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Jul 16 Fr0zt commented on Child Rape, Inc.—Still Open For Business!.
The Onion once had a proposal that the church try to get the molestations down to acceptable levels.


Is that still to optimistic?
Jul 9 Fr0zt commented on Utah Takes Gay Marriage to the Supreme Court.
@5 is the safe bet. If they do take it, it's hard to imagine them saying that each of the (what is it now -- 19?) federal courts to have unanimously decided the issue in favor of gay marriage all fucked up. These guys are mindful of their place in history, and while Scalia and Alito would love to sweep the rug out from all the couples married due to those decisions, I don't see either Kennedy or Roberts wanting to be remembered for doing so.
Jun 17 Fr0zt commented on Republicans Say Capture of Benghazi Suspect Is a Clever Ruse to Distract from the Republican Investigation of Benghazi.
I could forgive some civilian for thinking that the military operates that way, but for West to suggest that there is a teamful of soldiers sitting on this intelligence is shameful. Is he suggesting that's the sort of thing he did under past presidents?
May 13 Fr0zt commented on Judge Strikes Down Idaho's Ban On Same-Sex Marriage.
@6 -- you mean whether it's Alabama, Mississippi, or West Virginia ?
May 13 Fr0zt commented on Judge Strikes Down Idaho's Ban On Same-Sex Marriage.
Magistrate Judge? I'm confused -- usually magistrate judges are the non-article III judges whose decisions need to be signed off on by the federal judges appointed by the president. Why is this before a magistrate judge and does it need to be approved?
Apr 18 Fr0zt commented on Another Earth Is Discovered.

I don't know about you, but where I'm from, when we find an Earth-like planet orbitting a red sun, we call it Krypton.
Apr 17 Fr0zt commented on Bullshitwashing the Marriage Equality Movement.

Don't give Sullivan too much credit. If the book had said that the fight for marriage equality began and ended with Sullivan, his only comment would have been that it was like history being written with lightning.
Feb 23 Fr0zt commented on Slog Bible Study: Luke 12:48.
If I were a Jesus-hated-Taxes Teapartier, I would interpret it to say that those with the ability have the obligation to be Ayn Rand-style Great Men and that what is demanded/asked of them is not taxes but to build the factories and businesses that employ the rabble. Moreover, I would argue that the passage requires you to fight minimum wage increases, government regulation, etc., so that you can continue building more factories, hire more people, and continue fulfilling your duty.

I don't buy it, but I enjoy a little devil's advocacy.
Feb 7 Fr0zt commented on City of Seattle Looking for New "Tree Ambassadors".
I thought that was what the Lorax was for.
Jan 23 Fr0zt commented on America Today.

It looks like a helmet would fit over the turban, but do Sikhs have any objection to wearing a helmet over the turban, or is that a religious no-no?

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