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10:45 PM yesterday Toe Tag commented on There Was "a Large Sewage Spill" in Lake Washington This Morning.
They're trying to draw the US Olympic distance swimming team here to train for the 2016 Games in Rio.
Aug 25 Toe Tag commented on Soldiers Are Fighting Climate Change in Central Washington.
Fighting bushfires is not about extinguishing burning trees. It's about containing the spread of the fire until it either runs out of fuel or gets soaked by the rains. Even in a wet year, there isn't enough water to "put out" a bushfire.
Aug 25 Toe Tag commented on Lawrence Lessig Wants to Hack the Presidency.
I thought clicking on the link for the "Citizen Equality Act of 2017" would take me to a copy of the bill he wants Congress to pass. Instead, I got a YouTube campaign video. Too bad -- I was hoping the text of the bill would explain how it gets around the First Amendment, which is what the Supreme Court says trumps all the other campaign funding restrictions it has addressed (except the one for judicial elections). I don't agree with the Citizens United decision, but so long as it is grounded in the First Amendment, you're not going to overturn it with an Act of Congress, short of re-writing the First Amendment (and I shudder to think what the current Congress would do with that little project).
Aug 20 Toe Tag commented on The Morning News: Three Firefighters Killed by Wildfire, Seattle Breaks Heat Record, Local Jobless Rate Drops.
WA Supreme Court says the SeaTac minimum wage applies to the airport, too.
Aug 17 Toe Tag commented on What You Need to Know About the New York Times' Amazon Story.
Looking through the 4000+ comments to the NYT article, it looked like a lot of people were cancelling their Prime accounts today. That's probably what brought management out of their bunker to try to manage the PR.

Not the sort of place I would work, but that applies to most of the tech companies around here.
Aug 11 Toe Tag commented on The Morning News: Activist Who Interrupted Bernie Sanders Speaks About Her Politics.
I think she went after Bernie because he was the rare candidate (Rep or Dem) who actually made public appearances here. Most of them (Rep or Dem) stop off to withdraw a suitcase of cash from the super-ATM in Medina, and then fly out before sunset.
Aug 4 Toe Tag commented on Fine. I Voted. God..
Quit whining!
Jul 30 Toe Tag commented on Defeated on the Willamette, Shell Takes the Fight to the Courts.
No matter. All gone now.
Jul 30 Toe Tag commented on What the Beggar on Link Light Rail Means.
@4, what "baggage storage area"? There isn't any on Link, and people going to/from the airport either put their bag on the empty seat next to them or clutter the aisle with it. They don't really fit under the seats, either.
Jul 30 Toe Tag commented on The Mariners Baseball Badly, but You Should Watch Them Anyway.
Also, the organ player does a decent cover of "Paint It Black" between innings.

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