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Jun 3, 2016 olive oyl commented on Uncle Ike's Pot Shop Admits It Violated Seattle's Minimum-Wage Law.
Jeez you creeps ... hate much? I’m guessing none of you has ever operated a business with dozens of employees. Sounds like the company who they outsourced their payroll to wasn’t up on Seattle’s new rules .. he is paying the diff + giving everyone a raise. I shop at this store, as I’m sure many of you do and it doesn’t seem like people who work there are unhappy. Do you know that other pot shops pay more? Do you know if other pot shops suport their community ... and oh Take_a_breath, all pot is local, its the law.
Feb 17, 2016 olive oyl commented on Construction & Destruction.
Thrill Killer is part way correct ... in 2 years Midtown Center (post office site) where 2-3 of the businesses mentioned are located is on the market will probably be a construction project. Maybe the best way the city can help is to relocate them now.
Aug 15, 2015 olive oyl commented on Reader Survey: Is Astrology Real?.
Now I have one less reason to read The Stranger, which appears to slowly be writing its own obituary. I find it now has nearly nothing to say and while I don’t “believe” in astrology in the tradional sense, I’ve always found Rob’s thoughts interesting and often very kind, something I rarely find anywhere else in the current iteration of The Stranger.
May 6, 2015 olive oyl commented on SL Letter of the Day: Destructive Criticism.
Wow, Dan .. this is possibly one of the worst bits of advice (actually not really advice but commentary, at best) you’ve given in quick some time. One of the worst things a person can do when a complaint is lodged is say that the complainer isn’t any great shakes either. To suggest that she critique her husbands skills is a horrible suggestion. She would have better luck going to the Babeland site: http://www.babeland.com/sexinfo/howto/bl… .. hope she reads this. Actual advice, not a bunch of thoughts on how to destroy her marriage.
Apr 7, 2015 olive oyl commented on When Will Christine Gregoire, Rob McKenna, Pete Holmes, and the Shits on the City Council Apologize to Mike McGinn?.
I completely agree with you @23 ... didn’t the Council also freeze the budget for the Mayor’s office just after McGinn was elected?
Mar 9, 2015 olive oyl commented on Unpacking Ben Carson's Remarks on CNN.
What you said was brilliant and of course right on. That said, I think its time for a shirt with a collar to enter your wardrobe.
Feb 25, 2015 olive oyl commented on A Last-Ditch Effort to Preserve the Heart of the Central District.
foobarbaz, #8 your comment isn’t quite accurate. Developers don’t typically set aside units for section 8 receipients, they either use incentive zoning or MFTE, the first a long term low income housing (or other public benefits) in exchange for a rezone for a larger building, the second a tax excemption for creating multi-family units that are lower rent which expires in about 12 years. Neither of these are the same as section 8 which is a voucher program. You seem to be under the impression that only the very poor are assisted by these programs but if you look at the income levels required to receive housing assistance you might be surprised. The idea is to help both the poor and lower middle class families stay in the city, close to their jobs. So developers get something, so do tenants and additionally society benefits as well.
From what I have read and heard from members of CD LURC, mentioned in this article is that the property owner mentioned in this article, would not guarantee low income housing of either type.

Feb 6, 2015 olive oyl commented on Adorable or Deplorable? My New Two-Word Architecture Column!!.
thank you #19 ... the 3 materials rule is wretched and no substitute for actual design.
All of these further cement my view that Seattle is a pretty horrible town for architecture.
Jan 28, 2015 olive oyl commented on Eat Like a Local.
While jars of Mama Lil’s peppers are wonderful ... buying them from the bulk bin at Madison Mkt (at the corner of cheese and deli) means they aren’t pasturized and thus, even more scrumptious/healthy.
Jan 8, 2015 olive oyl commented on I, Anonymous.
As the auntie of a kid with tree nut and shellfish allergies, I’ve learned one must ask questions ahead of actually dining in an establishment. We are very careful about where we go and I always call ahead just to be sure. We also always carry an epic-pen.
Most people who have peanut allergies can safely eat foods cooked in peanut oil .. that said, if nuts were fried in the oil that alone can contaminate the oil and cause a reaction if one is super sensitive.
I’m not sure that a disclaimer on the menu that there is wheat, gluten, nuts, etc in the kitchen would have helped as those things are in the kitchen of almost every restaurant. One must take responsibility for not only asking but for being comfortable leaving if the answers aren’t sufficiently reassuring.