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Sep 9 agony commented on SL Letter of the Day: You Can't Please Everybody.
@15 - judgmental assholes don't get to define what feminism is. If you believe that women are human beings of equal worth to men, you're a feminist by my definition, and my definition is as valid as that of some raving looney.
Sep 5 agony commented on Joan Rivers Has Died.
@ 27 but lots of people loved Johnny Carson too, and I thought his monologues were the definition of lame and weak. So it might just be a question of taste. I think I'll spend some time on youtube trying to find some bits.
Sep 4 agony commented on Meet Chica the DogSpider.
@ 2 Really? What could possibly make you think this is fake?
Sep 4 agony commented on Joan Rivers Has Died.
Can someone post some links to when she was funny? Because I only ever saw her hosting the Tonight Show and found her profoundly unfunny, just like everything else on that show. The late night talk show is just a lousy vehicle for humour, IMO.

But I'd like to see what she could do when she was really cooking, if there's a record somewhere.
Sep 4 agony commented on Why Anti-Gay Christian Bigots Always Lead With Leviticus.
My own feeling about this is that I could give a flying fuck what the Bible says. Even if Jesus said "Kill all the gays!".

Because I'm not a Christian. Christian laws apply to Christian people. I don't have to care what the Bible says about anything the same way I don't have to fast on Ramadan, and don't have to have a ritual bath after my period. The laws of a religion apply to the followers of that religion. Those who are repulsed by the laws of any particular faith always have the option of leaving that faith.

Whenever we argue this point with Christians, we are reinforcing their point that the laws of their faith should apply to those who are not believers. I think it's a mistake to continue this argument - it weakens our position, even though it's a good argument. Instead, the way to counter this shit is to say "I am not a Christian, and therefore the laws of the Christian faith do not apply to me. The laws I must follow are the secular laws of the secular state I live in".
Sep 3 agony commented on Those Leaked Celebrity Nudes: Have You Looked?.
@28 If you found Jennifer Lawrence's personal diary, or maybe her bank statements, would you feel OK about looking at them just because they're out there on the internet?
That's my feeling. Violating someone's privacy just to satisfy any mild curiosity I might have doesn't seem worth the violation it does to my own view of myself. They don't have anything I've never seen before, anyway. If I want to look at naked people, I'd rather do it in person, thanks.
Sep 3 agony commented on Savage Love.
Yeah, age and hormones can make a difference in a person's sex drive.

But when you enter a monogamous marriage, you make a commitment to more or less meet your partner's sexual needs. Breaks now and then are reasonable, a little slowing down with age is reasonable, but just unilaterally deciding that someone else's sex life is over is not reasonable.

A certain spirit of generosity and giving is essential to a marriage - "I don't really need it but what the heck, sure" is not too much to ask from someone you have promised to spend your life with.

I would strongly advise not marrying a person who does not have a generous and open nature. It's probably the best predictor of future happiness.

I think LW should make it clear to his wife that the present situation is unacceptable to him, and insist on some honest and open discussion. "this is hurting me" is something that needs to be said, in plain words.

Hope they can figure something out. Nobody should have to go eleven years without sex while in a committed relationship.
Aug 31 agony commented on SL Letter of the Day: Shelfies.
@37 It's not "show off" books, it's "show" books. Can't, offhand, think of anything that gives more insight into who a person is than the books they like. And the books they think someone else would be impressed by is also pretty revealing, in a different way.
Aug 30 agony commented on The Morning News: Parks, Uzis, Tweets, Assholes.
He's been putting updates on his fundraising page asking people to donate to a shelter. And has said that he'll be passing some of the money on.

And, yeah, I tossed him a couple of bucks, mostly because it's a way to say something, to show him that his family is wrong. That there is a world of people out there that think he's just fine the way he is.
Aug 30 agony commented on Joan Rivers Has a Heart?.
@ 15 great analysis.

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