Aug 18 Toe Tag commented on Overturned Truck Shuts Down I-5 Near Tacoma.
No smoking.
Aug 9 Toe Tag commented on Thomas Piketty and the Zombie of Trickle Down Economics.
They really shouldn't call it "trickle down economics." Those assholes in the GOP figured out how to make water run uphill in the '80s.
Aug 5 Toe Tag commented on The Morning News: Amazon to Fly Plane Over Seafair, the Real Solution to Seattle's Growing Housing Crisis.
I won't be impressed unless the Amazon plane does a barrel roll over Lake Washington.

Make America Delusional Again!
Aug 4 Toe Tag commented on Primary Dropout Tony Ventrella’s Candidacy Is Jeopardizing Dems' Chance of Reclaiming a Seat in Congress.
It's only a zombie candidacy because of the zombie voters who either didn't or couldn't read the newspapers when he announced he was dropping out.
Aug 1 Toe Tag commented on Sound Transit 3 Foes Will Get Help from Tim Eyman—Even Though They Don't Want It.
How is it the proponent of a ballot measure gets to select the author of the opposing statement? Doesn't the Secretary of State do that?
Jul 28 Toe Tag commented on We Saw You Wearing This at Block Party, Catching Pokemon at the Airport, and Running Away from Raccoons.
I cross the street when I encounter raccoons as well. Those fuckers can get vicious, no matter how cool they look.
Jul 28 Toe Tag commented on Breaking News: It's Not True that President Obama Only Eats 7 Almonds.
It's like that scene in "Casino" where DeNiro's character tells the pastry chef to count out the same number of blueberries for each muffin.
Jul 27 Toe Tag commented on Police Investigating Racial Threat to West Seattle Family.
There was a spike in these kind of reports in the UK after the Brexit vote, though directed at nearly anyone identified as a non-Briton, not just race-based, i.e., "We won! Youse out!"
Jul 27 Toe Tag commented on The Seattle Times Gives the Democratic Nomination to Bill Clinton.
@8, how about "scornful hippies"?

Hillary didn't show up because the nominees generally don't turn up at conventions until the night of their acceptance speech. Trump turned up every night of the RNC because he just can't stand to be away from an adoring mob.