Sep 12 Toe Tag commented on What a Famous Primatologist Can Tell Us About the Obsession With Hillary's Health.
You weren't around then, Charles, but no one gave a damn about Nixon's knee. It was his 5 o'clock shadow and how it made him look shifty in the TV debates with JFK. Roger Ailes sorted that out for him in the 1968 campaign.
Sep 9 Toe Tag commented on Federal Judge Denies Tribe's Request to Stop Work on Dakota Access Pipeline.
Moments after the ruling, however, the Corps told the company to stop construction on one part of the project. Much confusion.
Sep 8 Toe Tag commented on The Morning News: Seattle Needs to Spend Even More on Light Rail, Everett Puts Pressure on Its Poorest Drunks.
Apple doesn't hate wires. They just don't like to miss a shot at an after-market cash flow.
Sep 7 Toe Tag commented on A Marxist Walks into a Fancy Cocktail Bar....
Do they do a decent Pimm's Cup?
Sep 6 Toe Tag commented on The Cost of Light Rail Will Be Cheap in the Long Run.
$54 billion floating in the vacuum of space is powerful enough to bend light waves.
Sep 1 Toe Tag commented on Surprise! Trump Flip-Flops on Immigration in Arizona Speech.
He certainly bamboozled Patrick Healy of the NY Times, who seemed to think Donaldo pulled off a balancing act akin to the Flying Wallendas.
Aug 31 Toe Tag commented on Trump Rally Post-Mortem: Cautious Optimism (Or, Don't Worry: He Probably Won't Win).
He likes getting jerked off by the crowds at rallies. It's that simple. Much more fun than reading polls or position papers.
Aug 30 Toe Tag commented on We're Going to the Trump Rally Tonight. Here's How to Follow Along.
He's going to bring back all those timber jobs - and all that timber, too!
Aug 30 Toe Tag commented on European Commission Orders Apple to Pay $14.5 Billion in Taxes.
Oh, the humanity! They had an effective tax rate of 0.05% in 2014. How will they make do?