Aug 12 SPG commented on KPLU Has New Call Letters.
I'm just glad they're not changing into KUOW HD5.
Aug 11 SPG commented on Seattle Rallies Around Beloved Ballard Resident Who Is Being Evicted.
I don't really know Joel, but I know who he is and a little of his backstory.
Most people's first encounter with him is just this weird guy making loud unintelligible noises. It can be a little unnerving if you're not used to that sort of thing. I've seen young people mock him, old people avoid him out of fear, business owners patiently wait for him to leave, but really he's just this harmless dude who can't really communicate with most people. I'm not sure he's universally beloved, maybe he's more of an odd fixture in Ballard that most of us have just gotten used to. I hope he gets his home sorted out and can continue being that weird fixture around Ballard.
Aug 9 SPG commented on "I Am Not Afraid of a Building"—Debora Juarez and Mike O'Brien Debate Privilege and Controversial New Police Station.
@5, Tech peeps don't have that many kids so when you add in theirs, minus the ones that had to move because their parents aren't making tech peep money, and it's pretty much a wash.
...aaaaaanyway, yeah, we do have a lot of needs for stuff in this city (including more cops and a new cop shop) so we should look at the cost of this thing before moving forward, but move forward we must. ...just maybe a little scaled back so we can also pay some cops to work there.
Aug 9 SPG commented on Guest Editorial: Let's All Commit To Putting More Voices In The Conversation About District Councils.
What's going to replace it? Anything?
I just don't think that getting rid of an organized source of input from the neighborhoods and not replacing it is a good idea.
This just comes off as another way to silence any dissent.
Aug 4 SPG commented on This New York Times Video of Trump Supporters is Disturbing.
@13, It's not so much pointing out how awful the trump supporters can be as much as pointing out how much Trump whips them into this frenzy where they think it's ok to yell out these awful things in front of reporters and cameras. That's what is new and noteworthy here.
We've all seen or heard some crank say some crazy ass bullshit at some point, but this is the difference between some shitstain mumbling out the N word on the bus and a Klan rally.
Jul 27 SPG commented on Sounders Coach Sigi Schmid Steps Down Following Poor Start to Season.
Sigi isn't the sole reason the Sounders sucked this year. Neither is Obafemi's departure the sole cause. It's a combination of many things going in the wrong direction and no unifying force to overcome that and put the team back on course to winning matches. That's the role of the coach. Fix all the problems and get the team in shape to win. Sigi didn't do that this year. It can be argued that he hasn't really done that for the past few seasons either and just sat back letting his stars shine on autopilot.
Sigi did a lot of good work, but there comes a point where even a really good coach with a great record needs to go in order for the team to move forward. This is that time. Thanks Sigi, but it's time for a new coach and a new direction.
The Sounders are one of the richest teams and should be able to post results that reflect that.
Jul 27 SPG commented on So is Russia Poking Through Our Emails on Donald Trump's Behalf or What?.
@Allthefuckingidiotrussianapologists, Yes, we know for a fact that the hack was committed by russians. The only thing we don't know for sure is whether it was directly ordered by Putin himself, or was one of his underlings doing it.
Jul 11 SPG commented on Seattle Police Union Vanishes from the Internet.
@3, But like any Idiot Savant, it actually makes sense both ways as Rich Smith and Ansel won't be able to grumble about Ron Smith's grumblings either. But you're right. I just mixed up the names.
Jul 11 SPG commented on Seattle Police Union Vanishes from the Internet.
@3, Doh! or did I mean D'oh! ?
I'm so confused....
Jul 11 SPG commented on Seattle Police Union Vanishes from the Internet.
So now we just have to imagine what Rich Smith would grumble about instead of knowing.