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Jun 27 NotYourStrawMan commented on Watch Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren Campaign Together in Ohio Today.
I like @3's suggestion for a slogan for Hillary: "A WOMAN who fucking cares" Works for me.
Jun 27 NotYourStrawMan commented on ICYMI: Gun Advocate Needed Her Guns To Protect Herself and Her Family.
Why can't we all agree that the second amendment should apply only to gun technology that existed at the time it was written? How could the founding fathers have known what weapons technology would bring? And why can't I buy a bazooka? Isn't that a type of arms?
Jun 27 NotYourStrawMan commented on Hey, Seattle Times: Here's Another Solid Argument Against Light Rail.
At least his cap didn't get detated.
Jun 24 NotYourStrawMan commented on Who Sent the Dumbest Tweet in Reaction to Brexit?.
They mean "Take America Back... to the 1950s".
Jun 22 NotYourStrawMan commented on NYTimes Prints Clueless Op-Ed By Stupid LGBT Gun-Fondler.
"Now I can’t help wondering how many victims in Orlando might have been saved if a few people inside the nightclub had had concealed carry permits, and been able to fight back." Because what could possibly go wrong when you combine alcohol, possible recreational drug use and guns?
Jun 9 NotYourStrawMan commented on Obama Endorses Clinton, Sanders Isn't Quitting.
Not to mention the certainty that some of the flame-fanners are actually working for Drumpf.
Jun 9 NotYourStrawMan commented on Obama Endorses Clinton, Sanders Isn't Quitting.
It's a small minority of Bernie backers and Hillary backers that are stoking these fires. Remember, you're not hearing anything from the vast majority of their supporters who truly respect each other and plan to work together to keep Agent Orange out of the White House.
Jun 7 NotYourStrawMan commented on Seattle Activist Sarra Tekola Runs Into Bill Clinton in Los Angeles, Curses Him Over Crime Bill.
So helpful to attack someone for something done 26 years ago rather than working to make things better now.