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Aug 13 Fried Worms commented on What's Your Favorite Haruki Murakami Novel?.
Came here for the mutual "Am I the only one who can't stand Murakami?" support. Thanks everyone! I no longer feel alone!

(Seriously, I thought I was alone.) I read 2 of his books and tried a third. Hate, hate, hate. So deeply puzzled by his popularity, esp. by smart people I respect and like.
Aug 7 Fried Worms commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Does This Viral Video Make You Want to Stop Eating Beef?.
@5. You're cute. You must be a hoot to hang out with.

Btw, do you eat any soy products? Do you ever take pleasure from any soy based food?
Aug 5 Fried Worms commented on Nicolas Cage Is Rayford Steele in Left Behind.
So the rapture comes and society completely implodes....but everyone still has great cell service!
Jul 31 Fried Worms commented on Theater Schmeater Returns with a Silly Wayne Rawley Comedy.
I don't get the comments here. The review reads to me as very positive.

e.g. "Theater Schmeater's decision to reintroduce itself with a zingy Rawley play was a smart one, showing the world that other than moving a mile west, it hasn't changed at all."

But even if that reads "qualified" to what? A reviewer shouldn't just say what they subjectively loved or hated. A damn good reviewer can look at something, describe what it is, and say whether it succeeds or fails at its own goals. "liked it; didn't like" is pathetic. If Kiley didn't personally love this and still wrote these very favorable things, that proves he's a smart reviewer with an ability to objectively consider a production.

Who could have a problem with that?
Jul 29 Fried Worms commented on Are the Blue Angels Pilots Looking at Porn While Flying Over Seattle?.
So you called a female officer in the military--an organization demonstrably overrun by sexual harassment and rape--and left messages about porn, sending her porn, orgasms, guys jerking off, etc.'s funny? or something?

/go fuck yourself.
Jun 12 Fried Worms commented on What Was Behind Steve Scher's Sudden Departure, After 28 Years, from KUOW?.
I think Steve Scher is actually a horrible interviewer. I don't think he's a good journalist. I say this bodes well for KUOW and people who want to hear quality, intelligent programing.
May 29 Fried Worms commented on Dear Seattle: Stay Home This Morning, Seriously.
but self driving cars that cost billions of dollars to develop are supposed to fix any and all traffic problems forever! I read it yesterday on slog!
May 28 Fried Worms commented on What Do You Think of Google's Self-Driving Car?.
I really do not at all in any way comprehend all the excitement and fawning over google's self driving cars. Why so much time, money, attention, news coverage of a transportation system that can only move 2 - 4 people at a time while relying on roads, traffic corridors, highways, etc? Why aren't we trying to fix the real transportation problems in America with meaningful transit options and infrastructure?
May 20 Fried Worms commented on Macklemore Responds to the Costume Controversy.
@35 and others.

Yeah, okay, granted, this is not a very diverse area and there is not a huge Jewish population. But this hyperbole everyone using is a ridiculous stereotype of our area. As my counter-argument, I will answer @35's questions. I am not Jewish, but I grew up here and attended at least 10 bar/bat mitzvahs growing up. Like everyone else, my social circles have changed since 7th grade, but I still have several Jewish friends.

I get that this stereotype of our region comes from an attitude of wishing there were more diversity, but by always exaggerating how white and non-Jewish seattle is, it eventually gets to the point of discouraging non-white and Jews from moving here or making those who do live here feel like they don't belong/aren't welcome.
Apr 30 Fried Worms commented on The Science of Traffic in Addis Ababa.
I love this children's book: "Charles Mudede and the day he obliviously promoted libertarian idiocy."

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