Jul 11 SPG commented on Seattle Police Union Vanishes from the Internet.
@3, But like any Idiot Savant, it actually makes sense both ways as Rich Smith and Ansel won't be able to grumble about Ron Smith's grumblings either. But you're right. I just mixed up the names.
Jul 11 SPG commented on Seattle Police Union Vanishes from the Internet.
@3, Doh! or did I mean D'oh! ?
I'm so confused....
Jul 11 SPG commented on Seattle Police Union Vanishes from the Internet.
So now we just have to imagine what Rich Smith would grumble about instead of knowing.
Jul 6 SPG commented on The Morning News: Mayor Defends Police Oversight Move, Obama Announces Troops Will Stay in Afghanistan.
@5, I'd still prefer a Mayor over an ass. ...which is what we have now.
Jul 6 SPG commented on House Dems Boo Sanders.
I caucused for Sanders, but now I can't even stand the guy. Enough already. He lost and we have a big fight ahead of us that we need everyones help to win. Including Sanders and his bros.
Jun 30 SPG commented on Paul Allen Donates $1 Million to House The Homeless. But What About His Other Donations?.
I don't think that this is actually building with repurposed cargo containers. It's similar in that they are the same size and built off of steel frames, but it's not just putting windows into old shipping containers. It looks like these are being purpose designed and built to take advantage of the modularity of the container dimension (shipping size, standard components) without the drawbacks of using something not designed for housing (thermal transfer of steel box, no insulation, no accommodation for pipes and wires, etc).
There are a lot of drawbacks to using shipping containers for housing. Although it looks cool, and college architecture students love to play with them, the reality is that you're only replacing the easiest and cheaper part of the building (the frame) with something that isn't any better and creates a lot of problems for everything else down the line. If you build a housing unit that can be transported, mass produced, and function well, then you're way ahead of using containers.
Jun 3 SPG commented on Rampant Gun Violence Impels “Active Shooter Training” for Arts and Music Venues.
@1, TL;DR "Guns! Guns! Guns! Evilboogeymanfear GUNS! freedom! 'Murica! Guns! GUNS! GUNSSSS!!!!!! ....I'm a little scaredy cat so I need a gun."
Jun 2 SPG commented on Blue Angel Crashes In Tennessee.
@1, The statistical chances of an airplane in an air show crashing is actually quite high. It happens fairly often, as do Blue Angels crashes.
Commercial airliners do crash occasionally on approach, but almost always within very close distance of the runway if not on it so they really don't pose that much of a threat to the city of Seattle. Even outside of war and stunt flying, military jets have a much higher accident rate than jet liners so you could actually make an argument to not have them flying over the city all the time. Most of the Blue Angels high risk maneuvers are done over Lake Washington, but during the show there also happens to be a lot of boats on that lake too so not sure if that really makes it that much safer.
You can like the Blue Angels show and that's fine, just don't try to argue that it's completely safe. It's not. The Navy knows it's not, but they like the recruiting power it has so they keep doing it.
BTW, we did have a year without Blue Angels recently. Remember the Sequestration?
Jun 2 SPG commented on Morning News: Seattle Just Can't Stop Getting More Expensive, Seattle Should Impose a 20 MPH Limit on its Streets.
You can lower the speed limit to 2mph and it would not make a bit of difference in this town. The only place you can get a speeding ticket in Seattle is on Aurora by the bridge or within a school zone that is having an "emphasis" patrol that day. With zero enforcement by SPD we are already working on the honor system and most people just drive as they please (because they are all above average drivers).