Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Feb 23 Fr0zt commented on Slog Bible Study: Luke 12:48.
If I were a Jesus-hated-Taxes Teapartier, I would interpret it to say that those with the ability have the obligation to be Ayn Rand-style Great Men and that what is demanded/asked of them is not taxes but to build the factories and businesses that employ the rabble. Moreover, I would argue that the passage requires you to fight minimum wage increases, government regulation, etc., so that you can continue building more factories, hire more people, and continue fulfilling your duty.

I don't buy it, but I enjoy a little devil's advocacy.
Feb 7 Fr0zt commented on City of Seattle Looking for New "Tree Ambassadors".
I thought that was what the Lorax was for.
Jan 23 Fr0zt commented on America Today.

It looks like a helmet would fit over the turban, but do Sikhs have any objection to wearing a helmet over the turban, or is that a religious no-no?
Jan 23 Fr0zt commented on America Today.

Do you mean replacing the Sikh-watchcap with the helment, or wearing the helmet over the Sikh-watchcap? I have little experience with Sikh headgear, but it seems like it would be a little more cumbersome to remove/put on than would be a traditional watchcap.
Jan 23 Fr0zt commented on America Today.

You've made a powerful enemy today.

-- The Mole People
Jan 23 Fr0zt commented on Utah Might End Homelessness by 2015.
@3 and 6,

The question is how much extra you want the hardworking to pay in order to punish the homeless.

If it's cheaper just to give them a home (I'm going to guess not the Ritz here), then stopping the program just means you want the hardworking to pay even more just to stick it to those lazy homeless.
Jan 23 Fr0zt commented on America Today.
I'm actually kind of surprised the beard isn't a problem. When I was in, 670-1 (the regs on wear and appearance of the uniform) allowed mustaches but forbade beards except in certain medical situations in which shaving was a bad idea. Can anyone beard it up now, or do you need a religious exemption?
Jan 16 Fr0zt commented on New Cheerios Commercial Raises More Questions Than It Answers.
This commercial is just the beginning in a series. The rest will gradually tease out the sordid details of Nana's Shakespearean rise and fall, starting with her decision to bread bad, her bloody showdown with the Yakuza, and the refuge she ultimately took in a Tiajuana donkey show.

Eat Cheerios, motherfuckers.
Jan 7 Fr0zt commented on What Do You Think of the Oklahoma Satanist Statue?.
I'd prefer something in more of a "Buddy Lucifer" a la the movie Dogma.
Jan 7 Fr0zt commented on Austerity Works! UK's Economy Is Growing!.
I would be very hesitant to concede that austerity helps growth, as the immediate follow-up is the argument that a growth (a bigger pie) helps everyone. The argument goes that it makes no difference if the 1% are enjoying a greater percentage of the pie than the 99% if such an uneven distribution results in the 99% having more total than if they had a larger percentage of a smaller pie.

*If* that theory were correct, I would agree -- I would rather live in a society where the poorest still had food and housing while the richest drove solid-gold rocket cars than one where the divide between rich and poor was closer together, but where the poorest went hungry. The problem is that I do not believe that such an uneven distribution really provides growth for everyone, and that is why it is important not to concede the argument.

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