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Jun 19 olive oyl commented on What Was Your First Concert?.
I grew up near Monterey California .. my first concerts were the jazz fest in October starting when I was about 5 or so in 1968, though I don’t remember much more than running around in the sun and dancing.
Jun 16 olive oyl commented on The Biggest Elephant in the World Killed for His Tusks.
#’s 4 & 5 .. you are two of the most fucking miserable people. I’m certain deep down inside you know this, I just wish you would try to hide it.
May 31 olive oyl commented on Cavity Search: Party Cake, Party Cake, Party Cake.
I don’t really like Molly Moon Ice Cream but I do love the Birthday Cake flavor! Oh and that Birthday Cake drink, that is yummy too.
Cake conjurs up memories of happy times, its no surprise the corporate food schmucks are trying to capitalize on it

May 23 olive oyl commented on The Person Who Stole Kelly O's Camera from Linda's Tavern Got Duped by Superhero Security From Neumos.
@9 .. there is a Beavis and Butthead episode, where they find a lost/stolen camera in the bushes and photograph their buttcracks etc .. when the camera is returned to the balding, pony-tailed, pot bellied photographer he has a show of their work, claims it as his own and the work receives much acclaim
Apr 24 olive oyl commented on Another Ampersand.
boondocks, sundeckers & greenthumbs
Apr 21 olive oyl commented on The Best Tweets Mistaking Me for B-List Teen Hearthrob Ansel Elgort.
He’s the son of a famous fashion photographer, Arthur Elgort. You are probably both named after Ansel Adams
Apr 9 olive oyl commented on The Secret Struggle of a Star Chef Killed by Police.
I feel badly for everyone. Obviously, there were signs everywhere but no one clued in, which makes me sad. Restaurants are littered with people with substance issues and kitchens carry the lion’s share. It surprises me that no one suspected he was using. This article suggests he was shooting up in the bathroom at work, wow. Perhaps, after the shock has worn off, a group of restauranteurs can put together a spot the signs of trouble seminar for their managers ... education might’ve saved Cody.
Dec 25, 2013 olive oyl commented on The Worst Time of the Year to Shoot a Baby?.
The amazing thing about all of these “accidental” shootings that result in children being killed is that no one is ever charged. Carelessness and stupidity both seem to be a viable defense when it comes to guns.
Dec 18, 2013 olive oyl commented on Turns Out, Mitt Romney Was Human.
I don’t look at Mitt Romney and see a loser, I look at Mitt Romney who probably still has no idea why he lost, who designed a business based on deceiving buyers, sellers and or employees so he could make a fast buck and who doesn’t see that this choice combined with the obvious tax evasion make him unfit to lead a nation of people who he largely views as takers. This clip also lets us know that his son is really an arrogant ass.
Dec 17, 2013 olive oyl commented on Masterpieces! Pricelessness! Heist!.
Whiting Tennis is an established PNW artist who shows regularly in NYC, has been in museum shows around the country. That said when people who don’t know how the art world works see the value of $65000 bandied around they probably think that Whiting is a rich artist. Most artists, even those one would call successful are not rich, most are just getting by. The absolutely moronic comments above (except #6) are depressing, mean spirited and were obviously written by individuals who lack creativity and are without friends in the arts.

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