It's not very popular.

Dec 25 biffp commented on Going to the Movies Tonight? Here's What You Should Watch.
Birdman is a celebration of Carver who is kind of a local hero. The inscription from his tombstone in Port Angeles starts the film. Plus, it's 1,2 for best picture with Boyhood.
Dec 20 biffp commented on Murray Will Ask Council to Allow Homeless Encampments.
It's a positive step, and not a lot of West Coast mayors are willing to do this.
Dec 19 biffp commented on Yeah, That Was Savage Singing His Musical Theater Heart Out on the Last Episode of Colbert.
@13, were you in a coma during the 2006 WH Correspondents dinner?…

Colbert took a pretty limited concept, and made it hilarious for 9 years. Watch his Christmas special with Toby Keith, Feist, Willie Nelson and Elvis Costello - made me a fan.
Dec 19 biffp commented on Mayor's Task Force Says City Should Allow Homeless Camps.
The tent city under I-5 in Roosevelt should have been allowed through spring anyway.
Dec 18 biffp commented on Democrats and Republicans Agree: Sony Was Stupid and Cowardly When It Pulled The Interview.
@6 ftw - bravery for others. This is like Geraldo Rivera telling athletes to wear shirts to promote being better fathers. Daily Show doled out the jab - kids with 5 baby mommas.
Dec 18 biffp commented on America Prepares Its Official Surrender to North Korea as Paramount Bans Screenings of Team America: World Police.
Slog has to stop censoring the comments function and at least give us thumbs up/down voting.
Dec 18 biffp commented on The Art They Loved and Hated at Seattle's Tallest Building Is Gone.
MoHAI would be a great location for it. Is 'wayfinding' a comment on the ladders in the piece or some new doublespeak term?
Dec 18 biffp commented on Ayn Rand Reviews Children's Movies.
Behind the wall if you've read more than a couple New Yorker pieces.
Dec 17 biffp commented on Eden Was a Scary Movie About Sex-Trafficking Based on a True Story—Or Was It?.
@10, you are assuming, and you are an ass - not me.
Dec 17 biffp commented on "Rape Exceptionalism" and Protecting Law Students from "Triggers".
@14, what the professors are missing a moment to teach rape law, which law students should learn. It was one of the memorable moments of first-year law - really uncomfortable for everyone, but an attorney puts their personal views aside to represent a client properly. Our professor brought in another attorney so it was a woman and man teaching those couple classes. It's an important subject, and not learning it is a mistake in my view.

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