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Feb 26, 2013 IronicallyEtsy commented on Savage Love.
Everyone on here seems to be posting about IUDs. I don't know how much of an option that actually is for this girl. I know when I went in to the doctor and asked for an IUD, they told me they were not physically capable of inserting one because I'm naturally small and had never given birth. I used Depo-Provera for two years (had to stop because it decreases bone density) and LOVED it. I was a little moody for a couple days after each injection, but eight days a year vs. a week per month of moodiness was nothing to me. When I stopped the Depo, I got an Implanon implant inserted into my arm. I am about a year in and have no negative side effects other than increased sex drive (darn) and occasional spotting. Try one, if it doesn't work for you, don't be afraid to change it. Honestly, the Implanon has so far been the least painful, least side effects, and most effective for me. But everyone is different.
Jun 1, 2010 IronicallyEtsy commented on Savage Love.
Actually, there *are* things to put down for children that wet the bed, people who spill their drinks commonly, and those who squirt in mass quantity. Go to a store where you buy mattresses, and ask about a waterproof cover. I have one that goes between the sheets and the mattress that protects the top of the bed due to a cat that thought my bed was her litter box. They're well worth the cost [$20-30 max], and will be much more pleasant than a wrestling mat or plastic sheeting... Although, you may still want to place down some absorbent material.