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Nov 18 Gou Tongzhi commented on Savage Love.
A good reminded those those who haven't already given. I donated to both ACLU and PP way back on Orange Wednesday.
Nov 17 Gou Tongzhi commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Boyfriend on the Menu.
Ugh. Some of these columns need trigger warnings.
Nov 10 Gou Tongzhi commented on Savage Love.
I hate each and every one of the smug assholes who posted here a few weeks ago that they proudly vote third party. You Stein-voters got Trump elected. If those votes had gone to a candidate that mattered, she would have won two key battleground states.
Oct 17 Gou Tongzhi commented on John Oliver Shreds Third Party Candidates Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Joe Exotic.
Wow. Judging by this responses, people who support third-party candidates are narrow minded zealots with little logic and no humor. And maybe a little tinge of xenophobia and propensity to violence? (Are third party voters just Trumpists who don't like the Donald??)

This wasn't a screed against third parties. It was a close look at these two specific candidates -- who happen to be absurdly ill-equipped for the job, flat out moronic, and pandering to special interests -- which actually bemoaned the fact that in the US we don't seem to get a decent choice between two or even five.
Sep 15 Gou Tongzhi commented on Savage Love.
LW2 is the definition of male entitlement.

Based on the letter I doubt that the woman posts "highly sexualized photos" at all. (At the beach?! Heavens! You might see some calf! I may faint.)
Sep 8 Gou Tongzhi commented on Savage Love.
I never think about anyone but my girlfriend while having sex. That is true for me as well.

Other times, however... Fantasies happen.
Sep 1 Gou Tongzhi commented on Savage Love.
That last letter writer seems to be getting paid every time he writes variants of "explor[e] [one's] feminine side by wearing female clothes."
Jun 24 Gou Tongzhi commented on Who Sent the Dumbest Tweet in Reaction to Brexit?.
That Washington GOP tweet is not dumb, actually. It makes perfect sense. It is a not-so-subtly coded message that it is now 'Merica's turn to kick out the colored-type immigrants.
Jun 5 Gou Tongzhi commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Little Big Man.
I realize that opinions may differ, but going by what I read, I'm standing by the asshole characterization. He sounds a lot more entitled than insecure to me.

@19 nailed it about the sad duties of women to protect the big strong man's fragile little masculinity.