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May 13 Prettybetsy commented on Sun’s Out, Tits Out: Snatched Isn’t as Disappointing as It Could Be!.
This is about what I was hoping for: a fun, dumb movie I can laugh at without feeling guilty. I read another review that set the bar too high and then excoriated this movie for not clearing it. In a summer of sequels about Happy-Meal toys, Snatched will be a relief.
May 10 Prettybetsy commented on Trump Just Fired FBI Director James Comey.
@19 if that is true, we're fucked.
Apr 18 Prettybetsy commented on The Facebook Killer Is Dead.
When are you going to publish a book of essays, Charles? I'd read it, even a piece or two of Amanda Knox revisionism.
Mar 25 Prettybetsy commented on Black New Yorker Minding His Own Business Gets Stabbed to Death By a White Guy.
I hate those fucking haircuts. As soon as they started showing up 2-3 years ago I immediately started calling it the Hitler hair. Little did I know we'd be ruled so soon by actual Nazis.
Mar 15 Prettybetsy commented on Portland Anarchists Who Are Repairing Potholes Have Lost Their Minds.
Marry me, Charles.

I'm only about 40% kidding, which is about the same as I estimate you're kidding with this column.
Feb 25 Prettybetsy commented on Why Moonlight Needs to Win Big at the Oscars on Sunday.
Moonlight is undoubtedly the best picture of 2016 – just a beautiful human story, beautifully made – but I wouldn't hold my breath for it to be Best Picture tomorrow night. I gave up long ago on seeing the Oscar go to the actual best picture. This is Hollywood we're talking about. I'd be happy to see Human Figures win, but it's going to be La La Land.
Feb 9 Prettybetsy commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Engaged to a Beard.
IDK, it's a lot easier to grow a beard than to hit the gym every day and watch what you eat, and Dan has no problem telling people to do that. It's easier than shaving every day. And it makes pretty much any man attractive enough to fuck.
Jan 7 Prettybetsy commented on Can Portlandia Be Funny In the Age of Trump?.
Portlandia has never interested me, not because it's too mean but because the satire is just so weak. Bikes! Feminism! Kale! They're just things. It takes a little more than just naming things to be funny. The only legit way to watch Portlandia is the way a friend of mine does, because he's homesick for Portland in the 90's.
Dec 30, 2016 Prettybetsy commented on 2016 Claims Another Soul—No, Wait. Stupidity and Karma Got This One.
@25 2016 has taken a lot of good people from us. For a vile person to die by his own disgusting principles does bring a little relief from this year of abominations.
Dec 18, 2016 Prettybetsy commented on The Eternal Stupidity of the Trump Christmas.
I love you, Charles.