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Over-educated and under-paid.

Mar 28, 2016 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Bastards Out of North Carolina.
May I humbly suggest if you feel strongly enough to to blow up VisitNC's Twitter and change your travel plans, you may also want to throw some change to the good people on the ground here?

Oct 27, 2015 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on The Walking Dead Recap: Someone Died… or Did or Didn't They?!?.
@1 my theory is that they killed off Glenn so they could bring you-know-who on the show without the events of #100 hanging over the storyline the whole time. It frees them up to go in a different direction which they seem to like doing.
Sep 8, 2015 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on A List of Things Hillary Clinton Still Has Not Apologized For.
Glad to see the Stranger being a strong and independent progressive voice, rather than simply fellating the Democratic Party.

Jun 8, 2015 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on NYT Writes Up Matthew Vines and His Campaign to Get Evangelicals to Stop Being Such Huge Assholes.
I'm not aware of any evidence that Mr. Vines is trying to change public policy. He's trying to change a religious culture, which is much, much more difficult.

I respect where he comes from and what he's trying to do (because I came from the same place). But I also think that when wrestling with religion, generally, and will evangelical Christianity, specifically, you have to get to a point where you choose to either defer to your own moral intuition, empathy, and reason, or to an external authority (the Bible, the Church, etc.) You cannot do both.

And I don't think he's there yet. But I suspect he will be.
Feb 10, 2015 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on Does Jeb Bush's Chief Technology Officer Still Believe Women Are "Sluts?".

I'm just one data point, but here's where I am on the whole "how much we should judge a person on what they posted on the Internet when they were X years old" thing: when I was in graduate school (i.e., right out of college) c. 2002 I had a blog that I published under my real and full name. I wrote about mostly current events and politics, and other things that interested me. I was pretty strident in my commentary, frequently profane in my phrasing. I also posted some things in jest that taken out of context by someone who didn't know me might be seen as unflattering, or at least reflecting poor judgement. (For example, I think I once said about Bush's DEA administrator that I wouldn't piss on her if she were on fire.) Anyway, flash forward a few years and I realize I'm going to be on the job market, so I take the blog down and send it down the memory hole as best I can (and also quit using my real name on the Internet).

Now...if someone were to dig up the old blog (which someone with enough info and determination could certainly do) and were to confront me with it: honestly, I'd be ok with it. There are certainly things I might feel differently about now, or simply wouldn't phrase the way I would have in my early 20's, but fundamentally I don't think I ever wrote anything that was hateful. Critical (of specific people in power, of ideas, and of the people who hold said ideas) certainly, but not hateful. Not bigoted. Not misogynistic. Not homophobic, racist, etc., etc....because I'm not (and never was) any of those things.

My point being, I don't think this guy can really say that. You don't find these "jokes" funny unless you actually have a problem with women, on some level.
Jan 28, 2015 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on Eight Easy Steps to Help You Break Through the Dreaded "Seattle Freeze".
In my 3.5 yrs in Seattle, I noticed that one of the most common conversations I had with people I met in Seattle was the one about how hard it is to meet people in Seattle. It's a great topic to bond over!
Jan 16, 2015 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on RockCreek's Problematic "Hip-Hop Brunch" Menu.
Serious question: do we have any black people sounding off here in addition to Mr. Mizell?

I ask because I don't feel I'm in a position to gauge how offensive this is, being a white dude and all. And while my gut says if you have to wonder, don't go there, I also wonder if presuming offense is not itself a bit patronizing?
Sep 22, 2014 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on I Am Leaving The Stranger, Everybody!.
Thank you for some excellent work, Dom. May you continue to kick ass and take names.
Aug 26, 2014 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on Hillary Clinton Ignores Questions About Ferguson.
Fnarf, you've convinced me. What's a few hundred thousand dead civilians on the other side of the world as long as we get a good EPA Administrator and shitty quasi-universal health insurance at home?
Aug 25, 2014 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on Hillary Clinton Ignores Questions About Ferguson.
Alden, your last sentence is an admission that a Clinton administration would be functionally indistinguishable from a Republican one on foreign policy, which is both the most important thing a president does and on which he or she possesses nearly unlimited power to fuck up.