It's not very popular.

Aug 24 SPG commented on I, Anonymous.
Everyone is wrong.
Aug 24 SPG commented on The Morning News: Restaurants Around the Country Copying Seattle, Wildfires Still Raging, Stock Market Going Crazy.
@8, The carpool lane is the incentive to carpool.
It is not some libertardian oasis or revenue generator. It has a purpose already and adding in a bunch of people who are not carpooling diminishes its value. The separating of those willing/able to pay from those who are not was never the point of a carpool lane and I just can't see how this will make traffic better in the long run. Commuters of means are no longer incentivized to carpool and carpoolers will inevitably be slowed down by the toll payers so they will have less incentive to carpool as well. Thus, this will all work against the carpool lane's original and most important purpose; fewer cars on the highway. It's a bad idea and the DOT should just tell everyone "Tough shit if you're stuck in traffic and not carpooling."
Aug 24 SPG commented on The Morning News: Restaurants Around the Country Copying Seattle, Wildfires Still Raging, Stock Market Going Crazy.
Can someone enlighten me about the benefit to society of tolling 405? it's to let single occupant cars use the carpool lane, right? How does that encourage car pooling? It just creates a two class highway where the poors have to sit in traffic while the wealthy get their own faster highway.
Car pool lanes have a definite incentive, to reduce the number of cars on the highway, and as such I support that. If you clog them with rich people who can now avoid car pooling for a nominal fee, you've just taken away the speed advantage of carpooling and also lost the incentive to get wealthier commuters to try carpooling. Lose-lose scenario, unless you just look at the toll revenue.
Aug 12 SPG commented on Who Likes Joanna Newsom's New Song & PT Anderson Video the Most?.
I kept waiting for her to get a slice of pizza and walk into a comedy club.
Aug 5 SPG commented on What Happened After an Undercover Cop Elbowed Me at a Protest and Lied About It.
As @12 pointed out, there is a real distinction between "undercover" and "plainclothes" and it's important in this instance. A real undercover cop wouldn't have to talk to you at all or identify himself.
That aside, yeah these cops were acting like jerks. Big surprise. That doesn't mean we shouldn't have cops, even plainclothes ones at protests, just that we really need to get better ones and have them do a better job.
Jul 31 SPG commented on What Evil Lurks in The Stanford Prison Experiment?.
@1 Beat me to it with the recommendation of Das Experiment. One of the things that makes Das Experiment so chilling is the way it builds up from the little actions and motivations of the characters so that what happens in the end doesn't seem a shock that it happens, but a shock that you can completely understand just how and why it does happen.
Jul 27 SPG commented on Black Americans Could Respond to "Driving While Black" Infractions by Boycotting Cars.
If there were real alternatives to car travel this might be considered more plausible than simple trolling.
Jul 23 SPG commented on The Seconds Leading Up to the Beginning of the End of Sandra Bland's Life.
It's also the out of state license plates. And that she was black and young and driving with out of state license plates. That's also why the first stop didn't end in a tasering, fight, or ticket...locals can usually get away with a warning in their own little towns.
Jul 15 SPG commented on Housing Affordability Committee: Tear Down This Parking! (And Build Homes for Humans!).
If we had a reasonably functional public transit system this wouldn't be much of an issue. Since we don't, it is.
Parking your car in front of your house is one thing, but for a business (in a city without decent transit) it's a key economic issue. If people can't get to your business then you're screwed. If they can get close but can't find a reasonable parking spot, then they can't get there. Lost customers. Lost business.
We have to be realistic in that much of Seattle is still only effectively served by car. Some of it is becoming like Manhattan where car ownership is a real burden, but unlike Manhattan there isn't a better alternative.
If developers want to build without any parking, then they should have to give some real money towards improving public transit. Maybe not as much as it would cost to build the parking, but enough to be a real source for improving public transit to move those new residents without cars.

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