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Aug 15 biffp commented on Straight Outta Compton, Straight into Now.
Komo or Kiro radio had a review of the yesterday that was laughabe, "it never shows the crime the police were trying to prevent."
Jul 7 biffp commented on A Totally Non-Comprehensive but Semi-Useful Guide to Wild Waves.
Much better than I expected, other than the $50 vs $15. We drive to Silverwood every summer instead.
Jul 7 biffp commented on We Can't Smoke in Seattle Parks Anymore, but Can We... Get Naked?.
@3 there is a point where 'no expectation of privacy' meets 'no consent to distribution on the Internet' and 'creating a public nuisance.' Your black line is a grey one. One could similarly argue revenge porn was consented to, but a WA law outlawing it is soon to be approved. If Jared from Subway can be raided for what he's been viewing, someone has to be responsible for putting it on the Internet.
Jul 7 biffp commented on We Can't Smoke in Seattle Parks Anymore, but Can We... Get Naked?.
Yesterday, I asked a guy at the Seattle Center fountain taking pictures of children with a telephoto lens to show me the pictures and/or stop. He wouldn't, and we argued about it. I'm not who is legally in the right. It shouldn't be legal for some perv with a heavy French to take pictures and post them, but I think it may be the case. SPD took the report, but I'm not sure there is more they could do.
Jun 29 biffp commented on The True Detective Chitty-Chat Club: Starring... Rat Goo!.
Remember when Colin Farrell opened the door and there was a video camera running before he was 'shot'? Maybe Farrell concluded the only way to solve the murder was to get distance from Vaughn and the Mayor? The fade to the burnt out eyes and the Mayor were highlights. It's a cheesy seventies crime show. That singer was awful, and then when they cut to the next scene and she's still singing in the background? Unbelievable. That was almost enough to turn it off.
May 8 biffp commented on Dreaming of Pierogi.
Varenyky or pierogi? Pierogi is a Polish word, but other than that, the difference is tenuous. A dumpling is a dumpling. Varenyky are typically boiled, and pierogi tend to be boiled, and then baked or fried. More importantly, Sebi's appears to have 50% pierogis on Mondays (hopefully, that includes Memorial Day).
Apr 20 biffp commented on How Unfriended Took All of My Greatest Fears and Made a Movie Out of Them.
In Vegas, you now get flyers for gun ranges handed to you on the strip. I'm not sure if that is the weaponizing of frat boys suggested in the article, but it was disturbing. The Bundy ranch may have spawned a gun tourism business.
Apr 7 biffp commented on A Suggestion from a Reader of The Stranger Arrived in the Mail Today.
Ryan Boudinot on the cover? I think the suggestion was "cutting a big fart," but more apropos if he's taking a huge shit on everyone who paid him to have some integrity and be professional.
Apr 7 biffp commented on Today's Dinosaur News: Brontosaurus Is BACK!.
Adopt two dogs, name one Pluto and the other Brontosaurus

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