It's not very popular.

Mar 9 agony commented on Why It Is Easy to Hate the Poor.
I feel like, as someone not from Seattle, I don't know the background here - is there an issue with chicken bones on the bus there?

At any rate, I associate littering with the middle and upper class. With people who have never had a job cleaning up someone else's personal waste. That Salvadoran woman, referenced above, picking the gum out of the urinal - she doesn't litter. And neither do I, because I've had to clean up after slobs who figure it's someone else's job.
Mar 9 agony commented on Unpacking Ben Carson's Remarks on CNN.
I thought you were great.

I also thought it was your bathrobe, sorry.
Mar 6 agony commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: Quick Hits.
LW 1 - I dunno, Dan, I think your mail gives you an unrealistic idea about how most people feel about extra-curricular sexual activity. He brings this up with his wife, she's going to go ballistic.

Over in Hax today, there was a guy getting the occasional happy ending massage, and his girlfriend found out. I suggested (in the comments) that they use this upset as an opportunity to talk about their sexual needs and how they are being met, and you would have thought I suggested she shoot herself in the head. Nothing to talk about, he's a scumbag, case closed. What's the matter with me for not being outraged at those poor exploited women and he's going to come home with an STI. And so on.

Any outside contact, including porn, is still seen by most people as a relationship ender, even if all you're doing is thinking about it.
Mar 5 agony commented on My Earlier Post About Ben Carson Inspired an Email Exchange With an Incensed Reader of a Different Website.
@ 20 - I thought that was just Dan getting into the spirit of things.....
Mar 5 agony commented on My Earlier Post About Ben Carson Inspired an Email Exchange With an Incensed Reader of a Different Website.
So, my question is - did John ever figure out what Dan was getting at, with the corrections to his spelling? Or did he just think his epithets were being thrown back at him?
Mar 4 agony commented on Ben Carson: Being Gay Is a Choice and Prison Proves It.
Nice comment over at JoeMyGod from BobVT "And when there's just a salad bar, I become a vegetarian".

Pretty much nails it.
Feb 26 agony commented on Another State Legislator Takes on Trans Urinators.
I suspect that's the point - bills like this only exist to make it more difficult to be trans. Lawmakers like this think that trans people are just doing it because their little friends think it's cool, and if it's not fun anymore nobody would be trans. They don't actually believe that anyone not just like them really exists.
Jan 31 agony commented on SL Letter of the Day: Slip and Tell.
@ 48 - I don't really see this guy as all that sweet. I'm not a big fan of "I'll suck it all up and stuff my feelings and secretly resent the hell out of you" as a plan for a marriage.

"I did a grand romantic gesture that has led to reconciliation." just really bothers me. The last thing this marriage needs is more emotional dishonesty.
Jan 31 agony commented on SL Letter of the Day: Slip and Tell.
So she betrayed him in every way possible, and he's the one who makes the grand romantic gesture to get back together? Something doesn't compute, here.

Dude, you don't make a grand romantic gesture unless you are feeling grand and romantic. And you don't feel that way while still smarting from the pain, and while issues in your marriage are unresolved. This is not the time for romantic gestures, but the time for cautious adult honest communication.

You say nothing about what she is bringing to the table at this point in your marriage, and I find that telling. What is she doing to help you regain your connection, your trust, your intimacy? Does she even know that you're having trouble? You both need to be reaching out here, y'know, not just you.
Jan 16 agony commented on The Boy Who Came Back to Reality: Man Admits He Didn't Go to Heaven as a Child.
If you read the mother's blog, the whole thing is very odd. Sounds offhand like her ex husband and the publisher are straight out grifters, but she's short a few cards in her deck, too. She appears to feel that praying and writing a little incoherently in her blog are her only options - getting a lawyer seems to never have occurred to her, even though you see it suggested in her comments section.

The exploitation of this poor kid continues.

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