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Apr 10 SuperSteve commented on Police Beat: The Chicken of the Dog.
Do "Stand Your Ground" laws apply to chickens?
Apr 10 SuperSteve commented on How Deep Is the Spot Where the Malaysian Jet's Black Boxes May Be Sitting?.
Yes, it took 73 years to find the Titanic. But the Titanic wasn't pinging, and for most of that time no one was even looking for it.
Apr 1 SuperSteve commented on Remove Your Studded Tires, People.
Why is it so easy to imagine that many of the people who use studded tires would stop if the name were changed to something that didn't include "stud" in it?

Maybe we need a Legally Binding Slog Poll: What should be the new name for "Studded Tires?"
Mar 26 SuperSteve commented on The Morning News.
Re: Class warfare in the Bay Area - there's nothing new with Ellis Act evictions and it has nothing to do with anyone's politics, age, or what sector of the economy they work in. My then-wife and I were "Ellis'd out" of our Santa Monica apartment in 1999 when we were a middle-aged, middle-income couple; our neighbors were all evicted as well, and ran the political/income/sexual-orientation spectrum. The ebb and flow of these evictions pretty closely matches changes in the real-estate market and has absolutely nothing to do with any "antipathy towards the reliably liberal and young folks working in the tech industry who probably voted for Obama."
Mar 24 SuperSteve commented on People Who Live in Microhousing Are Community Members.
@39 - what part of my comment "ALL new development should have on-site-parking" don't you understand? There are already far too many cars parked on streets - especially on arterials where they hinder the efficient flow of traffic, particularly buses, and put cyclists at risk of getting 'doored.' It's not realistic to require most existing structures to retrofit on-site parking, but going forward we should acknowledge the need by requiring new homes, condos, apartments, and aPodments to provide on-site parking so that on-street parking is available (except on arterials) for guests, visitors, deliveries, etc.
Mar 24 SuperSteve commented on People Who Live in Microhousing Are Community Members.
@35 - unless aPodment dwellers are expressly prohibited from having cars, their aPodments-sans-parking are relying on subsidized street parking. Most homes, apartments and condos have parking for at least some, but not all cars. Given this reality, ALL new development should have on-site-parking, the delusions day-dreaming of 'no one needs a car' density advocates notwithstanding.
Mar 24 SuperSteve commented on People Who Live in Microhousing Are Community Members.
I think it's very irresponsible to paint opponents of aPodments as "anti housing" or NIMBYs simply because they raise serious questions about about what kind of urban development is sustainable in residential neighborhoods. Yes, some opponents raise questions about the kind of people who will live in aPodments, and that's not appropriate, but many more are asking valid questions about parking (most aPodments are being built with zero on-site parking in neighborhoods that are already RPZ due to limited on-street availability) and other quality of life issues. Meanwhile, saying that these developments aren't "out-of-scale" simply doesn't pass the laugh test: their physical size AND their resident capacity are almost always out of character with the neighborhoods in which they are being built.
Mar 22 SuperSteve commented on The Saturday Morning News.
Technically it's illegal for a pedestrian to start crossing the street once the signal starts to flash or a countdown timer starts regardless of their ability to safely cross the street (…), but too many signals (including those across Mercer) start flashing or counting down immediately - meaning pedestrians have to wait inordantly long time for the intersections to run through an entire cycle to legally enter and cross an intersection.

Also, cops in some areas -notable Lake Forest Park - use RCW 46.61.060 as an excuse to harass bicyclists on the Burke-Gilman Trail where the countdown timer gives 15 seconds to cross a 20 foot crosswalk while ignoring pedestrians doing the same thing on the far more dangerous crossing of SR-522.
Mar 16 SuperSteve commented on Sawant Proposes Three-Year Minimum Wage Phase-In for Small Businesses, Starting at $11/Hour in 2015.
@4 - "Plus, you can bet those [franchised restaurants] owners will cut back on all benefits, so goodbye vacation, insurance, and everything else you get now."

Since when do McDonalds' et al provide vacation and insurance? The only 'benefit' they provide is a free meal, which is really just a low-cost tool to keep workers on-site and deny them a true break during their shift.
Mar 13 SuperSteve commented on Le Caviste Is Paris in the Spring.
I went a few months ago after reading a review when they first opened, and loved it. They do wine 'right' - decent stemware and the reds at cellar temp as opposed to the all-too-common too-warm 'room temp' - accompanied by simple, straightforward, and excellent small-plate selections at decent prices.

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