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Jan 20 SuperSteve commented on Guest Editorial: Perhaps Seattle Should Find a Plan B for the Downtown Tunnel Project.
@4 - Whatever the merits (or lack thereof) of a deep-bore tunnel, saying that "the money being wasted on this project that should have been used to follow the state constitution (funding education)" is a non-starter.

In WA State, the Legislature has completely separate revenue streams and budgets for "transportation" and "everything else."

They could have used "the money being wasted on this project" on another transportation project, but not on education (or any other social service program).
Jan 15 SuperSteve commented on Broadway Cycle Track Bollards: Still Broken.
Maybe someone should swipe one of those bollards and shove it under Sheridan's parked car so he can't drive - then the joke would be on him!
Dec 31, 2014 SuperSteve commented on The Morning News: New Law In Seattle Ends Putting Food in the Trash.
@25 - if that's the case, you could just as well have written "Indonesia, a country of 250 million (most of whom are Javanese and subsist on a diet largely of rice served with side dishes of meat and vegetables)."
Dec 31, 2014 SuperSteve commented on The Morning News: New Law In Seattle Ends Putting Food in the Trash.
"Indonesia, a country of 250 million (most of whom follow Islam)...."


How is the majority faith of a nation or culture relevant to a discussion of an air disaster?

I don't recall anything in stories of the Air France 447 disaster noting that both France and Brazil are nations with populations that "mostly follow Catholicism" or that the 304 victims of this years ferry disaster in Korea were of a particular faith.
Dec 30, 2014 SuperSteve commented on Two-Year-Old Kills Woman With Her Own Gun.
This is much better news than the all-too-frequent 'toddler kills self with parents gun' or 'parent accidentally shoots child while cleaning gun.'

In this case, the responsible gun owning/carrying party is dead rather than the child or an innocent bystander.

On the upside, the world has one less gun-nut to worry about.
Dec 29, 2014 SuperSteve commented on Where to Eat for New Year's Eve, and a New Grading System for Restaurants.
"Seating is often limited, so make your reservation sooner rather than later" she suggests on Dec. 28 regarding New Year's reservations.
Dec 11, 2014 SuperSteve commented on Route 7, Public Transportation, and the Mental Impacts of Poverty.
"Our buses are slow not only because of the traffic generated by cars, but also because they have to absorb the hard and disruptive facts of a public that's poorly funded."

Maybe Metro could track/survey which routes have a greater usage of people with wheelchairs, etc and factor that into their scheduling? If the #7 is always 'running late' then maybe the schedule needs to be adjusted to fit the nature of the route.
Dec 8, 2014 SuperSteve commented on The Beatles: The Walrus Never Existed.
How appropriate for the 34th anniversary of John Lennon faking his own murder so he could escape from Yoko Ono and live in obscure animosity among the natives of Papua New Guinea
Nov 19, 2014 SuperSteve commented on Mayoral Communications Director Jeff Reading to Step Down from "Exhausting" Job.
Talented professional staff in the political world tend to move around frequently, so Murray is lucky to have kept Reading around for so long - especially when you add in their time working together in the Senate. Leaving a job to 'spend time with the family' is only a cover story when the person leaving does so without another job lined up, which certainly isn't the case here.
Nov 7, 2014 SuperSteve commented on Imagine a Columbia Center Packed with Micro-Apartments.

You know what you get when you have "floor after floor of people living as closely together as possible?"

Lots of excrement "that's radiant from the concentration of so many humans"

They're gonna need to fix Bertha so she can dig a sewer line to drain Charles' dream home...

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