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Sep 16 NotYourStrawMan commented on EOD: Jimmy Fallon Takes a Terrifying Dive into Donald Trump's Hair.
As mentioned in another article here, he's not a fucking Golden Retriever puppy. He's evil. Stop making him look charming.
Sep 11 NotYourStrawMan commented on EOD: Never Trust a Husky to Let You Sleep In.
The goat was pooping - not the llama. Hugely important.
Aug 31 NotYourStrawMan commented on NPR Believes in Miracles.
Still waiting for restoration of an amputated limb.
Aug 15 NotYourStrawMan commented on Bill Bryant Finally Says He Won't Vote for Trump.
A Profile in Courage, indeed.
Aug 10 NotYourStrawMan commented on Anyone Know What This Guy Is Patron Saint Of Exactly?.
Well, the guy on the left has a short sword on his belt, so he's not likely the saint. More likely he's the tormentor of the saint (on the right) who is about to be martyred and is praying to be taken into heaven. Often that will be combined with an angel above the saint, handing a palm branch to him, the palm branch being the symbol of martyrdom. What I can't figure out is where is the rest of the saint's body? It looks almost as if he's coming up out of the ground or sinking down into it.
Jul 25 NotYourStrawMan commented on Kshama Sawant Shows Up at the DNC to Tell Bernie Sanders Supporters to Vote for Jill Stein.
Sawant just lost any and all future votes of mine. Her own position of privilege will protect her during a Trump administration. Everyone else - you're on your own.
Jul 18 NotYourStrawMan commented on Make America Great Again It Stop.
Trump and the GOP would have let Sabato in. After all, he's Italian, not Mexican.
Jul 8 NotYourStrawMan commented on What Might Help Is Decriminalizing Minor Offences That Increase Encounters Between Cops and Blacks.
As surprised as I am to say this, I agree 100% with you, Mr. Mudede. No one should be at risk of being killed for having a broken taillight.
Jun 27 NotYourStrawMan commented on Watch Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren Campaign Together in Ohio Today.
I like @3's suggestion for a slogan for Hillary: "A WOMAN who fucking cares" Works for me.