Not enough like Twitter.

Apr 11 biffp commented on Drunk of the Week.
Olive is flipping you off. Awesome.
Apr 11 biffp commented on Everett, a Love Song.
Was there anything on Slog yesterday about Bellingham as skinny town, and Yakima as #4 most obese in America?
Apr 11 biffp commented on There's a Silent-Reading Party in New York City This Weekend.
Billyburg is to NYC, as Ballard is to Seattle.
Apr 11 biffp commented on Legendary NSFW Jäger Dong on Capitol Hill.
Is it leery when flaccid?
Apr 11 biffp commented on Green Lake Watch.
Who's driving, the Four Loko or the bag?

There's a comfy chair at the corner of Fremont Ave and 39th. I think of GLW every time I drive past it.
Apr 9 biffp commented on How Metal Is Your Period?.
Are there negative points assessed for cringing and scrolling through the questions lightning fast? That must be the 'how nancy-boy are you about discussing lady periods?' quiz.
Apr 8 biffp commented on Dispatches from the Republican War on Women.
"Republicans say the Democrats’ “war on women” line is fake."

Okay, now prove it.

Apr 8 biffp commented on You Should Be Following @GOPTeens.
How about "Democrat_Teens show your support for all that Obama is doing to build a path to citizenship"? That would be hilarious since Obama is deporting more people, more inhumanely while lamely pretending he supports immigration reform. @4, this stuff virtually writes itself - advocating for equal pay yesterday while the White House doesn't even practice it.
Apr 7 biffp commented on You Can't Just Tell Gay People to Shop Somewhere Else.
The point is that people should not discriminate against you because of your skin color, religion, beliefs etc. It is disingenuous to say go somewhere else. There were seats at the back of the bus, there was water in the blacks-only fountains. Separate is not fucking equal. How long does it take for that to sink in?

Loofah Bill O did a piece that Steven Colbert ripped apart where he equated fair treatment with complete equality, "Shaquile O'Neal is taller than Bill O, therefore the richest 1% should control 40% of the wealth."…
Apr 7 biffp commented on Two-Year-Old Boy Second Amendments His Eleven-Year-Old Sister to Death.
That is another sad story. As far as advocating more guns as the answer, there were advocates on Meet the Press suggesting that guns on military bases would help with the Fort Hood shooting. Nothing could be further from the truth and distract from the myriad of issues facing the troops returning from 13 years of war. It's sick how in the pocket of gun manufacturers these people are.…

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