It's not very popular.

Mar 23 biffp commented on Amy Schumer at the Emerald Queen Casino Saturday Night.
@1, it was sold out (and even over sold). Amy Schumer is hilarious. Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee seemed to really find her clever and funny.…
Mar 17 biffp commented on Ryan Boudinot Is in Talks with Fantagraphics Books to Launch a Literary Imprint.
@10 promoting the interests of friends is either not covered in the code or there is no code.
Mar 16 biffp commented on March Madness Begins After Sounders Lose In Maddening Fashion.
Arguing we should stop college sports just distracts the legitimate question whether the athletes are employees who are entitled to pay and worker's compensation. It's grossly unfair that a student can lose their scholarship and face huge medical bills if they get hurt.
Mar 15 biffp commented on Citing "Tight Resources," The Seattle Times Shutters Its D.C. Bureau.
Busy redoing the website for bigger ads while the writers leave that does sound familiar.
Mar 15 biffp commented on I Was the MFA Student Who Made Ryan Boudinot Cry.
"If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter." Thought of that quote reading the Disneyland article and, now, this 'response.' He seemed less an asshole, and more a delusional, bipolar character.
Mar 13 biffp commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Skateboarding Is Not a Crime.
@30 agreed. It's life and limb crossing the street, skating and riding. Honking is only for unsafe conditions. From RCW 46.37.380 Horns, warning devices, and theft alarms,

The driver of a motor vehicle shall when reasonably necessary to insure safe operation give audible warning with his or her horn but shall not otherwise use such horn when upon a highway.
Mar 13 biffp commented on Listen to Slate's Culture Gabfest Critique Ryan Boudinot's MFA Piece.
I've never seen the Guardian describe something as a 'piece of shit' before. Only the Stranger.
Mar 13 biffp commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Skateboarding Is Not a Crime.
The driver isn't the one to tell the skateboarder to get off the road. On the other hand, pepper spray is not appropriate, and that driver is likely to be even more aggressive the next time. Tailgating and gunning it to cut off bikes and Vespas is not okay. I see plenty of that, as well as near misses of pedestrians in crosswalks. And yet I've never seen an SPD officer take the slightest interest.
Mar 13 biffp commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Skateboarding Is Not a Crime.
@8, saw a dad and daughter skating downtown on Wednesday night, and it was adorable. There are drivers who seem to think they can teach bikers and Vespa riders that roads are only for cars. I wish the SPD prioritized public safety over giving out tickets. The tension seems to be escalating, partly with all the closed lanes and partly because people act as though they are in a desperate rush (I suspect for no reason).

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