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Mar 29 SuperSteve commented on Washington Superdelegates Still Endorsing Clinton, Spurning Pro-Sanders Majority of State Voters.
There's absolutely NO excuse for Jim McDermott to be a super-delegate for Clinton. That's just downright baffling.
Mar 29 SuperSteve commented on Seattle Must Learn Public Transportation.
And if you're waiting on the platform, Stand Back so people can get off the train before you try to get on
Jan 6 SuperSteve commented on What? You Want Action from Our State Legislature in 2016? Sorry..
@1 - Don't hold your breath: none of the senators you listed are up for re-election until 2018.
Jan 5 SuperSteve commented on Authorities Want to Cut Power to Wildlife Refuge in the Hope of Freezing the Armed Outlaws.
Cut off their power (likely generated at government-funded dams and delivered by government-funded rural electrification) and stop delivery of snacks and supplies by the USPS. Let them pick themselves up by their own bootstraps.
Dec 3, 2015 SuperSteve commented on State Rep. Brady Walkinshaw Will Challenge U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott in 2016.
@5 - in the long run he benefits even if he loses since a run now (assuming it's a respectable campaign...) helps build his name recognition in the larger Congressional district (beyond his Legislative district) for another run in the future. I seriously doubt that's his strategy, though - he's in it to win it.
Dec 3, 2015 SuperSteve commented on State Rep. Brady Walkinshaw Will Challenge U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott in 2016.
@10 - you cannot have your name on the same ballot for more than one office. Seattle Mayor is an 'off year' election so Ed Murray ran secure in the knowledge that if he lost he'd still be a state senator (and, incidentally, could have kept both jobs as far as state law is concerned; Sen. Tim Sheldon is also a Mason County Commissioner since that election is held in off-years). But for Walkinshaw, it's 'up-or-out' - if he wins he moves up to Congress, if he loses he's out of a job.
Oct 2, 2015 SuperSteve commented on The Martian Is a DIY Guide to Not Dying on Mars.
We can "start caring about space again" when we're done adequately caring for Earth - including the countless humans living in poverty and hunger.
Sep 30, 2015 SuperSteve commented on Peeple: An App That Allows Users to Rate Other Humans.
I wonder what kind of reviews co-founder and chief executive Julia Cordray is going to get...
Sep 28, 2015 SuperSteve commented on San Francisco Banned Tour Drivers From Driving and Narrating Simultaneously. Can Seattle Do the Same?.
If the lack of an appropriate front bumper is an issue, then I doubt that the Ducks can be modified to be safe both on the road AND in the water.

Adding an appropriate bumper might make them a bit more safe on the road (and that's a big maybe) but that same bumper would almost certainly impact their 'seaworthiness' - imagine a boat with a front bumper below the waterline!!!

Ducks were never designed with safety in mind - they were WWII 2-1/2 ton cargo trucks retrofitted to be amphibious, intended to operate in a combat environment where deaths were expected. Nothing can change that.
Sep 22, 2015 SuperSteve commented on Bros: Let's Talk About Planned Parenthood (Non-Bros Are Allowed to Read This, Too).
It's all in the name: Planned Parenthood! Nothing there about gender. Ages ago, before I had decent health insurance, I went to PP with a partner for STD testing, condoms, and counseling on a vasectomy. There should be far more men going to PP, and far more men supporting PP.