Nov 29 SPG commented on Please Stop Asking Poor Old John McCain Questions About Dumb Old Donald Trump.
I hate to admit it, but John McCain actually has a point here. All this discussion of Trump's Twitter shenanigans does nothing but fire up his base and cast everyone else as flag burning traitors.
Maybe we should be talking about the incredible damage his cabinet picks are going to inflict on this country? or his use of the office for his own enrichment a la Putin? or the...well that list goes on and on....
Nov 29 SPG commented on The Morning News: Evacuation Order at Standing Rock, Matt Hickey in Court, Jon Grant Running for City Council.
re: Trump's flag burning comment. Again, we're missing the real point of all of this. Trump says some stupid shit that the mouth breathing goons agree with to rile them up and equate opposition with treason. We take the bait and discuss the issue on its merits. The goons see this and it confirms their view that opposition is treason and we're a bunch of traitors.
Trump doesn't give a shit about anything but Trump. Remember that. Trump doesn't give a shit about anything but Trump. So, he obviously doesn't give a shit about flag burning, but he does give a shit about Trump power and keeping it. Distracting everyone with this flag crap furthers his power by keeping his goons riled up and making everyone else look like traitors. Well done Donnie!
Nov 18 SPG commented on Voter Suppression Is a Real Thing—and It Will Get Worse.
The whole country should be vote by mail.
I tell people in other states that WA is completely vote by mail and they're dumbstruck. I haven't missed an election in years, but most people I know in those other states will maybe vote in presidential years, and then hardly any of the other elections like mid terms or local races.
Nov 8 SPG commented on Live Reports From Election Night 2016: We're Everywhere, Watching Everything!.
How much of a complete douchebag is Trump going to be when he has to concede?
What are the odds of him being somewhat normal? or is he going to throw a yuuuge tantrum?
Oct 31 SPG commented on Homelessness Is a Growing Problem For People, Not For Cars.
Garages are also very cheap to build so it's an economic equation of return on capital spent building that extra garage space. It pencils out quite well when you're building in the suburbs and exurbs.
Oct 28 SPG commented on Acquittal of Bundy Brothers Reveals Much More Than White Privilege.
@1, Yeah, but the Occupy protestors weren't armed to the teeth threatening to shoot the bank employees. If these Bundy idiots just chained themselves to the front gates to make a statement then I wouldn't have any problem with them being acquitted. Bringing weapons into the picture should change that equation.
Oct 28 SPG commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Parks in Beacon Hill.
@2, That would involve effort, paperwork, time, etc. ...ok, in all seriousness there are things they can do in this situation but the reality is that Seattle is so under policed that there just isn't time to hang around and find a guy who will deny the whole thing, and then have any charge tossed out anyway. In the time that it took to find the car there were probably another dozen 911 calls that came in. Had the jerk pulled a gun instead of spitting, then yeah...they'd probably do more to track him down.
Oct 25 SPG commented on Rich Guy Insistent on Bringing Back the Sonics Finds a Way to Do It Without Public Money.
Maybe I can take the light rail from Ballard to the arena by the time we get a team.
Hope they make the arena handicap accessible since by then I'll be so old that I'll probably need it.
Oct 25 SPG commented on Morning News: Key Arena's Free Health Clinic Is This Week and We Are So Screwed in the Event of an Earthquake.
@3, You're right about the wooden structures having some resiliency in an earthquake, but most of our old brick buildings have not been retrofitted. You can tell the ones that have by those huge metal columns and cross braces. If you don't see those, chances are it hasn't been retrofitted and you don't want to be anywhere near it during an earthquake.
@4, Seattle won't suffer much or at all from a Tsunami, but the coast could well be toast depending on how it all goes down. That's where the preparation and drills really need to step up.
Oct 17 SPG commented on What's Next for the City Council's Controversial Efforts to Reduce Homeless Encampment Sweeps?.
The anti O'Brien crowd seems to be growing up here in the North. It was a very vocal minority before but I think this might be getting closer to a tipping point especially if there were to be a decent challenger for the next election.