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Aug 14 SuperSteve commented on The Morning News: Gunfire on Queen Anne, a Bloody Mystery in Auburn, and $4 Million in Weed.
"Washington State Has Purchased $4,349,623 in Legal Weed So Far"

Seriously - the State is buying pot?

Perhaps it should read "Washingtonians have Purchased $4,349,623 in Legal Weed So Far"
Aug 11 SuperSteve commented on John Oliver and Sarah Silverman Take On Payday Loan Companies.
"Why isn't Washington state on the list?"

Maybe you haven't noticed that the Republicans control the state Senate?

Or that, even before Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon started to caucus with the Republicans, there were more than a few so-called Democrats who vote like conservatives on things like regulating pay-day loans (and Boeing tax breaks, and....)

Washington isn't as liberal as Seattle likes to think it is.
Aug 6 SuperSteve commented on What Last Night's Primary Results Say About Seattle Voters, Parks, Jess Spear, and Olympia.
The 30th LD senate race is NOT one where "there is actually a chance for a Democratic pickup."

That seat is being vacated by a retiring democrat, Tracy Eide. This seat would be a hold for the Democrats and a pick-up for the Republicans.
Jul 11 SuperSteve commented on A Year Without Eyman.
A box of cat litter. The longer it goes without changing, the worse it smells.
Jul 3 SuperSteve commented on Happy Birthday, America! The Declaration of Independence Has a Typo.
If Teabaggers cared about punctuation they'd have to admit that the right to keep and bear arms is inextricably linked to being a member of a "well-regulated militia."
May 30 SuperSteve commented on Cycle Track Showdown.
This is yet another symptom of Seattle's lack of comprehensive planning processes: real estate is allowed to be developed without on-site parking in a theoretical 'transit corridor' and wishful thinking urban planners believe that such a designation and a lack of private parking will cause people to forsake cars, only to discover that people will keep their cars but store them on public right-of-way. This has been an element in the fight over the Burke-Gilman 'missing link' in Ballard and opposition to aPodments throughout the city, and it should surprise no one that it's the crux of the problem in building a much-needed cycle-track through Westlake.

If businesses want to have dedicated parking for their customers, they should provide parking on their land and not claim public right-of-way for what is essentially private use. But at the same time, those who call for urban density need to recognize that a certain percentage of people (including hip young aPodment dwellers) are going to own cars and need a place to put them - and that place should be somewhere besides public rights-of-way.
May 22 SuperSteve commented on The City of Seattle Has Studied Your Internet Usage and Finds It Very Interesting.
@8 - you probably don't get out as much as you think you do.
May 22 SuperSteve commented on Westlake Cycletrack NIMBYs: Save Our Endangered Parking Spots!.
@34 - the land your clients are parking on are a public asset, yet you expect it to be available for you to make a profit while running a private business? If you want dedicated, private parking to facilitate your business then you should be leasing space in a building that includes parking on its private land.
May 21 SuperSteve commented on Westlake Cycletrack NIMBYs: Save Our Endangered Parking Spots!.
@11 - anyone complaining about cyclists going 25mph on flat terrain has zero credibility. The average cyclist is totally incapable of generating enough energy to obtain - let alone sustain - that kind of speed. Well-trained cyclists have a hard time sustaining 20+mph, and do so with far less frequency than the complaints from people who simply don't know what they're talking about.

It's like the comedian George Carlin once observed about driving: 'anyone going slower than me is an a$$-h0le... Anyone going faster is a maniac.'
May 19 SuperSteve commented on Did a Lie Cause the Firing of New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson?.
Are they going to fire every who lies at the New York Times?

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