesn't have many gay acquaintances-- is that the root of your anger? He's concerned about appearing touristy in gay bar. Not an unreasonable concern, since he has no reason to attend such a place, except to appease his bi gf. It pisses you off that he thinks that a gay might buy him a drink?
Jul 16 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

So where is your brother in all this? Is he incapable? Why didn't he resolve the matter himself, instead of pulling you in? Did he subconsciously encourage the behavior? Maybe it's time to get to know your brother better.
Jul 16 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

Do you want a LTR with him? The dog is going to be a lot more jealous than you. Go with bf to a shelter and find a 2nd dog, different breed, different gender-- you want to minimize competition. Before the final pick-up, bring Primus along and see if they're compatible. Greatly reduces canine anxieties. When they play, humans can too.
Jul 14 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
Ya gotta be good if they wanna ban ya.
Jul 14 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

Of course he's a pos. But she(s) bought into all this madness. He doesn't have magical powers to sway women into slaves. She was a conscious participant in all this.
Jul 14 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

You're right, I totally glossed over Matisse's comments. Re-reading them, they're wrong-- not too uncommon for Dan's guest experts. She didn't have an inferiority complex because of the abusive relationship. Vice versa. Otherwise she would never have gotten involved with him. Likewise Domme.

As far as SCARED goes, the first dipshit action was compiling her faults. He was preparing for the end of the relationship before he was ready to admit it. He wants to stick with her until he finds someone better.

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