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Jul 3 Bugnroolet commented on What Do You Think of the St. Vincent Trailer?.
There are a handful of actors that are interesting to watch no matter the role. Bill Murray is one of them. Funny or not, depressing or not, he makes us want to watch him. Sure, I prefer a film where he is center stage, but he's given us plenty of that in the past. I'm just glad he continues to take roles, however small. At least we still get to see him.
Jun 11 Bugnroolet commented on SL Letter of the Day: You're In Or You're Out.
You are already friends and companions, so stay that way, but tell him you don't want a sexless life and that appears to be what the two of you will always have. Confront him, but not be confrontational in a hostile way. Tell him he should think about what kind of life he wants. Maybe you will give him an opening to talk. Maybe he is also afraid to have a conversation.

But Dan is right. Your future self will want someone who can give you sex, love and companionship. It will be hard to separate from your current boyfriend. Ugh! I know, telling everyone, friends, family, explaining over and over and over, will be a painful experience, but it's going to happen someday. Don't wait until your lives are more intertwined.

If there is a natural ending in the near future (grad school ending, apt. lease ending, etc.), then maybe you can make that your goal to make separation easier.
Jun 11 Bugnroolet commented on Amazon Planning to Expand Its Reach By Referring Local Services.
Amazon is trying to take over the world.

Like it or not.

I am grateful to Paul for commenting on each and every bit of empire-building that comes out of there. If you don't like it, DON'T READ IT.

If you want to complain that Paul is just posting his opinions on it, well, yeah. It is Slog. Sure, I'd like to read a well-balanced, well-researched piece on Amazon, but since the company refuses to comment or go on the record, such an article is difficult to write without sounding biased.

Yes to @19 about Starbucks. Costco is another decent corporation. There is a way to run a company, make profits and still be a human being, since, gee, didn't the Supreme Court say corporations are people, too?

May 28 Bugnroolet commented on Savage Love.
AFRAID - tell your mother. I agree with @8. Write her a letter. I think it might be better for both of you. It will give her time to react without accidentally hurting you. Assuming she is going to freak out and get Biblical in a bad way. Maybe she won't, maybe she will. You don't say in the letter what your relationship is with your mother. I'm just guessing you are happy with it and don't want it changed by her knowing you are a lesbian. But you are. A lesbian, who is living a good life with a partner of two years! and she should know that.

Write a letter. Don't grovel, don't apologize, don't act like what you are doing is wrong. It isn't wrong. Just because her church make her think it is DOES NOT MAKE IT WRONG. Write her a joyful letter informing her you are in a relationship WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND that is working out well and you are looking forward to her visit so she can see how happy you are. Don't say "I understand if you don't agree" or imply deal with this or else. Save those things if her reaction is negative and ugly.

Then I agree with Dan. If she won't accept your life, then she can't be a part of it.
May 6 Bugnroolet commented on On Fox News, Rick Santorum Refuses to Talk About How Much He Hates Gay People.
Stay the fuck out of my personal life, you fecal-matter slime. But by all means, run for president and entertain us all with you idiocies.
Apr 4 Bugnroolet commented on Entertainment Weekly Circles the Drain.
Hmm. Interesting that you would post this now. I have my renewal notice on my desk for "Entertainment Weekly." I've never thought of it as guilty pleasure (like "People" magazine) but as a way to keep up with what's going on in entertainment since there's so much now. EW seems to cross all the spectrum not just TV and movies. That was what I liked. Oh, wait, I would guess that "Bullseye" has turned into guilty pleasure for me. Still, I agree with what Paul is saying and I won't renew my subscription. I believe in paying writers.
Mar 19 Bugnroolet commented on What's Mitt Romney Up To?.
Hmm, ever since I saw "The Romney Family Table" last September, I knew he was putting out feelers. Tiny, creeping feelers because he IS GOING TO RUN. God told him he is suppose to be president. How many times did Nixon try before he got the presidential nomination and before he got elected?

I hope I am wrong, but I don't think old Mittens would stick his head out the window if he weren't planning to run again.
Mar 13 Bugnroolet commented on Movie Star Has a Promising Future as a Book Critic.
@2 - You nailed it on "Divergent." I read it as part of my job but it was so dully written, I could barely finish it. The story seems canned, but if the writing had been stellar, I wouldn't have cared.

Just because the audience are teen readers doesn't mean the book has to be written like a 14-yr-old wrote it. Ugh. There seem to be a lot of teen books like this, words thrown on a page to tap the market. Not all, thankfully. (God bless John Green). Too often these days I read a teen novel where the story is interesting but the writing is painful.

I didn't mind the Twilight series though. It was drivel, of course, but decently written for 13-year-old readers. The fourth book was an editorial mess, though (the first three were okay). And the first Hunger Games was interesting and not badly written (the rest of the series annoyed me).

Rainbow Rowell's two teen books are very well written ("Eleanor & Park" and "Fangirl"). I would like to see Shailene Woodley star in one of these two when they get made into films. I like her a lot as an actor and I'm glad to hear that she appears to be a thoughtful human being as well.
Mar 12 Bugnroolet commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Ex Files.
I remember this one. Oh, the drama! the drama! on all sides. How tiring. Does it make the sex better?

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