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Apr 24 John In Ballard commented on I Don't Have a Gun Or a Vagina.
I've heard of women putting sex pistols up there, but never real ones.
Feb 22 John In Ballard commented on Rainier Beach Produces As Many NBA Players "as Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx Combined.".
@12 I didn't forget about Terrance WIlliams; I always liked him as a player and thought he should still be in the league, but he's been in the D league for a few years and Siva played on the Pistons as recently as last month. He's on assignment with a D-league team, but he's still getting paid by the Pistons, so that's why I counted him and not Williams, but we can call it 2.5 each.

I actually looked up NBA players from those NYC boroughs because I didn't think that stat (those boroughs only having 2 nba players) was accurate, but it is. Mostly because the Jazz cut Jamal Tinsley in Nov. and Russ Smith stayed at Louisville another year. Also because Sebastian Telfair and his cousin Steph Marbury are out of the league now.
There are more NBA players from some of the other boroughs too though; Kemba Walker from Harlem, Ron Artest from Queens, Ben Gordon from Mt. Vernon.

@16 -Tacky is right, Isaiah Thomas went to Curtis and I think Avery Bradley went to Bellarmine before he transfered to Findley Prep in Vegas for his senior year. I can't think of other Seattle area H.S.'s with active players. Snohomish had Jon Brockman but I haven't seen him on a roster in a few years.
Feb 21 John In Ballard commented on Rainier Beach Produces As Many NBA Players "as Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx Combined.".
Nice article, and this city is so rich with basketball talent that Rainier Beach doesn't even have the most alums playing in the NBA right now. Rainier Beach has Nate Robinson and Jamal Crawford. Franklin has Jason Terry, Aaron Brooks, and Peyton Siva.
Feb 10 John In Ballard commented on The Fear of Being Made into a Woman.
@3-I thought the same thing about Collins. It's unfortunate that he hasn't played in the NBA from a historical milestone standpoint, but given the fact that he's way past his prime and is a serviceable big man at best, it's fair to say he probably wouldn't be on a team even if he stayed in the closet. His straight twin brother was just as talented and isn't in the league anymore either.

Michael Sam on the other hand is a totally different story because unless he suffers a horrible injury or something in the next 2 months he will get drafted by somebody. He's too talented to not be on an NFL roster next year. Even in his prime, Collins was just an ok player, good for a few rebounds, a couple fouls and a steady locker room presence. If Sam isn't on a roster next year, it's because NFL GM's have a problem with his sexual preference.
Nov 30, 2013 John In Ballard commented on Christian Radio Host Accuses Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll of Plagiarism.
There was a period several years ago when I went to Mars Hill with my sister (it didn't last all that long, and once I realized how bad it was I stopped going and got her to stop too, thankfully).

One week though, towards the end of one of his sermons, he going on one of his women bashing rants about how ladies need to dress more modestly to get respected by men, and to illustrate his point to gave an analogy that I immediately recognized as a Dave Chappelle stand-up routine.

He basically ripped this bit off word for word, aside from the very beginning part about titties popping out of the turtleneck:…

He just substituted his name for Dave Chappelle in the bit. I was looking around in awe, like "a room full of people and none of you have seen that stand-up special before!?"
So no, if that guy would blatantly steal material from Dave Chappelle, I'm not surprised he'd rip off authors too.
Sep 23, 2013 John In Ballard commented on The Breaking Bad Chitty Chat Club!.
Doubt he's going to go rescue Jesse considering the last scene they shared had Walt spotting him under the car, telling the skinheads to shoot him, then telling Jesse that he watched Jane die and didn't do anything to save her.

I think the ricin is for the nazis who have the other 6 barrels of Walt's money. The whole Gray Matter slight, I'm not sure what to make of that. Clearly he's mad about that, but I'm not sure what he's going to do about it.

I think at this point, with no way to give the money to his family anymore, all he has left is fighting for his name and his legacy, since he's probably going to die soon (if not by war with Todd's crew, then by cancer).
Maybe in his mind he can go out getting some revenge for everyone who he thinks has slighted him, which at this point I think is everyone except Huel.

Someone let Huel out please! Poor dude can't live in a hotel room forever.
Sep 2, 2013 John In Ballard commented on Bumber-ZOMBIES: Yay or Nay?.
I was ok with them until a saw a few later on in the day yesterday walking around all normal, like they were on break or something. If you're going to dress up as a zombie, you have to commit. No breaking character!
Aug 19, 2013 John In Ballard commented on Thicke, Pharrell, and T.I. Proactively Sue... You Make the Call.
Haha amen on the George Michael comment. Michael Jackson's people should get in on this too just for Pharrel stealing his high pitched "wooo".
Jul 31, 2013 John In Ballard commented on Police Threatened to Arrest Me for Taking Their Photo Last Night.
Blue Scholars had it right:

Shoot the Cops…

Take your cameras out your pockets people!
Jul 24, 2013 John In Ballard commented on "What's Up Virginia Tech? This is Nirvana!".
Hhaha, that's brilliant! well done. Now I'm just hoping this Line Out post and/or the associated youtube clip can stay non-viral- at least until Va Tech's homecoming game, which has to be at least a few months away.
The thought of that video playing on the jumbo screen at the game or something-makes me laugh just thinking about it.

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