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Feb 3 long-time reader commented on Ted Cruz Attempts to Force His Daughter to Hug and Kiss Him.
@5, I thought it was plenty clear that you were describing the type of parent that Cruz is not.
Feb 1 long-time reader commented on Iowa Caucus Results.
Iowa needs to be "first in the nation" in presidential elections because, really, what else do they have? This is literally the only thing about Iowa that makes the state significant.
Jan 27 long-time reader commented on The Morning News: Two Killed, Three Wounded at Homeless Encampment Just Before Mayor Gives Address on Homelessness.
Wait wait wait. Hold up.

The Mayor has a jacket embroidered with "Mayor Murray".

That's just too much.
Jan 27 long-time reader commented on How to Navigate Seattle If You Are a Person of Color.
@7, I'm used to the word "thugs" only being used by racists anymore, as one of their favorite dog whistles. I guess you missed the memo since you made your racism explicit by preceding the word with "black".
Jan 27 long-time reader commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Why No Letters From Happily Married Hetero Folks?.
Advice Columnist Fails to Publish Letters from People Not Seeking Advice.
Jan 26 long-time reader commented on Seattle Police Union: We Are Not Pigs, Flatfoots, or Peckerwoods.
If they were actually doing the job selflessly, they'd be doing it for free.

I hear pigs actually get paid pretty well.
Jan 19 long-time reader commented on Distracted Pedestrians Are Not the Same As Distracted Drivers.
@1, the problem is that time and time again, bad drivers are not held accountable (read: prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law) when they hit pedestrians and cyclists. The acronym "SMIDSY" (sorry, mate, I didn't see you) refers to the get-out-of-jail-free card such a terrible driver typically uses.
Jan 18 long-time reader commented on "That's my husband.".
@8, u mad bro?
Jan 18 long-time reader commented on Can We Maybe Stop Asking Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton About Her Husband?.
Your ad hominem gibberish does nothing to dissuade me from voting for Bernie. If anything, it entrenches my support for him.

I'll be thrilled to vote for a woman for President. Just not this one. I don't trust Hillary one bit.