Sep 23 SPG commented on Danny Westneat Says We Need to Hire More Police Because of Increased Gun Violence and Rape.
Meanwhile the property crime rate is way up and the number of those cases being solved, let alone even investigated is near zero. Maybe having a few cops assigned to catching car prowlers or recovering stolen goods would bring those numbers down. Can't do that with the number of cops we have now.
This next bit is anecdotal, but a lot of my neighbors who I talk to will casually mention that something got stolen from their car, or shed, or front porch, and they don't even bother to call the police. About 1 in 5 thefts were reported.
Traffic violations are near record lows too. Why? Because the cops don't have time to bust all the DUI and texting drivers. It's nice that you won't get a speeding ticket for 5 over or other bs, but it also means that it's not that safe to ride a bike or cross the street.
Sep 23 SPG commented on Abandoned Puget Sound Energy Pipeline Likely Caused Greenwood Explosion.
Who was putting their belongings there?
Sep 20 SPG commented on The Morning News: #BlockTheBunker Activists Shut Down City Council Meeting, Demand No New Cops or Jails.
I think everyone would be happier with better cops. That's a hard thing to do with the SPOG in the way of reform, but it's what really needs to happen.
I'd love to see Seattle get a bunch of good cops. Enough to make the hardened old timer shitty cops feel unwelcome and retire or take jobs out in the Styx.
Sep 19 SPG commented on Next for #BlocktheBunker Campaign: Block the New Youth Detention Center, Block the Hiring of Any New Police Officers.
I see the point in protesting a ridiculously overpriced police bunker, maybe even in protesting the youth detention center, but getting rid of the entire police department? Yeah...#notgoingtohappen
Sep 19 SPG commented on Suspected Chelsea Bomber Arrested; Family Runs a Fried-Chicken Restaurant.
Ooh! Ooh! Can I play too?
The Stranger really needs to do some serious soul searching and some major internal reformation. As it is now: The Stranger is more political than it is a news movement and until Charles and the other forms of extremism is purged out of it's mainstream thinking there is a huge risk with The Stranger.
Sep 19 SPG commented on In Seattle Visit, Libertarian Gary Johnson Outlines His Vision: "It's Gonna be Uber Everything".
"I'm not a Republican, I'm a Libertarian."
"So then you're a Republican with no Conscience?"
Sep 15 SPG commented on Victory for #BlocktheBunker: North Seattle Police Precinct Project Suspended, Returned to the Drawing Board.
It was a little too expensive, but yeah...the SPD could use a new station up North. Maybe ditch the bombproofing and some of the bells and whistles, and maybe actually hire some cops and put them out there catching the thieves running wild up there.
Sep 13 SPG commented on Civilian Watchdog to Seattle Police: Stop Telling Crime Victims to Meet with Burglars.
@12, Oh yeah...having a bunch of cops at a demonstration doesn't mean we have enough to go around. When some jackass blew a stop sign and crashed into me while a smaller BLM protest was going on across town it took a couple hours for the cops to show up. In the meantime an arterial was nearly completely blocked backing up traffic for blocks. When a cop did finally show up he only did so because he was stuck in that same traffic while juggling a backlog of calls because the rest of the cops were over at the protest.
Sep 13 SPG commented on Civilian Watchdog to Seattle Police: Stop Telling Crime Victims to Meet with Burglars.
@12, To some degree that's true. I hate seeing a few dozen cops sitting around messing up traffic at every ballgame when most of that job can be done by employees of the stadium. But even if we pulled all the cops off the other non essential stuff and off desk work we still wouldn't have the kind of coverage that any other city this size would normally have. Seattle police have been understaffed for decades. We were just lucky that most of that time didn't coincide with a meth/heroin epidemic.
Sep 7 SPG commented on The Morning News: Gary Johnson Is Coming to Seattle, New Images Show Moments Before Fatal Bike Crash.
@11, Trump is both an idiot and criminal, while Hillary Clinton is neither despite the constant ranting of the right wing extremists.
Trump is currently under investigation for running a fraudulent university, bribing the attorney general of Florida, and has been found guilty of housing discrimination, failure to pay contractors, and a host of other business as usual crimes.